Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad. We Miss You.

My brother Derek and Dad in much earlier years!

Your Birthday

The starlit skies smiled brighter
in celebration of your birth
and the brightness of the sun increased
and further warmed this earth

The sky was bluer than before
the ocean matched its hue
the sea birds sang in harmony
and the angels joined on cue

That day was better than each day
than had ever before passed
and continued from that moment
until you breathed your last

Your time upon this earth was spent
forever turning happy pages
you gave brilliant insights into life
while imparting wisdom from the ages

Your timely wit was honed on us
and your love was never hidden
your gentle smile still comforts us
as you bestow it from your heaven

Forgive these sad and lonely eyes
and the tears that sometimes fall
you just left us here far too soon
and we're just missing you is all.

This day is etched upon the sky
marking the time and space
of your moments spent upon this earth
making it a better place

You're the beacon that still lights our way
you're every promise that we've sworn
we all walk a better path today
because it's the day that you were born

I am exactly who I am because you were exactly who you were and I thank you dad.
Carolyn R. Parsons

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Robins are Here!!!!

Today I walked in the sunshine.  It is still cool. But the day was clear and so I went.  And I saw robins!  Everywhere.  They're back and that means spring is here and though it's not as warm as I would like it is time for renewal and growth and change!  I love walking and not much makes me happier than being outside, walking my dog.  Hopefully I'll be back to running again in a few weeks.

I've changed up my diet, this past week getting back to the way I prefer to eat.  Breakfast was a green smoothie made with vitamin water and lunch was a green salad.  Tonight for supper I had a guacamole salad with a rice and bean casserole.  All vegetarian, all stuff from the earth and a bit of a spicy kick.  I'm a  decent cook if you like the kinds of things I make and I love being in the kitchen, putting it together and then looking at it all colourful and healthy.  Cooking is creative and meditative.   I don't even mind the clean up.   I did also have some ice cream earlier today.  I love ice cream and I feel that giving up the things you love in the name of health, is, well, unhealthy.  So I had my treat.  I truly enjoy eating this way and I'm grateful for the energy I have now to cook again. 

For me it's never been about weight loss.  I've never cared so much for how I look as how I feel.  And nutrition and exercise feel good in all respects.  Diets give a sense of deprivation that I've never been able to accept.  I feel better with good, high quality foods in smaller amounts.  Home cooked, whole foods of the highest quality I can find are key.  And never ever ever is anything I use low fat.  I will not sacrifice flavour for less taste and more sugar.

Everything is  changing now and I don't just mean my diet.  The move east coming up being the biggest one.

Fortunately I love change.  I know there is some stress involved in the unknown but I've always found that in transition comes growth and after growth comes a better and brighter day.  After a winter that has had some challenges I feel like I've come through a stronger and better and more alive person than I've ever been.  My energy level is coming back, I am sleeping well again and the sparkle has returned. 

It is on days like these, when life is spread before me like a buffet, choices that I never dreamt would be available are dropping into my life and the sun is shining, it is easy to see the wonder of this world.  I am meeting wonderful new people who are making my life richer and more interesting than ever and it excites me!  And it's contagious.  I rush to share it, to bring a little slice of the happiness pie to those around me and see it spread outward like rays from the sun spread in the blue sky today.

Have you ever been at a place where you know that everything you ever want and need will be yours?  They may net be exactly like you imagine but they'll be close?    I have all the important things.  Purpose, ambition, joy, amazing people, healthy children,  and all of the love I could ever need.   My appreciation for that is amazing.  But even better, today I again am back to the place where I know it all will work out in the future.  Not the details so much as the feeling that everything will be alright.  That knowing feels great! 

Lately things are unfolding with such a wondrous and miraculous way that it's easy to see my future being a good one.  And it's easy to see because I have decided that my present is.  I've walked, eaten healthy food, meditated, written, cleaned my house top to bottom and maintained it that way, helped with school projects, volunteered, spent a weekend with my grandson and had a fun Toronto adventure that involved hockey.

I am going to fly a plane on Sunday,  how cool is that?

