Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Poem and a Cold Beer

Star Gazing

A fading star in a sparkling sky
irrelevant now though once a sun
to a planet that was drawn and held
in a orbit that's no longer one

The light has gone, dimmed by a wind
that blew a breeze of honesty
and cleared the way for newer paths
and changed the course of destiny

Yet though a shooting star in a foreign sky
leaves trails of history far behind
The north star in the eastern sky
will forever be yours and mine

Carolyn R. Parsons

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Tea Party!


The cynics amongst us would call it an utter waste of time.  Story after story in the papers and online this week commented on how trivial it is.  I'm referring of course, to the Royal Wedding in London today. 

Compared to the horror of Libya or the hundreds killed in tornadoes in the USA this week or other important news stories that should be clogging the front pages and droning through out television sets, they call it a vast waste of media resources.  Instead of covering important things we have this spectacle of opulence that cost enough to feed a small country for a day.  Shameful!

Not so here.  I call it beautiful.  There is no crisis on this planet that can be fixed by there not having been a royal wedding.  Is it as important?  Yes.  In fact, I say it's just as important.  With a world full of hatred, negativity, violence and fear, an occasion to sit and inhale the joy of a young beautiful couple in love and being married before the entire world is of utmost importance!  We wont forget Libya.  But perhaps we should consider that we might need to see something good for a change.

I'll even go a step further.  Not only do I say it's important, I say it is, indeed, perhaps, more important.  Perhaps we, the human race, should be seeing love in the news today rather than focusing on every crisis of the earth.  Because it is from moments of beauty that we gather our strength to go forward against the negativity. A moment of joy buoys us up for the next round and provides a much required contrast of what is preferable to what is often the reality.

I remember where I was when the twin towers fell. Still remember the horror of that day.  But I also balance it with a memory of the joy of another royal wedding back in 1981 when a beautiful Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales and walked away with our hearts.  I also remember her funeral and though it was a sad day, it was also a monument to the great love someone can inspire, even in strangers,  with their lives. 

And because I know there will be some great tragic "do your remember where you were when" moment in the lives of my little girls I decided that they should also remember the times this earth celebrated something good.  So in honour of the day we had our own little royal tea party complete with fancy hats and raisin and scones. 

Because it was a momentous occasion we baked the scones ourselves.  (We thought the servants might need the day off to watch the wedding with the other throngs of well wishers). 

We made place settings with our names on them and a picture of the royal couple.  We made paper jets and at the end of our tea we did a flyover of our own to celebrate! 

We sat down with horrible fake British accents, makeshift fancy hats and my grandmother's not so fancy tea cups and had a tea party.  Also, in honour of the occasion I'm making a very British supper.  Indian food!

Many loving years to this beautiful couple.  We hope to see you on your Canadian tour this summer and hurry and bring on the royal babies!! 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Excerpt from That Heart; The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle

The dance began then.  Their song was sung by the birds of the night and accompanied by the wind that rustled through the fragrant trees.  A sliver of light was carved into the blackened sky by some cosmic warrior in the shape of a perfect crescent.  It shone on their bodies as they swayed to a rhythm as old as time but new to this couple who had never danced to it before under a starry sky on a warm Newfoundland night.
Dance in the moon light, walk in the rain, bask in the sun;  Live!
Carolyn R. Parsons

Friday, April 22, 2011

Excerpt from That Heart; The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle

"What were you thinking in that photo?" he asked.  It was a photo he'd taken of her some time ago.  In it she stared away at something in the distance and he'd captured it in a moment of impulse.

He couldn't see her smile but it was there.

"I was looking outside..noticing..the wind was blowing..the clouds were moving across the sky..there were some small maples..they were bending in the wind but the leaves weren't blowing off them....maybe the occasional one but mostly they were hanging on..the stronger ones..not ready to let go yet..there were some tall wispy grass-like things and they were blowing too...they were in clumps almost as though they were dancing..very rhythmic..beautiful and the sky was very pretty and your eyes.. and I was thinking it was a perfect moment with you."

The River of Dreams played in the was one of her favourite songs.  She reached for the button to turn up the volume.

"No..I have to fix that," she continued, "not entirely accurate..I was thinking it was "another" perfect moment with you..because they all are."

