Saturday, December 31, 2011


Watch for my new book of Poetry coming in 2012 entitled "Hope"
Carolyn R. Parsons


Do you still see the brilliant light
inextinguishable and glowing
that rises from within and shines
genuine, rare and knowing?

Is it fair to say you understand
how rare this precious gift is
and treasure it and remember it
and know it will stay with us?

Have you tried to speak the honest words
that linger like a ghost 
and say aloud those sentiments
that your sacred self still hosts?

Have you tallied all the words I wrote
that were printed on the pages
the story recorded in duplicate
and  recorded for the ages?

Are you aware of what is growing
a gift as perfect as the giver
with sincere words flowing easily
like a honest, gentle river

Do you accept hearts are there for following
because they know where you should go?
For, sure as the Phoenix mocks the ashes
you reap precisely what you sow.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Ordinary Life

My ordinary life is flash and sparkle
dazzling days and glimmering frosted happy eyes
My ordinary life magnetizes and authorizes
all  lips to smile and hearts to sympathize

My ordinary life  is fashioned  from twinkling stars
and woven in the daylight's misty songs
My ordinary life whispers words of love and passion
and sets about to right a million wrongs

My ordinary life sees miracles and grabs them
and shares them with the passers that go by
My ordinary life shines like an angel's halo
and makes the devil want some wings to try to fly

My ordinary life knows wonder and excitement
and laughter likes to wander in and tarry
so that I wonder if indeed it's true
that this life I claim for me is ordinary

Tried to be ordinary but it didn't suit me so I stopped!
~Carolyn R. Parsons~

lt; <

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Nutcracker!

Two enamored little girls with dancers!

Another two of the dancers from The Nutcacker

Sophia and Martina with their cousin Rachel, a dancer in The Nutcracker!

I'm back!  I know it's been a while but I've returned for one last post of the year aside from some poetry that may find its way to the blog if I get a few moments free!

The Christmas days are behind me and now we are nearly on the eve of a new year!  This was the most wonderful Christmas ever.  It seemed to ease by somehow without the stress that most years bring.   There were surprises and contentment joy and peace and all seemed to come together in perfect measure to create the perfect holiday.  The presents were plentiful, the food amazing and the company splendid.  I did not ask for anything and got more than most with the greatest gift being a healthy and happy family.  Who could ask for more.

And here we are, on the cusp of a new year!   As a believer that any moment is the perfect time to make a resolution, to make a change, I don't particularly believe in the value of January first, yet it is hard not to reflect on the year gone by, on the year to come and to wonder what, if any, changes could be made.

Today I went to the ballet.  The Nutcracker was being performed at a local venue and I took my daughters there.  As an added bonus, my cousin's daughter Rachel was dancing in the performance and it was wonderful to watch her on stage!

This is an old story.  Klara falls asleep and the toys come to life and it could have been done in the very traditional sense but the artistic director put a new spin on the show.  It had a very Canadian content and the set backdrops were actually Group of Seven paintings.  Toy soldiers were Mounties and the animals were beavers and other distinctly Canadian creatures like loons.  It was a wonderful variation and I enjoyed it likely more than the traditional performance.

So if my resolution was to be anything at this point it would be to be prepared to not do things that no longer work!  I would take creative and innovative measures to achieve my goals.  I will not be stuck in a rut and I will actually think through the decisions I make to see if I'm doing the things that I did in the past that carried me to an all too familiar but wrong place.

I intend to apply this to all areas including work, family and relationships.  It is so easy to repeat the same mistakes over and over because the places the mistakes lead to feel familiar and comfortable.  But familiar and comfortable aren't always the best things if they prevent you from getting what you want in life.  If you 're settling for less than you deserve, if you want more, you may have to change the way you approach things.  You may have to shake things up a little to propel yourself forward, to grow, to achieve your dreams! Nothing is impossible.

Also, I'm noticing that as my kids get older(two already out of the house), what wonderful company they are.  When they were little I was limited in what I could do, babies and small children keep you close to home, keep you confined but when they reach an age where you can take them along and they're companions or leave them more then freedom returns and with it the ability to do more.