I'm excited about my birthday  a week from Friday too!  I'm turning 45.  I know people tend to get upset about being older and birthdays can be depressing but I've never understood that.  I see it as the opportunity to celebrate being born!  I am so happy I was born!  How else would I have gotten to have the fun I've had, love the people I've loved, and done the things I've gotten to do?  This 45 year old body is simply home to an ageless soul and I feel like I've only improved as time has gone by.  I know I am not my body, though I think I should take care of it since it was entrusted to me, but the me I am never changes.  If I get another minute on this earth or another 50 years, I will be unchanged where it matters.

I've made so many memories and I'm so excited about the new ones to come with the new friends I have made!  I also have another "Tart and Hussy" adventure coming up!  More on that closer to the time.

Today I got so excited when I saw that first little robin in the grass.  My heart nearly burst with happiness at the symbolism of the little guy because he means spring and spring is my favourite time of year,  it's the year of my birth and the time of all new starts.  It is the time of change, good change.

I wonder if, the ability to get excited over such little tiny things is the key to happiness.  If you can find joy in the wonder of a bud on the tree in spring, is that not enough?  How much joy is there in a child's smile?  Is there anything larger that matters? 

The robins are here! The robins are here!

I hope you also have a wonderful day full of all the things that make you feel good and happy! 


Embrace change; it's the only consistent thing in life!
Carolyn R. Parsons

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Know

Sunset near Gander, Newfoundland

I Know

Somehow I know but can't discern
how I felt this premonition
perhaps the mystery lies somewhere
in my well honed intuition

I sensed and felt excited vibes
like contrails left behind
when you flew to that diversion
I could read the subtle signs

Adrenalin's a heady drug
that offers sweet forget
I know too well those selfish needs
that I know you'll soon regret

I sensed anticipation
in your each and every move
and I felt anothers fantasy
that they had won your love

I felt the crash that followed
after your dream escape was through
but know you'll seek another thrill
because it's what you need to do

I know what you were thinking
as you practiced your deceit
that you're entitled to this lie
this well earned last retreat

Somehow I knew where you were
and how another heart will break
when your ship of heartache sails away
and leaves teardrops in its wake

But I'm still the one who cheers for you
because I see your soul
I judge not what you say or do
I love instead the whole

I know not how I know these things
it's been a mystery from the start
but I'll always understand you
and I'll be here to ease your heart.

"Don't be in love, be love."
Carolyn R. Parsons

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love Jim Cuddy and Hockey!

Former Maple Leaf, Gary Roberts

Official puck of the game

The Alumni Bench

Hall of Famer Paul Coffey~it was a thrill to see him play!

Captain of the Rockers, Jim Cuddy!

The skills competition included a sing-off between Jim Cuddy and the Alumni captain Mark Napier.  Jim won.

Me and Michael Landsberg

It's all about the hockey! 

I went to the JUNO cup yesterday, a celebrity versus NHL alumni players charity game that is organised by Blue Rodeo front man Jim Cuddy on JUNO weekend.  For my international readers, the JUNO awards are the Canadian music awards for Canadian musicians and a BIG deal here with our rich music scene.  We are good at music in Canada(not me specifically, I suck) but we have brilliant talent in this country.  It is a charity game with proceeds going to MusiCounts, an organisation that makes music lessons available to youth across the country.

For someone who loves hockey as much as I do, to see Paul Coffey and Gary Roberts play was a dream!  Paul Coffey is a hall of famer and Gary Roberts has his roots in Newfoundland and has always been a favourite.

Of the celebrities topping my list is Jim Cuddy.  He is my favourite singer.  Then there was Hockey Night in Canada host, Ron McLean, Rob Higgins of Dearly Beloved(and nephew of Rush's Geddy Lee), Tyler Stewart of Bare Naked Ladies, Barney Bentall (and his son Dustin who I've seen perform with Blue Rodeo and he's great) So when I saw the opportunity for tickets to this event I was on it!  Jim with a stick(STOP that..I mean hockey stick) would be a huge thrill! 