Dream and it will be.
Carolyn R. Parsons

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't Bring Me Down!

And so, after a brilliant week of joy and happiness and  complete positivity I ran into one of them.  You know who they are right?  Those people. The ones you run into from time to time.  The type whose sole purpose in life seems to be to play judge and jury to other people. Those ones who think it is their right, nay, their responsibility to make sure that YOU understand that what you are doing is WRONG because it is not something they would ever do.  Surely you've encountered them right? 

Truth is, I rarely encounter them  anymore.  I see them around of course.  I've witnessed it but generally when I'm in the room, I'm the peace maker, the diffuser of the bomb that's about to explode. 

But not this time.  Nope. This time I was the person on the receiving end of a barrage of curse words and orders to cease and desist my activities that were so offensive to them.  An activity that several other people in the house were actively taking part in at that very moment as a matter of fact.  I looked at the person that I barely know  like they were a fool.  Partly because I hadn't actually been doing what I was being accused of, partly because I have the right to do whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want, and partly because I expect so much more of a grown adult person of a certain age.  Mostly because of the last one.

Now understand this.  I have a temper.  I do not take abuse.  I do not get bullied.  But out of respect for the occasion I did something that was so opposite to what I wanted to do, (kick the effing shit out of the person) I did the mature thing.  I walked away.  I left.  My family left with me. 

I do not want my children to be bullied.   I want them to stand up when others are bullied.  I do not want my children to witness me being bullied.  So I will not stay and be bullied in any situation.  I explained to my sad children, who had been having fun until they ruined it, what had happened.  They were instantly on my side and supportive.  They talked about the bullying in schools advice and it was very productive.

Now I did take out my frustration and voice a response later on.  I was entitled to it.  I am still entitled to it.  Oddly enough, that shifted the attention from them to me. Suddenly I was the bad one.  Gotta love the blame the victim mentality of some people.  It's common with them though.  They treat someone like crap and the responder gets tossed under the bus for responding.  I don't roll that way.  YOU effed up, I GET to stand up and defend.  Tough on you.

So.  What do you do when you encounter them.  Walking away, no matter what the ramifications might be,  is the first step.  It might not meet with approval by all but it's better than the other choices which are taking abuse quietly or responding with violent and negative behaviour yourself.  Before I left, I did calmly try to state my case.  It didn't work.  It only served to ignite the fires of indignity in THEM even more.  The cursing increased.  The anger mounted.  And there were children witnessing it.  I left.  My family were appalled at what they saw.  They left too.

I was angry.  And trust me I vented and vented and vented.  But within hours I was pretty much  completely over it.  Still am.  It might not seem like it, since I'm writing this now.  But this post isn't about revenge.  It's about only taking responsibility for what is yours but ONLY taking that responsibility.  It is about dealing with negative, abusive people in a positive and effective way.  By figuring out how to make lemonade out of lemons.  How to take a stand without extracting revenge.  There are many ways I could do so.  But I choose not to. 

I tried to think of the last time I witnessed such behaviour.   I have seen it from drunks at bars.  I saw a lot of it when my older daughter was in high school. When I was in high school certainly.  But it has been a while since I've seen any adult feel they had the "right" to tell someone off.  It's a long time since I was the one getting told off.  It's the first time I've ever not smacked the person doing the telling off.  And if you knew the minor nature of my alleged "offence" I think you'd be even further shocked that it ever even happened. 

Dealing with negative people is always a challenge.  Dealing with the self righteous is even more challenging.  Being judged always makes you step back and look at yourself.  That isn't necessarily bad.  But it is actually more of a reflection on the person doing the judging.  Because certainly everyone has something they can be judged on.  Certainly all people have a few glass windows in their house and should keep the stones to a minimum. There are some that have entire walls of glass. They should probably banish stones from their property. 

The key though is to not let them be effective.  I understand that while that person chose to be offended, I actually did not intend to nor do anything that would have offended most people on the planet. That whatever bee crawled up their butt and stung was not from my hive and I'm confident of that.  And so that makes it easier to let it go.  I got angry.  I was entitled.  I responded.  I was entitled to that as well.  I accept my weaknesses and strive constantly to improve.  Obviously my temper is under control compared to what it used to be.   This is a good realisation.  I have no anger left. That too is positive. 

