Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Am.

I feel like I have to write a blog post today.  I've been such a slacker lately. And now, today, I finally have a moment to write here and all of the ideas and thoughts and potential posts I have intended to write all week...gone..poof...just like that, I'm blank.

I don't keep notes.  I generally find that the good ideas come back to me and the ones that don't, well, they probably aren't that great.

Once again I fell into my old habits.  I started to doubt.  I thought maybe I should start writing more things down.  I felt frustrated by the lack of ideas.  So I took a moment to breathe, to think and that feeling didn't last for long.  Lucky for me, I'm not much of a wallow-er.  Instead I took some time to think quietly about things.  See if there were reasons why I couldn't create, couldn't remember and it didn't take long to figure it out.

Certainly life has been crazy this month.  I was so ready to get back to work on the new book, printed the manuscript, needed to live with it again for a awhile and with the start of school I thought for sure I'd have time.

But September has not been peaceful.  One daughter sick, then a second one.  A third daughter not adjusting well to early nights and early mornings and then of course, the chaos of just being a large family with only me at home to shuffle everyone everywhere they need to go.  A grandson to spend time with.

But now,  here I sit in an empty house.  Well, there are two dogs, mine and my daughter's friend's boxer puppy(oh yeah, I have a boy living here now, trouble at home, needed a place, brought his dog.) so not entirely alone but it's quieter than usual.  Nothing comes.  No muse, no inspiration, just silence.

Not even a poem in my brain, not a thought on demons and angels(new book), nothing but rain splatters against the window and a great cup of coffee made from some excellent west Africa beans and Red, my precious laptop. 

And now I'm thinking that's not a bad thing.

In the hectic moments, in chaos we are forced by circumstance to stand in the moment and be present.  To do what needs to be done.  In the quiet moments we often drift into thinking of all that we should be doing, worrying about the expectations and responsibilities of the next.

So I end up with this go nowhere post.  So what?  I know the rest will get done.  I know I'll write a blog post here one day that will blow your socks off.  But for now, this is exactly what I'm supposed to write.

We get so caught up in what we ought to be doing we forget to just be at peace with where we are.  I am so relaxed in this moment, so content, so exactly where I am supposed to be and I'm giving it my full attention just as I am forced to give my full attention to the hectic moments. 

Everyone understands about good moments and bad moments.  I am thinking perhaps we need a few indifferent ones too, to recharge, to regroup and strengthen our spirit, like laying on the floor prone after a workout.  It's usually the best part.

So I'm off to enjoy my coffee and my silence.  I hope you enjoy your day.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is This The Moment

Is this the moment?

Is this the moment before you step
into the abyss of next
from this place of now here to no where?
Is this the moment before you take
your last breath
and leave for that place you fear?

Is this the moment before you hear
your heart's last beat
and become the silent corpse?
Is this the moment before you
discard this body
and slip into the place where chronology warps?

Is this the moment before you say
with your final breath
those words that will remain?
Is this the moment when
your human voice
sings it's last refrain?

Is this is the moment before you join
the energy of the universe
and die that common death?
Is this the moment you know
no answer marks the heart that
trembles within your unknowing breast?

Is this the moment that you waste
with worried eyes
and fearful melancholy wails?
Is this the moment that you
stumble through with wrinkled brow
and pain-chewed finger nails?

Is this the moment that you hold
and live in joy
with happy blissful smile?
Is this the moment that
you celebrate the blooming flowers
and the heartfelt kiss of a child?

Is this the moment you understand
that life is love
and to live it tall?
Is this the moment where you finally know
there is nothing else you have
and that this one moment is your all?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Interview For Little Miss Chatterbox

Lorette Lujazic, an amazing Toronto writer and editor asked to interview me for her blog.  The interview was posted this morning.  I first met Lorette after a poem of mine was accepted for publication into her anthology goodbye Billie Jean; the meaning of Michael Jackson.  I admire her work immensely and was thrilled to talk to her about my novel.  Here is an excerpt from the interview with a link to Little Miss Chatterbox for the rest.

Carolyn R. Parsons is an extraordinary blogger, writer, and reporter who has just released her first novel, The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle. I had the good fortune to meet her after she contributed a poem to my anthology, Goodbye Billie Jean: the Meaning of Michael Jackson. Since then, she has released a poetry collection, and is at work on a new novel! Now that’s inspiration.