I am a huge hockey fan.  I love the game.  Love its intensity, speed, competition, skill and even the rough aggressive side of it to some degree.  And all that being true, there is another element to the game that I love~hot hockey players!  I love being a girl hockey fan.  The guys just get the game, I get the game plus super sexy men on skates! 

As a fan I also listen and watch sports television and I've been a fan of Michael Landsberg for quite a while.  He is the host of the TSN sports show, Off the Record, and was the host of the game last night!

I met Michael, had a bit of a lighthearted argument with him but that didn't stop him from coming over and cuddling up with me for a picture when someones camera was taking too long.  I think he wanted me.  You know, in the Biblical sense.  That's what I'm going with anyway. Makes for a more fun daydream!

My main dream man, Jim Cuddy actually can play hockey!  He scored 2 goals and is a pretty decent skater.  I was impressed and turned on all at once.  Talk about perfect man! 

See, that's what hockey does to me.  All that male prowess on this girl kerwollops!

Of course there were some women on the Rockers team, including Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer and Sarah thrilled everyone by scoring a goal!  Girl hockey players are hot too you know!

It was a fun time!  I met some new friends, a couple of young girls whose enthusiasm made all of us happy and who made sure every kid got everything signed that they wanted signed by climbing over the glass and screaming at the hockey players who were happy to oblige!

It's all about the hockey and that's partly because hockey is about stories.  I remember one particular game, a very special one where my team, the Boston Bruins lost.  Doesn't sound like a good story for me right?  But then the next day I discovered that the opponents had dedicated that game to their assistant coach Luke Richardson and his family, who had lost his 14 year old daughter Daron to suicide earlier that day.  It is this kind of story that makes the winning less important than the heart of the  players and the team and this is one of several reasons that this particular team is my second favourite hockey team these days.  It is also another reason I love the sport so much.

Scroll down for a list of the players for those who are hockey fans or fans of Canadian music.  I am a fan of both.

Life is about stories, living them, not writing them!
~Carolyn R. Parsons~

NHL Greats:

Mark Napier

Brad Dalgarno

Derek King

Gary Leeman

Gary Roberts

Mike Pelyk

Paul Coffey

Russ Courtnall

Troy Crowder

Valeri Bure

Some of The Rockers:

Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)

Andrew Scott (Sloan)

Barney Bentall

Chris Murphy (Sloan)

Dustin Bentall

George Canyon

Kathleen Edwards

Kevin Parent

Mike Belitsky (The Sadies)

Rob Higgins (Dearly Beloved)

Ron MacLean (Hockey Night In Canada)

Sean Dean (The Sadies)

Sarah Harmer

Tyler Armes (Down With Webster)

Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies)

Vince Fontaine (Eagle & Hawk)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dance of Fury

I am happy.  But I am also human and sometimes people, life, loss, grief, sadness, stress, insomnia, full powerful moons and just general life circumstances get to me.  Sad happens but after sad comes the emotion many people judge the harshest but that I view as a necessary step to healing. 

I get angry!  And sometimes, I need the anger, it is a stage that I must go through so I wait for it to come because I know that if I get really super pissed off I will work through to peace quickly after.

I try not to direct my anger at a particular person and I do try to express it and deal with it in a healthy way.

But I enjoy an occasional fit of the red furious passion.  And at these times I get royally pissed off at people who are fools, pissed off at my own foolishness, pissed off at being pissed off.  I have a temper too.  I like to throw things.  Of course this isn't appropriate behaviour, I don't actually throw things(much) so I meditate through it and I write through it.  It's often fleeting, minutes to a few hours and often laughter is my best remedy. 

I wrote this poem in the midst of one such adult style tantrum that no one would know about if I didn't 'fess it all up here on this blog.  But you can't appreciate the happy if you haven't felt the despair.  So this anger is the snowfall, and then after that comes the sun to melt it.   Yes always the sun comes again.  Always it comes.  So make the dance of anger a fast one, get through it and move on to the sunny slow dance of silence and peace. 