As to forgiveness.  I don't feel the need to forgive because to do so is to place blame.  And if I were to judge and place blame then I'm doing exactly what was done to me.  I refuse to fall into that mindset.  People are who they are, people do what they do and for me to judge them makes me one of them and I like being one of ME.

So, I move on. With dignity, with a lesson and with my pride and backbone still firmly intact, no matter what they think.  No matter what anyone thinks. 

Abram Maslow said that to be self actualized, one must be independent of the good opinion of others.  This means you learn not to try to please others to gain their good opinion.  Because to do so often means you let go of your good opinion of yourself.  This is what I am trying to practice.  I am doing well. 

Of course I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said it much more succinctly.  It said, "F**k what you think, I like me." with a great big happy yellow smiley face.

And so I am BOUNCY again!  It's the NHL playoffs!  It's spring. I'm alive.  I had a wonderful day on Monday with a surprise that erased any stains on the weekend prior! The sun is shining!  I'm going for a run!

Not even they can bring me down! Don't let them bring you down either!  And don't be one of them.  You're great the way you are!

Bouncy bouncy bouncy boingy boingy!

Oh more thing...being a fiction writer..i do base my characters on real life people.  Just sayin'...

Your reputation isn't important, your character is.  You only have control over the second.
Carolyn R Parsons

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Along my running trail today!

Ever been bouncy?  You know, bouncy!  I know. You're thinking I've finally gone off the deep end now.   And I have but that's besides the point.  Bouncy is where you are just so full of excitement and joy and happiness you feel like you can bounce like a rubber ball through the day!  That's how I feel today!  I'm bouncy!

My littlest daughter always says she wants to go to bed early so she can "pop out of bed like toast."(She never actually goes to bed early but she does think about it )Well that's how my day is so far.  I hopped out of bed in the best of moods even though I was still a little tired.  It felt so good that I decided that no matter what the day threw at me I would be happy! 

So I am. Just am.  Bouncy, crazy, hula-hoopy happy!  I meditated and ran and walked and danced and smiled and laughed.  I played and wrote and read and cooked and ate and laughed some more. When I felt the possibility of something negative interfering I ignored it.   I did my chores, held up my responsibilities but every time I dealt with something that had the potential to bring me down I consciously set myself up to enjoy it and so it didn't.

Now I'm sure there are psychologists would would classify this state of euphoria as a disorder of some kind.  Having an exceptionally high degree of happiness and fun in your day when there is nothing specifically exciting happening is not normal is it?  Surely there is a drug for that, something to numb me down, make me level, bring me quiet.  I see a huge opportunity for big pharma here!

But I don't want any!  I want this mood. This one that says this world is amazing.  The one where my run today was a celebration rather than exercise.  Where the lady who waved from the golf course as she worked made me smile from ear to  ear and the clouds wandering aimlessly across the sky were my best companions.  I saw little ducks swimming in a quiet stream and enjoyed a moment of peace at the still water.  But I'm not still water today.  Today I am happy bubbling rapids full of squeals of delight and cold wet fun! 

How did I get in this fun and happy place?  I imagined it.  I deliberately put myself here.  You can too.  Do you have someone in your life you haven't seen for a long while?  Your child, your parent, your best friend, a spouse.  Anyone that you miss?  Pretend you're sitting around bored,  minding your own business and a knock comes on the door.  Pretend you open the door and they're there.  Now imagine that feeling!  Imagine the surprise and joy and happiness you feel.  Then, hold on to that feeling.  And every time it slips..go back to it.  Live from that moment of imagined instantaneous happiness!  Get there every chance you can. 

That's how I got bouncy today!  I am gonna bounce through this day, bounce into bed and then bounce to sleep, basking in happiness and my plan is to bounce again tomorrow!

Boingy boingy boingy boing! 


