Monday, January 17, 2011

Tart and the Hussy~Video this time!

The Tart and The Hussy;  The conclusion!

Last post about this, I promise!

I've had people tell me all week that they saw me on ET Canada during their interview with Allan Hawco last Tuesday night.   Finally, someone posted the video and's me...for about a second.  Don't blink!

Pause at minute 1:06 and you'll see him holding up my book, The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle as I feel his arse..I mean...laugh and smile and behave perfectly lady like....okay, okay, that's a stretch because I was "this" close to grabbing his arse and you know it!  But I didn't.  I just thought about it!  And enjoyed the thought.  I still am...good lord I have will power...if I tried I'd likely be 105 pounds!  I haven't tried, I like cheese cake.

Damn...I think I have regrets...about the arse thing, not the cheese cake.

You may have to "LIKE" the Fionn MacCools Facebook Page to see the video but here's a LINK!

And by the way, Guinness is good and they pour a mighty fine pint at that place.



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