Saturday, June 26, 2010



Predetermined in the heavens
protected by the strongest shield
blowing from the seeds of time
life's harvest sends its greatest yield

Dancing in the time before
determined by the gentle fates
we were to belong together
always from the first debates

Memories chain us with the laughter
adventures of the sister kind
surprises bound our hearts together
strengthening the ties that bind.

Chosen each one by the other
to travel on this earth as one
guided by the same night stars
sitting in the same warm sun

We were gifted to each other
eternal sisters, forever friends
knowing love is never ending
the sweet connection never ends

Gentle solace is our goal now
I for you and you for me
I'm your sister, you are mine
as it was always meant to be.

Sister love, the thread that's binding
souls connected for all time
before and after and all the middles
I am yours and you are mine. 

This is an older work..reposting for Pam and Maggie.  Thinking of both of you as you walk this journey together.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

For Michael


Fragmented grief on a broken mirror
eyes haunted, sad and shattered
choir silenced in the middle of the hymn
a chorus of angels plucked and scattered

Shocked masses huddled in disbelief
Heaving shoulders, candles sputtering
like the broken wings of butterflies
brought to earth when they cease fluttering

Genius murdered by hands of greed
ink stained fingers first did harm
as guilty as the ragged vultures
who hunted, swooped and lied and swarmed

The healer, sworn to uphold the promise
betrays Apollo, Asclepius and Hygieia 
his syringe an axe to the legend heart
somnolence a slap to Panaceia 

Yet the man in the mirror sings forgiveness
with electric moon dance, absolving twirl
while grieving for this crying earth,
his message was we are the world.

And a button clicks on a cd player
and the remorseful reapers voice is silenced
vengeance muted by his melody
judgment weakened by his brilliance

Healing masses feel the groove then
drying eyes and tapping feet
Zombies laugh between the aching
moon dance echoes of their heartbeat

Monarchs wings are gently sutured
their beating hearts conduct the band
and angels dance to pop beat rhythms
as all hail the king of Neverland

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Treasures


I stared into your large grey eyes
I smelled your brand new smell
my heart was full of joy and love
my mother tears first fell

You made me mother firstborn girl
sweet and sensitive
your smile is big, your heart is bigger
your beauty such a gift

Then came another spirit girl
Gemini so true
lively hearted, happiness
rare and blessed and new

into the world in moments flat
you still move fast and light
loving, cute, blessed heart
my second girl, my sprite

Wisdom is your name sweet girl
daughter number three
the joy you brought to all of us
when you came to be with me

Sober, sensible and serious
a soul both old and new
wisdom is your best nature
smart and sweet and true.

Then the baby girl so blonde
her daddy's big eyed face
she promptly made her presence known
and staked her special place

Number 4 she came to us
but knows she's number one
pretty, smart with a will of steel
and a heart as warm as sun

I gather all these gems to me
you are my muse, my art
the abundance I've been gifted
is a treasure of the heart

Fate's abundant generosity
ensured my treasure chest is full
these precious gems called daughters
a gift that cheapens gold

Love Song

Enduring sweet passion, our legacy
two hearts both steadfast and steady
appearing with ease in our history
at the moment our souls were most ready

Time made us friends in antiquity
love made us lovers for life
souls connected in infinity
partners in ease and in strife

Our hands fastened together with care
Our heart strings mimic the gesture
Sweet gift we've been given so rare
intermingled with intimate pleasure

Our love the ultimate dicotomy
sustains our lives in heated tranquility

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Return

The Return

You drift away at twilight
on misty hand-washed air
seeking out some private quarters
or some secret hidden lair

I wait with angst filled shoulders
I heave defeated sighs
I watch for your return at length
with anxious, red-rimmed eyes.

The heavens taunt with sunsets
the dawn laughs at my fears
midday wades through puddles
of my unabashed tears

Despair now calls me bosom friend
while depression is my neighbour
abandonment joins with us both
as an added painful favour

The wind howls 'round the meadows
as I scream into the trees
and the agony of no reply
nearly brings me to my knees

Then when I am completely spent
and freed from my distress
you return to me at twilight
as though you'd never left

My smile now free from censor
joins the joy within my heart
then they dance to nature's rhythm
as though they'd never been apart

Angst now takes its friend despair
and leaves for parts unknown
as I revel in the peace I feel
whenever you come home.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

For the Love of Michael; Request for Submissions!

Received this request for submissions below from the wonderfully talented Lorette C. Luzajic this morning and thought I would pass it on!  A while ago a poem of mine was published in the anthology, goodbye Billie Jean; the meaning of Michael Jackson and it afforded me the pleasure of meeting Lorette!  Her boundless talent combined with our common love of all things MJ made us fast friends.  I am happy to support her in this project in any way I can.  I know I have many wonderful writers and artists friends on here so I thought I would share.

Oh..and buy the book above!  

Good Luck!

Seeking Submissions for Michael Jackson Fanthology

I have already created an anthology about Michael Jackson featuring a variety of professional writers sharing commentary from a variety of positive, negative and mixed perspectives. Now I would like to create an anthology with more inspirational, fan based perspectives. Many ordinary people would like to share what Michael meant to them, or talk about their favourite songs or special moments, or how Michael inspired them in some way. Many people might want to have their say about how Michael’s art or performance or humanitarian work impacted them.

I’m looking for interesting, inspirational essays or poems of any kind.

I have a soft spot for unusual work, clever work, and good poetry.

I am also looking for visual art for the cover. Please submit links to your artwork about Michael Jackson. Art can be painting, or it can be tattoos, costumes, photos taken by you, jewelry, sculpture, mosaics, etc.

I am undertaking this book project independently, out of my own pocket, so I cannot offer any kind of compensation at this time. Accepted submissions will remain copyright and property of their authors, save for the right to use it in the book.

Feel free to ask questions, and please pass this notice around to all friends and fans who might have something to share about our King of Pop.

The book is tentatively titled: “For the Love of Michael- uplifting stories from fans all over the world.”

write to Lorette C. Luzajic at
thegirlcanwrite at hotmail dot com

Deadline August 1, 2010

poems of any length welcome, essays or stories from 300 to 3000 words

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And I'm Leaving the Country~Just going next door though!

The family and I are going camping!  Now I'm not a camper, I'm a rent a hotel room in a cool city, explore it on foot, take in some shows and enjoy the energy of people kinda girl.  But my friends are going camping and so I have to go where the fun people are.  Things are packed, I leave the house in about three hours, heading for the border into New York State.

Now, if you hear of some international Canada/US hippie, kind of liberal shenanigans happening in the vicinity of Letchworth State Park, well that's not us.  We're the civilized, boring, non-beverage consuming, campers just east of that.  So there's no mix up ok.  Just want to get that straight.

And I promise to leave America the way I found it.  I just can't promise I'll leave the Americans the way I found them, I'm hoping they have big smiles on their faces when I leave, I know I will!

So I'll be offline for a while.  I don't know how I'll make it through but I'll be sure to post updates as soon as I get back.