Happiness is a Choice! Choose it!
Carolyn R. Parsons


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One More Time~Forever

One More Time~Forever

On damp newborn mornings
I reach for a memory
when sun rays first taste the dew
and my heart skips a beat
at the loss once again
of the time when I was with you

In moments of weakness
I still spend a tear
and think about what used to be
and when moons rise up full
and the north star shines bright
I want you to be here with me

In quiet long nights
sometimes I crave
for a glimpse of your bright sunlit smile
and I ache for your arms
in still silent moments
and wish you could hold me a while

In so many moments
throughout all of my days
I have glimpses of our life together
and I wish in those times
I could be with you then
Just one more time...forever.

Live and Laugh and Love, but mostly Love!

Carolyn R. Parsons


Friday, April 8, 2011

"The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle~That Heart" Excerpt.

Her thoughts slipped into the past like a coin deposited into the slot of a vending machine.   Her prize was the image of Joe’s face.  Like a disappointed child she stared at it and then tossed it away.  This prize was useless to her and only gave her pain.  She faked a smile.

Don't just make memories, make stories!
Carolyn R. Parsons

It's My Birthday!!! It's all about me!!!

Today is my birthday!  I love my birthday!   I have never understood the lamentations of those who dread birthdays.  The whining over every wrinkle and line, the passing of time, the worry about getting older, about every grey hair.  I say to all of that, bring it on!

A friend said to me yesterday, jokingly, "so you'll be 36 tomorrow?" and I replied, "No, why would I want to be 36, I didn't know you when I was 36!"

To not celebrate a birthday seems to me to have a sense of regret about living the year that has gone before.  Yes our years are made up of sadness and grief sometimes but also, in those times are moments of great joy, meeting new friends. meeting new loves, being  happy and just general living.  I enjoy my life to its fullest.  I cannot bring myself to regret a single moment of being alive in this world!

I barely remember that spring day 45 years ago when I was born.  I was just so very young.  But what a great day it must have been!  I was born on Fogo Island, which neighbours my home of Change Islands, Newfoundland.  I have been told that my parents were so happy to have me they put the television away.  See they didn't need any other entertainment anymore now that they had me to entertain them.

 I must  have gotten boring rather quickly though because I don't remember a time without television which I'm grateful for because some of my fondest memories is of me and dad watching hockey in front of that old black and white set.

And though I don't remember it specifically I was told that I watched the 1970 Stanley cup final where Bobby Orr scored that famous flying goal and won it for  Boston.  I like that story!  He is still my idol to this day.  As a hero, a man and a hockey player.   And my hero worship of Bobby Orr has been passed on to my little girls.  I was told I would scream when Martina gave me my present and I did!  A book about Bobby Orr!

Sophia happily gave me a second book, one of stories to read in the tub with a waterproof cover. Two funny cards and some flowers from each made this mommy very happy!

I made a pledge a few years ago that on my birthday I would also give gifts.    Making people happy is what I enjoy the most and so I'm always looking for the opportunity to give people things that I think would make them happy.  Sometimes on their birthday, sometimes just at random.  So today I wrapped a gift to a friend, something she needed that I could get for her. She's aware of it.  I also gave a donation to a charity, the disaster in Japan.  My heart hurts for the world sometimes and today seems that I'm awfully blessed. 

I got lucky.  I got good parents, a huge extended family full of love and fun including approximately 50 first cousins(I didn't count but it's close).  I was born in the prettiest little place ever dropped into the middle of any planet of any universe in the infinite skies.  I live in the greatest country in the World.  I've got a life full of friends and family and I've found the way to make all my dreams come true and to do all the things I want to do with my life. 

So this day is about me.  About me living exactly the way I should be living. About striving to do right by everybody I care about and I care about everybody.  If I won the lottery I'd have some fun and do a lot of things that require finances but I'd share a lot as well.  I would probably enjoy the giving away of it more than the spending of it..but man would I have a fast car, fast computer and fast airplane..all in guessed goes faster!  Oh and season seats at the TD Gardens to watch my Bruins play! 

In taking care of the earth we often hear a lot about the carbon footprint we leave behind.  I hope mine is small and I do try to minimise it.

But there is another footprint.  The compassion footprint.  This one I want to leave in a big way.  A huge honking Sasquatch sized imprint all over the earth.  I want the world to be better because I was here.  But more than that, I want everyone else to know, it's better because you're here!