For example,   I can now travel for a few weeks without them, be more impulsive, be more free.  The baby years are fun but the big kid years are easier and freer!   I loved having babies but I am so enjoying being free of that sort of commitment to home and hearth.  I like working and having money and I like the three trips I have planned between now and March 31 most of all!

I also intend to up the excitement factor!  I'm a bit of a "fun junky" and I cannot stand being bored.  I need to dance more, travel more, socialise more because as much as I like baking and cooking and family life, I'm not really all that domesticated.  Plus I'm very good at doing all of it anyway!!

So, New Years resolution?  Not really because I plan on starting today!  In this very moment!  I've never been good at waiting!

Happy New Year everybody!   And have fun!  Life is not that serious...enjoy!

Dreams only dreamed are wasted and you have the ability to set your life up so that you can live them!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis the Season

Perhaps the Playoffs are my favourite time of the year...

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Well it kind of is.  Now I don't create the kind of home where it looks like Christmas vomited all over the house.  I'm very moderate.  Some outdoor lights, a tree, a lighted wreath somebody gave me, some candles..that's it.  I  know people with 20 to 30 bins of Christmas decorations.  I have two.

But I do love Christmas.  An occasion to celebrate people and life and love and giving.  Perfect!

And then there is my very favourite part.

The shopping!

Oh the thrill, the excitement of clamoring through the malls, facing the throngs, searching, shopping, finding the perfect present for that hard to shop for person, shopping...I love shopping...

I'm a bold-faced liar.  How far did you get before you checked to see whose blog you were really on?  Because those who know me know how much I hate it.

Malls (another blogger friend used to call them mauls) are my least favourite place on planet earth.  Prison might be worse, but I've not been incarcerated(yet) so I'm going with malls.

I was invited to go cross border shopping in the US.   Once the screaming subsided(mine) I declined. Sure, offer to torture me in two countries why not!

I have many reasons to hate shopping.  First of all, bringing all the stuff into your house makes a mess.  Second of all, as much as I love people, malls seem to bring out the worse in them and even when I go in with the sole intention of making other people happy by smiling and being friendly, I leave with a sense that I've wasted a great deal of time that I could have used doing something more pleasant, like porcupine sitting.

I did hire a cleaning lady...I hate cleaning and I've decided to not do things I hate.  Is there such a thing as a shopping lady?  I need a shopping lady...she could take pictures and bbm them to me and I could say yes or no from the comfort of my exercise ball-chair in my lovely writing space.

Sigh.  The thing is..I love giving thinking of and taking the time to put together the perfect items to make a person smile or remember or just enjoy the moment.  So it's a great big dilemma always.

And I'm not crafty so the romance of making the perfect gift, while appealing, isn't possible.  That would be the ideal of course, creating perfection and gifting it.  No, my loved ones will not be the beneficiaries of special, one of a kind, hand made by Carolyn goodies.  I have nothing of that sort to give.'s off to the I must, clothing, electronics, people, noise, more noise, consumerism, sneezing(I'm allergic to malls..seriously) and I shall enjoy.  And I will wrap while drinking egg nog and rum and listening to Christmas carols.

There is no escaping it.  It must be done.  Santa needs my help and I'll have to go shopping.  I will.  Soon.   There are many many many more shopping days to Christmas...and my calendar says I'm free on the 24th...yep..there..set a reminder and I'll go that day..if nothing comes up.

Sigh..wish I had elves.

; < <



My life is a cake, red velvet and luscious
frosted with joy and sprinkled with lust
devoured with passion, enjoyed with a fervor
and a plan to stay innocent, to continue to trust

My perfect content is the amber of sunset
the russet that finger paints westward skies
this happy is not a badge for the judging
it is simply the sparkle in my joy filled eyes

My dreams have been sculpted by the spirit of others
whose hearts I hold gently and mould with my soul
I potter the clay with the warm kiln of love
and hope adoration is what they behold

Mornings are white like a canvas before me
I brush all the strokes to create the new scenes
vague on the details, bold in the moments
creating whimsical, silly, impossible dreams

This poet finds joy in the words that are written
no anger, no angst, just perfection in prose
the pen writes the  rhymes and the heart taps the rhythm
a song of the ages that my heart somehow knows


Carolyn R. Parsons