And apologise and attempt to do better if you hurt someone along the way.  Don't just buy them a gift though.  That's not an apology, that's a get myself off the hook easily action and it's a lame thing to do.  I hate that.  Gifts should be only given in love, not to make up for bad behaviour.  I really really despise that.  It is a sucky thing to do.  Instead,  make serious amends, change your ways, find healthy outlets for anger.  There is nothing that makes me more angry than when people use a material gift to make up for bad pisses me off and sends me into a tailspin and then I just want to beat the crap...oh..wait..sorry...I got angry again..oops.  Sorry...let me buy you an ice cream?

Dance of Fury!

Where have you been my vexed dancer?
My companion in darkest deepest passion
Impatience gnawed my gut as I waited
Somewhere far from my default, compassion

Why did it take you so long to come?
I’ve longed so for your flamed appearance
Since those days when I first was faced
With love and trust’s cruel disappearance

Now that you’re here to rock with me
My cold delightful mate called rage
I can finally take an angry dance step
Upon your heated vitriolic stage

I’ll bow first, take a masterful lead
All shall watch while I cavort with fury
I’ll stomp until this dance floor is dust
And all who get too close are sorry

I’ll take my place, the front of the line
And I’ll play my wicked music loud
I’ll pirouette the devil's twirl of fury
And annihilate the whining, silly crowd

Then I’ll jump on him with my angry passion
And ravish him with demonic red hatred
We’ll both dance cruel on his shaking bones
Until the three of us are left completely sated

Then I’ll bow goodbye and let you leave
My rare but necessary consort
to dance the steps of temper is an exception
but a necessary, healing heart sport

"All emotions have value when expressed in a healthy way"

Carolyn R. Parsons

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happiness is in Your Tail!

The Super Moon in Newfoundland

I was travelling through Newfoundland, on my way back to Ontario on the day of the full moon last Saturday.  It was cloudy and it didn't look good for me to see this moon, which was a super moon, rare and beautiful.  I love the magic of the moon phases and I was somewhat disappointed at the cloud cover that was preventing me from seeing this particularly special one. 

Then I thought, I'll see the moon.  The clouds would give me a bit of a peek at it surely?  And if they didn't, well, it was still there, still magic, still powerful.  I would just have to feel it instead of see it.  But someone would take a picture of it so there was nothing to be missed.

And then, as if by magic, we drove into clear sky and there was the super moon!  I took pictures, bad ones of course, but the picture in my mind is much clearer, not just of the large, beautiful magic moon that night, but of everything! 

My recent trip through the eastern portion of this great country from the seat of a transport truck afforded me much visual pleasure aside from my moon gazing and an abundance of time for inner reflection and thought.  It gave me the gift of unrestrained emotion, freedom from responsibility and more time to meditate than I've had in a long time.

And boy did I need it.  It also provided me the opportunity to reach an understanding of myself, of the things I want in my life, the things I don't want and the way to achieve each and every one of them.  I did not come to new conclusions.  Instead, I reaffirmed what I already knew to be true. It made me strong again, it gave me a sense of knowing that was sort of floating out of my reach recently and it helped me get back on the path I am suppose to be walking.

I understand now that I am alone in this universe in the sense that I am the only one who can make me happy.  I have always known this but sometimes, in the course of putting others before yourself over long periods of time, of being told that service to others is the key to happiness, the scale tips and you forget about service to self and soul.  You cannot give the love you do not have within you to give. 

While I am alone in one sense, I am connected to all in some manner and I am a part of the whole of humankind.  I know that when I hurt one, I hurt myself so I try not to hurt any, which is, impossible of course. 

It is difficult to parse the difference between selfishness and self caring and particularly difficult when your entire being is drawn to be the nurturer, the giver, the lover of the whole world. 

But it is not selfish of me to take the time to live my life the way it was intended.  It is my way of service.  I am to write the things that make others think and consider and possibly change for the better.  It is my calling to be a writer of good things that make people happy.  To make people think.  This is what I am supposed to do.

But as much as that is my calling, it is also my calling to do the things, only the things that make me feel good.  Sometimes this is something somebody asks me to do.  Sometimes it's the refusing to do the things others ask me to do.  I have to choose and sift and decide and be at peace with that.

