Friday, April 30, 2010

Let's Talk about Chi Baby! Breeze on the Radio!

Monday at 6pm you can catch me on The Power of You Radio program as I discuss living life "turned on" as Kimberly Banks and I talk about My Body and Chi.  Hope you find time to tune in!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Between the Stones

As a general rule I don't try to explain my poetry, letting it sit there and be interpreted by each person who reads from their own perspective.

Yesterday I wrote two poems and I feel both need a little bit of an explanation.

The one I posted yesterday was called Recognition which might have been interpreted as a love sonnet to a specific person but it was more my musings on the people I have known in my life, and who are yet to come into it.  Someone posted this question on their Face Book wall.  How long does it take someone to fall in love?  I posted I don't believe in falling in love so much as that sometimes your soul has an instant recognition with another soul.  Sometimes you meet someone and feel that instant connection.  These may or may not be romantic relationships but sometimes they are just deep I feel like I have always known you  connections.  I think of my friend Brian as one of those people.  We had this friendship that was completely undefined and free, it wasn't romantic in the traditional sense yet it was perfectly real and loving.  In fact the last time I saw Brian, the last words he said to me were "I love you."  He passed away a few months later at the age of 41.  I still miss him.  And there have been and are and will be many more such connections.  If you come upon them, don't dismiss them, but also, don't try to mold them into something solid and don't label it either.  Just let it be and enjoy it.  Our connection to other humans is necessary to sustain happiness and to grow into the people we ought to be.  They are as valid as any life-partnership you may have and enrich your spirit in ways that are indefinable and invaluable.

The second poem, may or may not be finished.  It was inspired by the recent earth-shaking events happening all around the world.  And I mean the literal ones, the earth quakes and volcanoes that have made us all too aware that we are not the ones running this show, we are at the mercy of the rocks that we live upon and the forces that placed those rocks where they are and will decide when it's time to move them.  The poem is called "Between the Stones" and I was asked what the stones meant.  I explained that it could be "metaphorical stones," those that we mark the passage of time, crosses on the calendar for example or perhaps it could mean between the infinite planets and comets and other stones that float around our universes and the space beyond our universe.  Or it might mean literally the stones beneath our feet that we live upon and are surrounded by.  You choose one or all.

Here is the poem.  It's not my usual sort of poetry but this is how it flowed.

Between the stones

Between the stones
We join the earth
A father’s joy

Between the stones
We toddle and fall
Into his arms

Between the stones
We waste our days
Teacher drones

Between the stones
We smoke a joint
Find our niche

Between the stones
We break the laws
Freedom lost

Between the stones
We first find love
Flesh and heart

Between the stones
We take our vows
Say I will

Between the stones
We bear our heirs
Wide-eyed perfect

Between the stones
We live our lives
The Good and bad

Between the stones
We discover loneliness
crave understanding

Between the stones
We seek contentment
Meaning found

Between the stones
We weep and plea
Begging peace

Between the stones
We stand in joy
Wistfully wishing

Between the stones
We uncover treasure
Buried deep

Between the stones
We one day lie
Bones decay

Between the stones
We walk no more
Completely free


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recognition; A Soul-Mate Poem


Before this life I knew you first
and composed before our birth
Was a message written in destiny’s notes
Prior to our steps on earth

I beckoned to you sit with me
And said be my protector
The gentle touch by your familiar hand
Was a sweet expected gesture

Your eyes were painted neptune’s hue
it surprised me not to see,
I just query that we tarried awhile
Before we came to be

Now here we are in fate’s great hands
Carried by the breeze
Unsurprised and Unabashed
And instantly at ease


Some Stories about Peter Pan!

L-R: Tom McCamus, Michael Therriault and Sean Cullen

Yesterday I took the kids to see Peter Pan at the Stratford Festival.  What an incredible show!  We were fortunate enough to catch the action from the second row, just right of center, thanks to my penchant for staying up late.  I scored the $85 a pop treasures for $10.81 the night of April Fools Day.  So we dressed in our theatre finest and two very excited little girls took me to the show!

