Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle; A Novel by Carolyn R. Parsons

It's finally time!  The long-anticipated release of my first novel,The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle, is finally here.  Many of you have been here since I started this book in 2009 and have supported and encouraged me and that encouragement has been invaluable.  The book is available on by clicking the link above.  Some of you have expressed an interest in a signed copy.  You can email me at to make arrangements.  Meanwhile, below is the official press release being sent out to the media.


The highly anticipated first novel of Tavistock, Ontario resident, Carolyn R. Parsons will be released Sunday, August 1, 2010.

In a delicately woven tapestry of the mystic and the earthy, Carolyn R. Parsons brings you into the lives of Christianna Cormack and Joe Indigo. Spanning two decades, it follows the couple from their first meeting until they are ripped apart by his misguided choices. When Christianna moves to Rare Moon Tickle, Newfoundland, she is informed that there are no secrets in a small town but she proves this adage wrong when destiny colludes with nature to ensure her inevitable reunion with Joe Indigo. Their love is now forbidden and one lie leads to another. As if suspended from cosmic puppet strings, Christianna cannot escape the web of secrecy and though she tries to live a normal, happy life, she discovers that fate has other ideas in The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle.

Parsons, originally from Change Islands, NL, credits growing up in an isolated Island community as the number one contributing factor to her development as a writer. When asked why she wrote the story she said “I simply wanted to write a beautiful story. This was the story that begged to be written and Joe and Christianna were the characters I had to write about. I wanted to tell a love story that was unlike any other and I wanted it to be airy and spiritual and beautiful and poetic. I hope I’ve accomplished that.”

The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle is the second published work of this author. Her first, a poetry book, called Wind Rhymes: Poetry from the Breeze was released on December 23, 2009. You can reach the author by telephone at 519-342-3976 or by email at She writes a blog at under the name breeze. A Face Book Page can be found for The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle by searching the title and the author can be found on Face Book by searching Carolyn R Parsons.

The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle is published by ENNA Imprints. Ltd. A Canadian publishing company.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Release! Half Moons and Maiden Names!

I am days away from the release of my first novel but instead of taking today to talk about my book I'd like to make you aware of the latest release of another author whose work I admire and enjoy.

For a writer, unless one is incredibly introverted, the job can be very isolating.  Luckily, early on in my novel writing days I stumbled upon a blog by a fellow writer, H. Charles Dilmore.   Finding another writer to relate to has been a great blessing.  So I thought I'd take some time to introduce you to him and his wonderful work.

His brilliant poetic style of writing, his fascinating characters and the tidbits he gave on his blog drew me in and I immediately purchased his first book, My Quirks and my Compass.  It did not disappoint and has left me anxiously awaiting his newest offering, Half Moons and Maiden Names
You can purchase Chuck's work by going to his website or directly to Amazon.  Also available on Amazon, My Quirks and My Compass.

His Author Page on Amazon can be found HERE.

Congratulations Chuck.  I cannot wait to read your latest book!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Me

Just love me like you've always loved me
as foggy droplets mist my aching skin
with gentle fingers hold my face to yours
with adoring eyes see all the love within

Just love me like you've always loved me
Our now shared heart rewriting painful melodies
Penning rhymes of newfound joy and peace
composing nature's newest love-song harmonies

Just love me like you've always love me
on rocky cliffs while tracing windswept shores
Be the lover soaring like the eagle
preying on the one he most adores

Just love me like you've always love me
scale mountains carved against a cloud-filled sky
then explore my body in the verdant valley
and love me like you'll never say good bye

Sunday, July 11, 2010



Come to me my lover in the nightmare
wearing ancient garb well draped up on your shoulder
swaggering knight of  chivalry's faded remnants
ever guarding with a stance that's bolder

Come to me oh lord of ancient times
press your cold red lips upon my lonely brow
time is culled like fish upon the planks
a picked and plucked,discarded relic now

Come to me and dance my aching body
with whirling steps, where stomping rhythms beat
fold me into arms as old as daylight
melt me into wanton fleshy heat

Come to me, dream lover of the night trance
present yourself in this time's new existence
reveal yourself my haunting sweet chimera
achieve hallucination's best transcendence.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing: Cubby-Hole Designs!