For every phone call, present, card, each face book message, the special emails and all other birthday greetings I received today, Thank you.  They are all proof that I'm on the right track. That you  are in my life is the reason I was born.  You are my greatest teachers. My greatest loves.  My greatest gift.  I appreciate you all. 

Not much on the agenda..a long bath, helping the little girls bake me a cake, a visit from my older daughter and her family with my grandson later tonight and hopefully some reading. There is some red wine and dark chocolate on the agenda as well. 

If you're familiar at all with the works of Abraham-Hicks, they talk about the vortex.  It's described as this place of extreme joy where you are surrounded by such amazing love and complete understanding that you want to stay there forever and never leave.  I think today, I am in that place.  And it's not because it's my birthday but because of the love I feel for all of you.

So tonight when I blow out my candles on the cake I'll make with my children I'm going to make a very very special wish.  The most important wish I'll ever make. 

That the Boston Bruins will take the Stanley Cup this year!   Wahoooooo!!!! 

What?  I'm supposed to wish for something all compassionate and loving?  World Peace?  Save it for the beauty pageants.  It's the Stanley Cup. The Bruins are at the top of their division..they're positioned to win this year..this is the peace. Again.  But it's been since 1970...never mind.

OK..but it's a helluva lot of candles and after a couple of of Shiraz or Chianti I can't guarantee I will keep it straight...hiccup.

Happy my birthday to all of you!   Cheers!

Thank you.

Smile! If your face cracks there is always crazy glue...I mean Cover Girl!
Carolyn R. Parsons


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flight of Fancy

The sky on my walk today!

Flight of Fancy

Through blue-eyed skies I flew just once
so far above the crowds
I tipped my hat to the morning sun
and nodded to the clouds

I took a flight of yellow fancy
and soared where the songbird sings
I did not know in freedom's moment
that life would clip my wings

In the trees I landed hard
my wings were broken fast
I jettisoned fuel and did not burn
but I thought I'd flown my last

So I took a sad and silent stroll
and now my heart's rebounded!
'til I soar once more in blue-eyed skies
 I was only temporarily grounded


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chapter One: Life~ now live it!

Chapter one: Life
Carolyn R. Parsons

Anyone else follow their horoscope?  I do.  I get mine from an App on my blackberry and read it every day.   Here is today's for Aries.

Daily Horoscope for Aries
Apr 6 2011

You are about to close a chapter - some aspect of your life that was difficult is coming to a close. Despite the challenges you faced and the hurt or sadness you experienced during this phase, you came away with a wealth of insight. As you end this part of your story, you will feel a sense of relief. Soon, you will also feel a sense of anticipation and excitement, because you are about to turn the page to a whole new and very wonderful chapter. With what you've learned, you have the power to transform the rest of your life into a magical journey. Use discretion in the choices you make.

Really?  I am?  Closing chapters?  Hurt or sadness is a part of life.  Feel the pain, get through the hurt, come out better...but close the chapter on it?  Why would I ever do such a thing?  Yep,  I think this time they have it wrong. 

First of all, I can't think of a thing I want to end or close that hasn't been ended or closed for me in some way already.  But for my part, nothing ever ends.  You see this is counter-intuitive to my very being.  I would never close a chapter to any part of my life.  My life is so exciting and interesting and full of every possibility because of every chapter lived so far!   Why would I want to close any of them? 

In the writing of this I look out my back door and the ducks that come every year to my neighbour's pool are back.  Perhaps I am like the ducks in some manner.  If something is good I will leave open the possibility of revisiting it, even if it's not where I stay for long!  Of course I'm like the ducks in that I'm a little quacked too!

There maybe a closing of a chapter in some way, certainly moving away from this province will do that do some degree but I'm not doing the closing.  In fact I've said, if it doesn't work out, I'll come back.  I'm simply creating change which is about making openings more than creating a closing.

In my estimation, there is no ending to anything, life is full circle, relationships shift, grow, move apart but they never close entirely.  There is always a connection.  Always the potential for reconnection and reunion.  Shift and change yes, closing no.  Ending no.