We arrived early so I could find parking and eat Ken's fries with malt vinegar from a paper bag before we went in. I'm cultured like that.  Then we had to wait a bit in the lobby.  The little girls were the subject of much oohing and ahhing from the teenagers that were there on various school trips.  They were adorable in their matching dresses and princess pony tails.  We had a little "what to expect and how to behave in the theatre" conversation and they were very cooperative and understanding.

As we waited a nice looking older gentleman began a conversation with them.  He asked them if they were excited to see Peter Pan.  Martina replied that indeed she was and that it was her favourite movie and that she "knew all the characters." at which point the gentleman turned to me and asked how old she was.  When I said 4.5 he said he was very impressed by her conversational abilities.

So then he told us a story.  It was the tale of Nana.  He told them that when his son was around five years old Peter Pan was his favourite story.  Around that time the family also adopted a boxer, an older dog who was terribly difficult.  They had called the dog nana of course.  Nana was not completely house broken.  She ate everything in sight including at one point an SOS pad which had her pooping blue all over the house and cost a fortune in vet bills.

One day the gentleman went to school to pick up his son and the young boy's teacher asked Mr. Schramek how Nana was.  He replied, somewhat puzzled that the dog was fine.  The teacher gasped!  Dog?  The son had been regalling them with tales of Nana's adventures, how Nana had pooped on the living room floor, how Nana had pooped blue poop and had to have xrays after she ate the SOS pad and the entire time the teacher had been very concerned, particularly when young Jay said that his mean dad said Nana would have to go to a new home if she kept it up! This very funny anecdote had us all in stitches.

It also had the casting people in stitches when Jay T. Schramek auditioned for the role of Nana in the Stratford Festival's production of Peter Pan and this is the reason the gentleman was telling us now.  He was there to watch his son perform.  Well Mr. Schramek, your son did you proud.  How very dog-like he was and he managed to avoid cleaning products entirely though I am sure there was a bit of the old Nana incorporated into his interpretation of the character!  Well done and deserving of the standing ovation at the end.

I also have a tiny Peter Pan connection myself.  The lead actor, Michael Therriault was once a massage client of mine.  Perhaps I should have entitled this post, I massaged Peter Pan, might have gotten more traffic to the blog but I'm not sure I want to attract that element of the internet.  For the record, it was a relaxation chair massage and he quite enjoyed it.  We had a nice chat and it was perfectly innocent.  I had no idea how old he was, honest officer.

Completely off topic but I've haven't seen so many grown men with shaven armpits and legs since a very lively period in my early twenties that I might write about another time.   Michael Therriault was wonderful and very relaxed.  Child-like and limber, I think my massage had lingering affects!

If you are fortunate enough to ever go to Stratford this season I highly recommend the show for adults and kiddies a like.  A tight, well performed production with talent in buckets.  The props and setting were wonderful and being in the second row, right under the man-catcher of Captain Hook's ship was incredibly thrilling for mommy as well as girls!  Oh and both my little girls wish to be actors now.  I told them I'd be very proud to see them play a dog on broadway someday and they agreed that would be a wonderful role to have.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Warning: This Post is Rated X~ Unless You're Australian!

Since I started blogging I've been fortunate enough to "meet" people from all over the world but I've connected with the Australian ladies most of all for some reason.  Perhaps because we all come from the commonwealth, perhaps because I envy their lack of snow and perhaps it's just their open, happy, honest way of communicating.  Some of them have become friends of mine on face book, we share Jackson Browne, Matt Damon(well actually they won't share Matt but I keep trying) and many other interests.

But there is the language barrier.  See I don't speak Australian.  Now I know some of you are going to chuckle..I mean the Aussies speak English right?  A different dialect certainly, a lovely dialect that reminds one of koala bears and Fosters.  But I'm here to tell you now...tis not so.

It started last Christmas when I got a recipe from Kerry for "Crackles" which only have three ingredients.  They are condensed sweetened milk, a family pack of chocolate(?) and some rice bubbles.  Uh?  Rice bubbles...what the heck?  Turns out that Rice Chrispies are Rice Bubbles down under.  Yep.  Can you believe it?