When artist Linda Peckford posted on face book that the work of hers (top)had been just purchased by John Crosbie, Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland, she was the only one surprised.  Linda is an incredibly talented artist with a career as vibrant and brilliant as the works she creates.  As the founder and an accredited instructor with the Rug Hooking Guild of Newfoundland and Labrador, she has been teaching the craft for nearly 15  years, reviving and revitalizing an important cultural art form that might well have been lost forever without her efforts.  For her work she was recognised as one of the first recipients of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador for starting the guild which emphasizes preserving the province's culture and heritage through this art medium.

Linda is a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland and her work has received several honors and awards.  Her goal is to start an art school that will change the face of art making in Newfoundland and Labrador.

On a personal note, I have known Linda since I was ten  years old and in grade 4.  The first day of school, Miss White, as she was then, the prettiest teacher I had ever seen walked into our class.  She was as talented as she was pretty and from day one, we all blossomed under her tutelage.  She was, by far, the most influential teacher this young student had.  She drew beautiful pictures of "dolls" and we girls loved them.  It started all of us drawing them and to this day I draw similar, though not as good, dolls for my girls who "dress" them in dresses and various other fashions.  I drew many many pictures that year and gave them to her.  In my senior year, she sent all of the pictures we had drawn her to our class!  She had kept them!  I remember one of mine said "I'm off to universary." It's also not surprising I had the biggest stack.   I also remember that I got in trouble in her class that year for talking.  Looking back on it, that was actually a good thing because I was painfully shy in school(yeah, I know, I recovered) and the fact that I was comfortable enough to talk meant I was at home in her care.  She also gave my cousin and I a bangle bracelet each!  What a treasure.

She only taught me one year, but it was probably the most important and transformative year of my life.  I won an award for language arts that year but that was minimised when, the next year Miss White sat next to me on the bus, and catching me glancing at her pretty earrings, she pulled them out of her ears and gave them to me.  I only have one of those earrings(see above) still but that might be a blessing with teen daughters who like to borrow my jewelry. 

The lessons that I learned from Linda went beyond math and English and the other subjects she taught so well.  I remember the day she told our class that Change Islands was the greatest place on earth and instilled in all of us a pride in where we came from and in ourselves because of it.  She taught me that the smallest, most insignificant act of kindness can have an impact in a persons life more than you may ever understand, the day she handed me those earrings, and she gave me someone to look up to as an example of a person who knows how to follow her dreams.  I am forever grateful.

Please take a moment to visit Linda's website by clicking the link Cubby-Hole Designs.  It's well worth your time.

Monday, July 5, 2010

There is Not Doubt

photo credit: Tenisha Saunders; cover art from The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle

There is Not Doubt

There is not doubt in the beating heart
though the mind searches for reason
still  hands reach for familiar ones
from an old forgotten season

There  is not doubt in the wanting eyes
as they alight upon a face
blinking as if blinded by
the sun's hot stinging rays

There is not doubt in the trembling lips
as they feel a wanting kiss
heating up the aching blood
with a smoldering body bliss

There is not doubt in the eternal soul
of this moment's fateful niche
tucked in time between the rows
of eternity's many gifts

Bequethed by the ancient moirai
is the well known, well worn route
this is the road that must be travelled
of this there is not doubt.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Conversation

I haven't written in a while, I've been really busy with school coming to an end for the children and a deadline that will be met today.  It's Canada Day here and we're happily off celebrating 143 years of this great country with fireworks and great music later today.

But I really wanted to share something else that has kept me busy for much of June.  I was invited by Kimberly Banks of Heartistic Motivation to be a panelist on a 4 part webinar series called The Conversation that we recorded over a period of two weeks in June.  This series is now available to the public for FREE! 

The Conversation is jam packed full of information on many topics of interest to those trying to find success in their lives and seeking answers to many of their questions about the road to purpose, fulfillment, joy and peace.  Included in The Conversation are specialists in Fung Shui, Wellness, Health, Nutrition and many other topics.  They share their wisdom with a common goal to helping others find their own path to a fulfilling life journey.

I hope you find time to listen to this worthwhile series.  I am a guest on part 2, 3 and in part 4 I am a co-host/topic leader.  I didn't participate in part one due to an unfortunate series of events that was unavoidable but it is a fascinating listen.

So sit down and enjoy The Conversation and hopefully you will take away something that is useful for your life journey.

You may have to register at Heartistic Motivation in order to listen, registration is free however.