Sunday, August 15, 2010


At the wake of the sunset  in the cool western sky
where there are ribbons of copper and rose
under the canopy of twilight's last twinkling
is the reliquary where rememberance goes

At the edge of the horizon where ocean meets sky
where they embrace as lovers oft do
like music box porpoises breaking the surface
they visit often like friends that are true

At the tip of polaris on Ursa Minor
under milky way skies at midnight
in treasure chests hidden on boggy marsh trails
is where we let reminiscence take flight

At the top of our hearts in the depth of the night
like the fancies that dance in our reveries
near the depths of our souls is the place where we hold
the priceless treasures that we make called memories

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Follow Me

Follow Me

In dreary darkened corners of the planet
where sun shines least and clouds cover the sky
when winds blow harsh upon the marshy fields
Look into my eyes and find your joy
In forests deep, wandering with no compass
through mangled bush that only shelters night
where the earth is dry and black under your footsteps
Look for me to be your guiding light
When morning comes and fog blackens the land
and your heart cannot tell which road to run
though yours are blinded by your hurting heart
Look to me and see the morning sun
When nightmares sneak their harsh hallucinations
and cut the night with terrifying dreams
and you are sleepless in a lonely bed
Know my love is exactly as it seems.
Brush off the dark and walk into the light
find your compass  follow it and see
you need no eyes to know your path in life
when you listen to your heart and follow me

Sunday, August 8, 2010

North Star Wish

North Star Wish

Bright and ever constant in the heavens
I ache to see direction in your light
navigate me to my destination
steadfast celestial beacon in the night

I stare into the star encrusted sky
and seek your steadfast guidance to my place
one dark night's shared celestial gift
no substitute for love's magic embrace

North Star plot the course for this the journey
be the pilot on this uncharted sea
I seek the way to a destination
and hope you lead me where I wish to be

Sunset on Change Islands

Sunset on Change Islands

The haunting beauty of the sky at dusk
sends shivers of enchantment down your spine
The scarlet, gold-cast fading evening sun
negates the usual sadness of lost time

The seagulls shout a whisper of farewell
a robin tucks its face into its chest
The day that held the blessing of its moments
then gently lays its tired head to rest

The ambient light that shines upon your ocean
sparkling with gemstone brilliant light
tints the dusk with peace and joy and love
as the scarlet sun now whispers its goodnight

Where the Pen Fails

Whenever I come home to Change Islands I am immediately awestruck by the beauty of this little island.  I don't forget that it's beautiful but I forget somehow, the manner in which it's beautiful.  I have seen the ocean in many places, but the blue water that laps against this place is of a different colour than any other, perhaps caused by a combination the reflection of the sky, the cliffes surrounding it and the stone beneath the surface.  I cannot describe this place.   It leaves me wordless.  This poem was written after this morning's walk.  This place has a million poems.  It needs a million poets.

Where the Pen Fails

Where the pen fails is at your cerulean tips
crested white with ageless rolling surf
what defeats the quill is where your granite shores
meld into voluptuous grassy turf

Where the muse rejoices is in your nameless blue
and the salt-kelp smell of a gentle sea-washed beach
Where the scribe falls short lies somewhere in between
held tightly in the hand and ever out of reach

Where the spirit soars is around the  marble markers
bleached by the divine-lifted early morning heat
Where the eyes worship is written in cotton clouds
by that mysterious hand that nothing can defeat

Where the pen fails is at your cerulean tips
stilled by a sudden dearth of rose-tipped prose
So the heart becomes the quill and writes the lines
of poetry that spirit always knows

Saturday, August 7, 2010



Dawn inhales a breath and bids good morning
as we soar into the daylight's dancing rays
upon the patterned fabric of our lifetime
we fly into our unmarked wind-kissed days

On puffs of air and purple clouds we float
high above the granite shores and cliffs
Featherless wingspans grace bluest skies
floating on the infinite "what ifs?"

We swoop and dip and bow and then we climb
into the sky that sits atop our life
Jetting over mountains of despair
far from the disarray of earthly strife

Though we sometimes perch on rugged cliffs to rest
we are parallel companions in the sky
as we soar together over purple clouds
ever flying light and free and high!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Real Honest-to-Goodness Blog Post

It's as though, this past while, I've had too much to write!  Usually when I'm not blogging regularly it's because I'm unable to come up with a topic to write about.  These days I have an overflow of possibilities to blog about and find it incredibly difficult to choose.  It's been a whirlwind time with a Grandson being born(Dante Nicholas Fuller) and my novel being released and in the middle of all of that there is a trip to Newfoundland that starts tomorrow, driving all the way, non stop until Saturday morning when we finally arrive!

And yet, life is strangely calm. The kids are all free-range with school being out and I'm going to miss that when they go back to schedules but then I'll write more. 

There is a saying that goes Infinite patience brings immediate results.  This past while has been a lesson in that and putting that to practice daily has made so much difference.

When we decided on this trip we knew that there was a possibility that my brother's girlfriend's sister, who has terminal cancer might take a turn for the worse.  I talked to the kids about the possibility that we would be going later and I waited.  Proceeding as though we were going, but not knowing for sure.  I remained calm because this sadness in their lives, this difficult time, is a real problem.  Me not making a vacation trip is not a real problem.  So I let it be what it is.

I have also been waiting on an order of some copies of my books to take home for a book signing I'd planned in my home town.  I realised that the books might not arrive in time and had to let go of the idea that this would happen, though I looked forward to being able to share  my work first hand with my family and friends back home.

And I knew through all of this, that I could deal with either and be happy no matter how things happen.

Then this morning my brother called, the trip is set, everything is stable and we're going.  Then a few minutes ago, UPS came to the door with my books.  I'm happy.  But I would have been happy either way.

So now I get to pack.  I hear the ferries are delayed to Newfoundland.  But the island isn't going anywhere and I will make it at some point.  I could stress but what would that add to my life?  I will go.  I will enjoy the scenery along the way and I will be wherever I am 100%.

Infinite patience is what I practice and peace is the immediate result.