Here's something that just came to me.  Read this line a few times.  See if it makes sense and let me know.

What makes me feel good isn't the fun things I do.  It's the feeling good that makes the things I do fun! 

The feeling must come first.  I must be happy, then my life is good.  And because of already feeling good there is no disappointment. 

For anyone who has ever been on an "adventure" of some kind with me you will see that, no matter how things go, they never go wrong, at least in my mind.  We run out of time to do all the things planned, so what?  We have rain, so what?  My team loses, big whoop!  No matter what, the adventure is big and it is good and it usually is full of surprises and happiness.  I do not experience disappointment in any big way.  Because something good always happens anyway.  Usually something better. 

I feel that now. That something better is coming up.  New people will bring me joy.  I know something good will show, something better than even I could have imagined.  And it will happen because I am happy and because I expect it to.

I feel sorry for those who have wonderful events in their lives go bad simply because it didn't go exactly the way they thought or expected it should.  I never build up any expectation in my mind except that I will be happy and have fun.  And that happens because I have control over that, if not the events, always.

The decisions I have made and will make may sometimes make others unhappy but I am not responsible for their feelings.  The conclusions that  I have reached about my happiness and my life, the ones that keep me grounded, make me happy and gives me peace, they can come to as well.  But I cannot remain unhappy in my situation for their happiness.  I must be happy in my situation for me.  That is my choice and I am free to make it.

All of the people around me are free to be themselves.  Sometimes the temptation to advise them to change is overwhelming, particularly when I see them in patterns of unhappiness that are because of their own negative thoughts and fears rather than large issues.

It is however, a joy to watch those with large issues, be happy in spite of them.  That is the stuff that makes someone a superhero in my eyes!  That is what I want most of all for those I love.

There is a story about two cats.  One an older wise one and another a kitten.  Day after day the older cat watched the kitten chase his tail.  The kitten did it all the time and finally the wise cat spoke to the cat going in circles.  "Why do you chase your tail?" he asked.  "Well,"  the little kitten replied, "I have been told that my happiness is in my tail so I am trying to catch it, I wish to be happy."  The older cat thought for a minute and then he said to the kitten. "Yes, it is true that your happiness is in your tail.  I have always known this, but, for me, what I have always noticed is, as I go about, day to day, doing my thing, living my life, it follows along behind me, there is no reason to chase it."

Stop looking for happiness.  You know where it is.  There is no reaching, it follows you and all you need to do is acknowledge it.  Accept it.

In giving the people around me the freedom to be who they are and live their lives as they see fit, I also claim for myself that same freedom.  I will always love who I love, spend my days doing exactly what I am supposed to do that day but with no promise that I will live the next day the same way or in the same circumstance.  I have but one moment and it is now.  I have but one life and it is mine.  I take that for me just as I give that to all of the "yous" in my world and expect you to take it.  I want no one around me who is there out of obligation or responsibility but only there out of love and a desire to be in my life.  I promise the same to those around me. to live this day...happily.

There is no "but" in love, there is "I love you, no matter what"

Carolyn R. Parsons

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come be My Friend!

I don't bite (unless you ask nicely)

Come be my Friend!  I mean it!  I need friends.  I'm a nice girl.  OK..I'm a little bad.  Naughty is the word maybe but all in good fun and sport.  And I'm very lonely for some new friends.  Nope, I can't lie.  I am not lonely at all and I have tons of friends.  I'm just greedy.  I want MORE!!

So add me on Face Book, both on my personal page and my book page!  On the regular friend page I often have regular Friday Night YouTube gatherings if I'm not off on an one this Friday night that I'll be updating you about on there!! 

I'm also starting some exciting new projects soon.  Radio interviews, publishing a poetry book and it's all a big fun ride!

It's always fun and and anything goes!  I also invite friends to help me name the characters in my novels and sometimes the places because naming is very difficult.  And  if you have a cool name I may even use yours! 