Then just yesterday another recipe.  Pumpkin soup.  Sounds delicious, all the girls were talking about it.  It has CREAM... how exciting!  So I ask for the recipe.  Kerry was the obliging sister(though I asked on Lisa's wall) and she gave me the recipe.   Still only three ingredients(I love the recipes).  But first on the list. You need two butternut pumpkins. Well thud. we googled.  And giggled. You know what?  They call squash-wait for it-pumpkins. Or perhaps we call pumpkins squash.  But even better, their actual pumpkins are shit! (This means the same in both languages btw).  Blue and solid inside.  You know how our Canadian pumpkins(and presumably American pumkins) are all squishy with not much flesh inside?  Theirs is rather solid, very squash-like.

But the topper was tonight.  One of the girls put on her status that she was happy that someone had a "red hot crack!"  Now while it is something to be proud of (I feel like bragging about this myself at times) it did seem a little improper for face book.

She explained that in her Australian language it simply meant to "have a good chance" at something.  Well it makes sense if you think about it.  Anybody with a red hot crack would have a helluva chance at, well anything she wanted!

So be careful.  These Australians are wonderful.  They look like us and they think much the same.  But the language barrier, well, let's just say, it's a bit tricky.  Luckily our sense of humour gets us over the barrier with ease!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too Many Irons? Not if they're the right kind!

Today on Facebook somebody asked me where I get time to write.  That's an easy one to answer.   I am a writer and therefore it's my priority. I write (mostly) fiction for two hours every day.  Yesterday I finished a huge job that took 5 hours.  It was writing of a different kind. I'm helping a gentleman with his memoirs, so non-fiction but still, wonderful work.  I loved doing it but glad it's cleared off my plate.  I'm happy to be able to work on my novel again which has a title now and the characters have names.  I include all my writing in the two hours per day.  I stay up late or I get up early.  I have to write.  That's what writers do.

The title of the newest book is The Tempters and it's an adult paranormal romance.  It's set on a resettled island in Newfoundland where all my stories seem to occur.  The picture above shows some of the landscape of the land where I imagine the story unfolding. So far I love the first five chapters.  I think I'm on the right track with this one but boy is it a diversion.  The sex scenes, the evil, the darkness, I didn't know I had it in me but apparently behind all the love and light there still lurks a teenager whose favourite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.  Of course, there is a theme and a moral and that is the entire point, for out of the dark comes the greatest lessons and the greatest appreciation for the light.

I guess I'm lucky, I'm not easily distracted.  I can face book, chat, listen to hockey and write all the while answering a zillion kid questions.  If I wasn't able to I  would never get anything done.  I stopped using the rest of my life as an excuse for not writing and it's worked out well.

I have a to-do list a mile long and I enjoy everything on there and I don't sweat if something doesn't get done.  I don't panic, I don't worry, the writing gets done, the children get well loved, the rest is all details.

So I have just enough irons although, the goal is, come June I'm investing in a laptop, taking my work to the beach and concentrating solely on my new novel, The Tempters.  I'm hoping the first draft will be well underway before the book tour for The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle starts in August.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Song;

This earth is my home.  I love her.  She is lush and fragrant and a miracle and today we celebrate her beauty but we also need to keep in mind that we are damaging her.  She nourishes us and if we make her sick we become sick.

There are those who are doubters of the climate change theory.  That is fine.  It is still no excuse for creating this mess in the name of your greed.  You may deny climate change but do you deny pollution, smog, acid rain, the black cloud over China, the mercury of the ocean?  Do you not see the smoke from the stacks?

Do you deny asthma?  Do you deny the existence of environmental illnesses?  There are chemicals on your vegetables and fruits, antibiotics in your meat, and garbage along the roadsides.

Do you damage a planet just because you can? Why don't you care?  Why can't you see the incredible miracle that is earth?  Is there life on other planets?  We haven't discovered any which makes our earth an even greater miracle.

One of the most powerful videos I've ever watched is Earth Song by Michael J. Jackson.  If you do nothing else for Earth Day watch this video.  Happy Earth Day.


Creativity! Get in touch with your inner artist!

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after he grows up." ~ Pablo Picasso"

What a great quote!  

A while ago I did an interview on The Power of You For Women radio program hosted by Kimberly Banks of Heartistic Motivation(you'll be hearing quite a bit about HM from me over the next while, I'm going to be working with Kimberly on some projects!) and during the interview I said that to find your passion in life you had to look for not what you want to work at but what  you love to play at.