You’re a mother of four, a busy blogger, a reporter, and a poet. How did you find time to write The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle?

I was told I was hyper by two different people recently. There might be something to that! This may sound somewhat cliché but truth is I made the time. I decided to become very disciplined and wrote for 2 hours a day no matter what. [more]


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reader Reviews on The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle!

So the novel was released just over a month ago now and people have read it.  Some of them have also been kind enough to send me their opinions of the book and I appreciate the time it took for everyone to do that!  Thank you so much!  Here are some of the comments I've received from readers.  So far nothing too negative and for that I'm grateful!
To purchase the novel click on the link at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the Amazon.com listing.  The Look Inside feature has also been activated so you can take a peek at a sample of the story.

Carolyn Your novel was EXCELLENT , EXCELLENT. When is your next one coming out........You have a buyer here , so keep on writing . Like I said I just loved it, had a hard time to put it down, woke up 7am this morning and had to finish it and went back to sleep again.lol.  ~Denise~

Book read. A page turner. Really enjoyed it. Loved the story, made me mad, made me sad, made me happy and it kept the housework on hold! A wonderful read ~Linda~

Guess what?  I just finish reading the book,  I can't believe I did that, when I don't like reading, but that book was so good, I cannot believe what happened!  Let me know when you have another one,and keep up the good work. ~Donna~

Now that was worth waiting for! Beautifully written; kept me reading well into the night. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for your next one. ~Rosemary~

Hi Carolyn,

I finished reading your book. You stated you wanted to write a love story unlike another, Mission Accomplished. It was the best I have ever read.  Once i started reading i couldn't put it down.Can't wait for your next novel.  Again Congratulations! ~Darlene~

I really, REALLY enjoyed your book! I liked that their lives were soooo messy, like in real life and everything wasn't all tied up with a neat bow. People made mistakes, bad decisions, tried to be true to themselves and get on with their lives...it wasn't like a regular romance novel. Yes, it was a love story, but with a twist and complications. I also really liked the progression of growth about different faiths and beliefs, both sides becoming more accepting and respectful of people who believed differently than they did.
It was fun for me to read, too, because I have never been to Newfoundland and probably never will get to travel there. I have only been to Canada twice, so am a tiny bit familiar with it, but not really. It's great to read about someplace that is different from where I live.

Waiting for your next book! I've recommended this book to some friends. I think they would enjoy it, too! ~Cheryl~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update Post

My youngest daughter Martina exploring the hills of Change Islands, NL

Summer is drawing to a close and what a great couple of months it's been. I love summer.  It's absolutely my favourite season.  I have released a novel, I have a grandson,  I had an amazing trip home to my home town and I am entering the promotional phase of the book's release and all is going well.
But today, for the first time in a long time, I have a cold.  It's one of those simple head colds that don't really make you all that sick but leave you feeling out of sorts and with less energy.  It has however, afforded me time today to write this blog and so I'm grateful for that.  It's been so busy I've ignored this place for far too long.

When it comes to health and healing I've always believed in homeostasis.  For those who aren't familiar, basically it's a believe that an organism wants to be well, that it will work towards being well if at all possible.  I believe the human body operates on this principle and I simply let this type of thing run its course.

I also believe, generally life runs that way.  If we don't push too hard against the flow of it, if we ignore the expectations we and others place on our lives, it goes as it should.  It always tends to work out if we let what is, be.  Life will constantly change, sometimes those changes are out of our control and at other times we make decisions that alter things for our own benefit.  Either way, fighting the outcome is pointless for all will be what it will be.

Now another change is happening.  The kids return to school and my life becomes more routine, more scheduled, more regular.  After a free-range couple of months it seems to be almost impossible to imagine.  The advantage is more time for writing,  more time to walk, more time to be alone.  The disadvantage is no more sleeping in,  no more running away for an unplanned beach day, no more playing all day long with the kids. 

My second novel, The Tempters, will be my writing focus.  I'll be updating here about progress on that work.  Meanwhile, if you haven't already, my newly released novel, The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle, is available for purchase on Amazon and now the LOOK INSIDE feature has been activated.  Just click the button below and hop on over and take a peek!