Mostly though, we just joke and laugh and enjoy life.  The thing is I discovered the meaning of life. The purpose.  The reason we are here on this planet.  And it's to have fun and enjoy it!  It's to feel good.  So come be my friend and find drama free fun!

Join me also on the Fan page and read updates on the progress of book two in the series of Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle series!  My adventures in writing and with writers is also available on the fan page!

And recently I've started regularly tweeting on Twitter!  I've got some great followers and I'd like for you to be one of them and I promise I'll follow you back! 

So add me!  You can delete me, unfriend me, block me if I get out of hand so what do you have to lose?

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And please let me know you added me from here so we can chat!

Life is for being alive and enjoying every moment until the last one!
Carolyn R. Parsons

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miracle Around Every Bend

Here I sit getting ready to leave for Ontario again.  I decided to write a little update post with a few pictures which will post long after I'm home most likely.  I have all of my pictures uploaded on my computer and realise I have taken nearly 600 pictures from Ontario to Newfoundland and 500 of them are from this island alone! 

I know I have some bias but from the moment I got off the ferry in Newfoundland I was simply awestruck.  (No, I wasn't speechless, don't get excited) but I was once again, amazed by just how profoundly beautiful this place truly is. 

There is a quote by Rumi that says "sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment." and nowhere is that easier for me than here in Newfoundland.  From the first moment here I got here I was immediately bewildered by how limited the human mind is.  For even I, one who loves this place immensely and who will tell all far and wide just how incredibly beautiful this land is, am always taken aback by its  magnificence.

While driving along, taking in the panoramic view of ocean, mountain, cliff, experiencing the wild winds of The Wreckhouse and just being sensually bombarded by all that is the majesty of the west coast I am reminded that what I know accounts for nothing, but what I feel is all there is and all that is important.

And as we move further inland and stop for food I am overwhelmed by the kindness of the people, the friendliness, the genuine interest in us and our trip and the excellent food!  I am always, though I know it to be true, amazed by just how wonderful our people are.

When we drove into the port of Argentia, my first trip there, and we crested the top of the hill, I gasped audibly.  Then I was moved to tears.  A miracle was set before me and for a moment I was transported to a place inside of true bliss. 

How many of these such moments have I had.  I felt it in Portugal Cove, then again as I overlooked the ocean at Torbay and the pretty town of Petty Harbour is a guaranteed ecstacy of visual delight for me as I take in its rugged perfection.

And the one common factor in any of these places is the ocean.  Any of the perfect gems of land, set against a foggy background is guaranteed to speak to my soul at a level nothing else in nature can.  The jutted edge of Bell Island in the distance claimed my heart in one miraculous instant just as the Argentia hills, dropped like cookies on an ocean tray made it my own forever.

This place is special.  It has a miracle over every hill and the gift of wonder around every bend. 

And though the inhabitants sometimes become desensitised and those who leave forget in their absence, there cannot help but be moments where this land brings you up short and forces you to see all that is awe inspiring and majestic about it. 

I cannot wait to live here again.  To see the rolling ocean whenever I crave its soothing presence.  To walk the hills whenever I require a boost of inspiration. To write the poetry of this land, while living here and I will not become desensitised to its beauty.  That's the gift absence gave me, that of appreciation for all that I left and now will return to.

"Give unconditional love~always."
Carolyn R. Parsons

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Someday seemed so far from us
when it was still today
when time and space and circumstance
were standing in the way

When someday was the wish you wished
and promises were pledged
someday seemed so far away
and the gaps too wide to bridge

So someday was replaced by what
is now what is to be
but today seems such a waste of time
and a sad reality

Because someday came some time ago
and time,  it always flies
it seems so slow to those who wait
yet disappears if you blink your eyes

So here we are beyond that someday
that someday of the past
and I wish it was the someday promised
that was here today at last

For this someday that has come to be
is not my chosen way
and it teases me with memories
of my beloved lost someday

And I'd trade all of today's moments
if I could find a way
to return to that someday we lost
on that fateful yesterday

Regrets for lost dreams are a waste of time but dreams of new ones open up possibility

~Carolyn R. Parsons~

Friday, March 11, 2011

We are the Clouds

We are the Clouds

I am a cloud. 
I float above
I dream my dreams
I love my loves
don't pull me down
no string you see
let me float
let me be

I am a cloud.
I am the mist
I weave my stories
it's where I'm blissed
Come to me
here in the sky
don't pull me down
I love to fly

You are a cloud
you float to me
you listen and
you let me be
you let me fly
and  hold my hand
so I can fly
so I can land

We are the clouds
we float away
in beams of sunlight
on a breezie day
The droplets fall
a gentle rain
we land together
without pain.