What I mean is simply this.  To actually end a chapter means you've closed the door to that part of your life forever.  To close the door on something means you will never revisit it again, that it is over and done, all bridges burned.  To do this implies "never again" and invariable, never again is impossible.  Never say never.  It's a cliche for a reason.  It's because over and over the word never will make you squeal with shock as it bites you on your lily white ass!

I will also never take from myself the possibilities that would be removed if I closed a chapter on any part of my life.   It would take the joy out of it. The hope. The possibilities that may or may not evolve.

I just wrote a novel.  Many times during the process I would have to go  back and fix a chapter because something I wrote in a later chapter referred back to it so I would have to go back and make it work.  Nothing was finished until the book was finished. Then..even in the story itself...the ending doesn't end(and you'll have to read the book to understand what that means).  And now, I'm writing it as a series.  So Christianna is back in the new book, a cameo, yet she will actually be vital to the story though she's only in it in a peripheral way.  Life is like that book. Never finished.  Dwelling in the past is unhealthy, keeping the past in your mind and your options open is good.

The rest of the horoscope I like though and believe to be true.  My life is and always has been a magical journey!  But I will leave all chapters unfinished and no doors will close but change is at hand and I do have a sense of anticipation about all the new that is to come.  I have learned lessons from all of the past but for me it's about daily anticipation, a daily new lesson to be learned.

I go forward with my excitement, my potential, and my enthusiasm.  No endings, just new joys, new friends, new experiences!

I think the breeze blows through better with the doors left open!  I love the breeze.  I welcome the rain that beats through as well.  It makes me appreciate the sunshine.

No chapter ever truly closes until the book of life is complete and I have many stories left to live and write!

As to horoscope.  It is fun but ultimately all the choices are mine.  And I choose to leave all chapters open and subject to being revisited at anytime.  Always!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The One

The One

The soul that finds its kindred twin
on this short walk on earth
is blessed by love immeasureable
and equally is cursed

The flame that reunites the two
and welds the painful break
is hotter than the rising sun
as it heals the sweetest ache

But when the time to come is here
and the earthly time is done
one must leave the other then
even knowing they're the one

I ponder when the time does pass
and the others time is here
will the flame that is my other half
wait for me over there

Will the hand of love reach out for me
and pull me across the flame
will the one who now completes my soul
know that I'd do the same?

Love big, love without condition, love forever
Carolyn R. Parsons

Blue Side Up! My First Flying Lesson!

Sarah at Stratford Municipal Airport(XFD)

Two very excited would-be aviators!

I think this is a Chevette Sarah!

And away I go!

Cessna 150..I want a red one because I'm sure it'll go faster!

Flight Instructor/Actor Dave and me! Is he really a pilot or does he just play one on television?

Today I took my first flying lesson!  I say first because there is no way I'm not doing that again!  Wow!  I absolutely loved it!

Let's preface this entire post by saying that I have a fear of heights.  Also understand that I have mild claustrophobia.  I am not, however, afraid of flying and I've always enjoyed commercial flights though there are occasional moments of, "omg, I can't get out of here."  This does not make any sense but then again, phobias are irrational.

I got ready with great anticipation.  My two little girls, Martina and Sophia were as excited as I was and came along to cheer mommy on!  Also in the cheering section were my friend Sarah's husband John and their three boys who are good friends and neighbours of mine.

I Told everyone I was doing this, set up a flight play list on my iPod...(it included a wide mix like Learning to Fly, Pink Floyd, Imagine, John Lennon, It's My Life, Bon Jovi, I Believe in You, Don Williams, Hell's Bells, ACDC and Flying, Bryan Adams.  Oh and Jump by Van Halen..just for the hell of it!) and got the rum ready to celebrate after!

This past year the idea of flying a plane was introduced to me and the idea took hold and wouldn't let me go. And one day I saw an ad, on face book, for a flight school nearby.  I decided immediately that I would do it before my birthday on April 8 and when I mentioned my plans to my friend Sarah she immediately admitted she'd wanted to fly a plane since she was ten and so we made plans together to go!

The plane was a Cessna 150 and it was tiny.  The flight instructor was Dave, an actor who had taken time off from the theatre in Stratford to be home with his children, while his wife worked as a lighting technician. He had his commercial pilot  license so he decided to become a flight instructor because it suited his family life better than the demands of the stage.  

