Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Beholder

My Beholder

It is I you regard
a light, moving through life
passion flowing from my pores
sighs vibrating through my lips
confidence evident in my stride
though it takes me
away from you

It is I you regard
full of fight, sharing a laugh
delight a spark in my eyes
a wave hovering at my fingertips
love is the companion at my side
and it is love that
brings me back to you

It is I you regard
in your sight, flashing a grin
 I dance across floors
disregarding my missteps
allowing my hips to slide
into the hollow of yours
where they are meant to be
It is I you regard
from beginning to end
your eyes seeking mine
hand where your heart beats
I stand at your side
my beholder is you
and beauty is all that you see


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