Until that day
we float once  more
two weightless clouds
just like before
and so the circle
comes together
We are two clouds
until forever

"Just be who you are, that's the YOU I love"
~Carolyn R. Parsons~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's a Curly Hair Day!

Very curly and all ME!

I had a wonderful weekend with friends and I'm back home now trying to recover!  I will post about my weekend at some point but so much happened and we did so many different things that I can hardly remember them all.  Of course some of that might have been the wine we consumed as well!

But we went to a trade show on Saturday.  A very super special one.  It was called Sexapalooza!  I will go into further detail at another time as well.  But first I want to talk about a specific incident.  And this one has nothing to do with sex.(sorry).

One of the vendors there sold hair straighteners.  In his sales pitch he told me  you will want to straighten your hair every day and you will look ten years younger.  Wow.  So I plopped out the $150 bucks or so he wanted for it right away!  Um...nope.  Just kidding.

First of all, my hair is super curly.  Ringlet curly.  A long time ago I had it straightened for fun.  Just temporarily and just once.  It was awful.  It tickled my face.  It looked longer but thinner.  And I did not look like myself at all.  Of course everybody raved about it and said it looked great.  I hated it.  I don't care what it looked like.  I can't see me when I'm walking around right?  I look how I look.  If it scares you put a blanket over your head! 

Second of all.  I don't want to look ten years younger.  I like my age.  I will be 45 on April 8 and guess what?  I don't care.  45 is what I am.  I have had 45 amazing and challenging and wonderful and educational and enlightening years in this body.  It's mine and I like it top to bottom.  While I probably haven't given it the care I should(and my  health is forcing me to do this now anyway) I really have no body issues.   If it doesn't conform to red carpet standards, if it isn't someone else's idea of how a person's body should look then those those are their issues.  My body works well.  It built and delivered four humans.  It's pretty much a marvel of nature.  My face is mine.  It is a combination of my parents, all of my relatives and my own life experience.  I'm cool with that.

And I like my curly hair too.  I inherited it from my dad.  My wonderful, amazing, brilliant and handsome dad who I lost a number of years back. 

So no, I don't want it straight.  Most people have straight hair.  I have no desire to be like most people.  I like curly hair on men.  I like curly hair on children and I like it on me too!  There is nothing wrong with straight hair if you have it or want it but don't assume that everybody prefers it dude! 

So no I didn't buy a straightener.  And I never will.  I did however buy eyeshadow.  Because it sparkles.  I like sparkly things.

And I liked that the salesperson didn't tell me it would make me look ten years younger.  She just said it would accentuate my eyes.  Much better pitch. 

I'm not sure how I got so comfortable in my own skin.  I wasn't always.  When I was young and pretty much had the red carpet body I didn't even know it.  I wasn't as happy with that body as this.  Not because this one is better but because I'm better!  I am not in denial.  I know exactly how I look.  And I am not only fine with it, I like it.  I'm round and a little fluffy and totally feminine. 

It just doesn't seem all that relevant to me.  It seems trivial when there are so many people with so many real and valid difficulties in their lives to worry about a few extra lines or pounds.   That doesn't mean I don't like to look nice, or dress up to feel good.  I love make up and jewelry and I love looking my best but once I'm at my best I never think it's not good enough.  I think it's just right.  And I think that way when I look my worse too. 

And oh the freedom.  I have no idea how much I weigh.  I don't count calories.  I exercise for fun only.  I do yoga, walk, will run again soon when the weather gets better, hula hoop, dragon boat and will probably take up pole dancing!