We were first shown how to go through the checklist, introduced to the outer workings of the aircraft, check the fuel and given an  introduction to the instrument panel etc.  Then after a brief check of everything we got ready for take off.  Oh and now I know what Hangar rash is and it's not contagious!

Once we were in the plane,  Dave demonstrated the procedure for getting started before take off.  Anyone who is afraid to fly, understand that this is a very safe form of travel.  That little plane was very thoroughly checked and tested so I was not even remotely afraid as gave my good luck charm a quick pat and my seat belt an extra little tug.  I was not fearful at all, but damn I was excited!

There is a vast difference between sitting in a seat in the back of a large commercial jet and the pilot's seat of a tiny two-seater Cessna 150!  Wow!  I've always preferred flying in the smaller planes because you can see the landscape.  So when the pilot asked if I wanted to fly to Tavistock, where I live, it sounded perfect!

I was told that during this flight that I was the pilot with the instructor taking over for instruction purposes only.  The pilot had control during take off but immediately handed control to me shortly after we were airborne! 

I love that moment when you first become airborne by the way!  The miracle of mechanics creating the perfect circumstances for overcoming the weight of the plane so that if flies.  It's an incredible combination of scientific law and natural law creating a cocktail of the miraculous in one tiny instant.  One moment grounded, the next moment in flight.  What a rush that is.

And then we're up there.  I learned how to turn left and right, up and down, where the horizon should be, how to go higher and then descend to a lower altitude, how to get her at the correct attitude and so on.  It all gave me a feel for how the aircraft is operated.  It also gave me an exhilarating sense of control.  I was flying!

The tiny Cessna 150 was perfect.  Because it is so small I really got a sense of how it feels to fly.  It's like sitting on air.  I could feel the forward movement of the aircraft.  I could feel the little tugs of wind and when I would turn the plane in either direction I could feel myself fall with it.  I was totally mesmerised by the physical sense of being in the air.  I want to do this alone, to be completely on my own in the air someday.  Yep, you guessed it.  I fell in love with flying.

Let us not forget the view.  The perspective from the sky is completely different and it took a while to orient myself to what I was actually seeing.  We flew over my subdivision and it was difficult for me to figure out where my house was relative to the other houses.  We flew rather low over Tavistock, and then I saw the  highway and from there could see the water reservoirs at the south east end of town and that gave some sense of direction.  There is so much to learn, so much to take in all at once but the beauty of the birds eye view was enthralling.

And then there is the other view.  The view of humankind from up there.  And I don't mean the teeny tiny people in the distance but the overwhelming and creative brilliance of the human spirit.  It seemed highly unrealistic that humans would fly at  all not that long ago.  In 1903  the United States Army built a plane but it wouldn't fly.  Then  two eccentric brothers flew their own little handmade plane for 12 seconds, just 8 days later.  And now humans have pretty much conquered the sky.  When the New York Times reported in 1903 that perhaps humans would fly in one million to ten million years, they vastly underestimated the determination of the human spirit.  People wanted to fly.  So they did.

But before anyone could fly, they had to imagine they could.  Wilbur and Orville did not get that little glider off the ground at Kitty Hawk by thinking about the staying on the ground of things.  They imagined the flying off the ground of things.  And so they dreamt it, worked at it, and made it  happen.  And they paved the way for my little 30 minute excursion into the sky yesterday that I feel will become one of many.

After the landing, I sat and watched my friend Sarah take off.  As she flew into the sky I considered my own experience. Another dream fulfilled, another tick on the bucket list but another item added all at once.  I know I'l do it again, many times and because I know it, it'll happen.

When you have a dream, don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done. Don't let the world drag(pun intended) you down.  You can achieve lift in your life! If you want it, it can be yours.  If you can imagine yourself doing it, then you can do it.  You have the freedom to be what you want to be, go where you want to go.  It's all inside you. 

It is said that Edison made 14, 000 attempts at making a light bulb before he got one to light.  When asked about these failed attempts he replied, "I didn't fail 14, 000 times, I learned 14, 000 ways not to make a light bulb."

Remember..the sky is not the limit, the sky is only the beginning~there is no limit!
Carolyn R. Parsons