And I never have to eat "lite" foods!  I use whole cream, I eat whole cheese and my food tastes good!  A light cheese cake?  How the  heck can one get fat on that? 

And it's raining today which means my hair is curlier than usual.  Bet I look 46!  Yay!  Think I'll do yoga and have a cookie.

"Love yourself, you are awesomesauce and bubble gum baby!"

~Carolyn R. Parsons~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to be Supermom! Never Say Never!

A younger Justin Bieber busking on the steps of the Avon Theatre in Stratford, Ontario.

Never Say Never!

If you want to make two little  girls supremely happy, take them to the Justin Bieber, Never Say Never Movie.  Then if you want to be Supermom, drive them around to take photos of all the places in the town where Bieber is from, a town that they know as well as JB does and voila, happy girls and instant SUPERMOM!  Yep, that's me.  I'm gonna get a big crest for my chest with a HUGE S on it....a really huge one!

Yep, that's what we did tonight and it was tons of fun. 

I have to admit, I cried several times.  See there was this local kid on you tube one day.  My daughter, who is Justin's age played it for me.  They were face book friends.  He knows Usher, she said, with awe.  I was awed too because he was amazing.  I thought, this kid could make it big in a few years, when he grows up.  But he didn't wait.  Full speed ahead, a year later he was making albums and selling out huge shows.  It moved me.

I also laughed quite a few times.  Kid has got the funny.  He is pretty silly but in a clever way too.  His comic timing is often as clever as his timing on the drums at two..yeah TWO!

And the kids loved it.  Martina rocked out, singing all the words while Sophia told me it was more like a documentary than a movie but that she really liked that it was real.  Then they got to the Stratford parts.

I don't think that it really hit them until then, that Justin Bieber is one of them.  OMG that's Alyssa and Christie's school!  Mom, that's our Pizza Pizza!  Wait..isn't that where we saw Peter Pan?(yes, you and Tom and Katie and Suri Cruise), Justin used to sing there?  Wow!  And so, it goes, on and on.  The river where you dragon boat!  The Y?  Wow! We should go there again! (because you know that's where the Biebs worked on his abs and stuff!) 

Yes.  That brought it home and it also opened up a wonderful discussion.  I said to them, see that?  A regular,  normal kid.  Single mom.  Grandma and Grandpa.  He used to live next door to your soon-to-be brother in law and his family.  (and we're told he was really a well behaved young man and stopped playing his drums at a reasonable hour).

A regular kid from Stratford, who made his dream came true.  This is a reason to get the boys watching this too because, he's a great role model for teaching that lesson to young men.  And as I watched him I saw something in him and around him that is kind of rare.  Nobody seems to have told this kid it couldn't be done.  Or at least nobody who mattered.  Or perhaps they did and he didn't believe them.  Whatever, it's the way it should be to make dreams come true.  So I told my girls that.  That if he can do great things, follow his dreams, do the thing he loves and be happy and successful there is absolutely no reason why they can't. They're from Bieberville after all!

So we're all sick here!  It's just terrible.  Mostly it's a temperature.  Yes,  we have Bieber fever!  Yes, we've all come down with it, Oh Baby, Baby, Baby!

It's not so bad.  I mean, now that JB is in our lives, there is way more than One Less Lonely Girl which is good right?  And well, if you smile we'll all get better because, You Smile, I Smile, it's that simple.

It's terrible and I don't think it's going away, but of course, Never Say Never!

Go see the movie with your kids.  Good clean fun with a moral.  Work ethic, green shakes from Usher and tons of fun at the same time.  Kind of rare these days.  Pictures of the excursion below! It was raining, great on the curly hair, not so great for pictures at night!

Avon Theatre where we saw Peter Pan

Step of Avon Theatre where Justin Bieber used to busk! The little girl in the movie was priceless!

Blurry picture of the Pizza Pizza in the movie. My daughter's boyfriend lives in an apartment over it.

Always Follow Your Dreams, No Matter What!

My Daughters' and Justin Bieber's High School