For me, writing isn't work at all.  I love living in my imagination,  creating scenes and dialogue and characters and then having it all come together into a story.  I love revision.  I love revision. I love revision.  (I'm repeating because you get to do revision over and over and over so you better love it!  And I do!  Every moment of the process is a joy for me.  I have never had writer's block except that which is outside induced(like the demands of family etc.).

I saw this great quote by Pablo Picasso and thought that it summed up completely what I was thinking.  We need to always be in touch with the artist in us.  Not all of us are fine artists or musicians or poets but all of us have the desire to create.  I've seen so many people spend hours gardening(for no pay), making crafts(for no pay), scrapbooking(for no pay) etc. that you know these people are blissed out by this.  It is their art, something they love to play at.  I also know for some the sciences are their creative outlets~and for those who don't see how science is creative~perhaps they aren't familiar with insulin or antibiotics or any of the many medicines created by science.  Perhaps you've never watch a video game or used a cell phone or satellite television.  All of those are creative endeavors.  I interviewed a gentleman the other day, a doctor who works in the field of medical digital media and his products were fascinating.  Oh and that 3-D picture of my grandson..yeah...creative genius!

The reason many of us drift from our creative passion is that our society convinces us that there is no "future"
 in it.  I am thrilled that nobody mentioned that to Pablo Picasso or for that matter  Mel Bartholemew or Lisa Bearns or Joanna Sheen. (or that they paid no attention to the doubters).

If you can find a way to make what you love to play at your life's work in some way, you've found happiness.  And it's never too late to start.  Louise Hay was in her sixties when she started Hay House Publishing.  

So share!  What is it that makes you happy?  What do you love to play at?  

A Story of Serendipity!

Since the cat is somewhat out of the bag I might as well make it official.  My friend April Lindfors and I will begin hosting an online radio program soon.  The show, which shall remain nameless for now, will focus on emerging artists from different genres including fine arts, music and writing and acting and will include more successful artists from time to time to talk about their experience and to offer advice to the newer, emerging guests.  We will start programming details and have an official launch date in the near future.

A few weeks ago we were discussing some ideal guests and Michael Damian's name came up.  He is best know for his role as Danny Romalotti on The Young and The Restless and as a Broadway actor, renowned for his performance in Andrew Lloyd Weber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.

Last night April and I were in our online story meeting and I was looking through blogtalk radio's programs for some format ideas when I spotted on air, Michael Damian being interviewed by Jasam Radio!  How serendiptious!  I immediately popped into their chat room and shortly thereafter was invited to call in.  Me, being impetuous by nature, immediately did.

Now I knew that Michael had forayed into directing and that he was the director for Flicka 2(I'd been doing some research after April and I first spoke about him).  The show he was on was promoting the release of that film, a family feature, due for release on May 4th.

I spoke to Michael about the Olympics(we did a great job in Canada!), his filming(in Langley B.C) and his time as a touring rock star back in the eighties(Remember Rock On?)

It was a great conversation and a great lesson in serendipity.  You can hear the entire show by clicking the play button.  My conversation with him occurs somewhere around minute 32:49 but the entire program is worth a listen.

Flicka 2 comes out on DVD and will be available at Walmart on May 4, 2010.  You can watch the trailer HERE  or at www.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bit by Bit!

Bit by bit, step by step I'm getting through the great pile of "to-do" I have to get "to-done" and will be forever grateful to my in-laws for all their help with the spring cleaning and painting.  It's whittled my work drastically so that I can concentrate on important things, like writing.  Isn't that how life is lived anyway, step by step.  There really is no point in getting too upset about where you are and what you have to do when you can only do what you can.  Step by step.  Better to take those steps with a happy heart!

I have one more rather large project to get out of the way(it's a paying one too!) and then I get to concentrate fully on my writing again! I'm writing every day though much of it is simply exercises and then my lessons for my online creative writing class.  

Poetry also seems to have entered into my life again.  I've written several this week and posted two here!  One of them I also posted on Poetry Dances and has already been chosen for their collection on the main site.  I'm also a featured writer there this week.

But today's job is a new one.  I'm driving my daughter and her fiancee' to London(ON) to see the baby boy on 3d/4d ultrasound!  I'm very excited.  I never had the opportunity to have that sort of ultrasound(gratefully because it usually means there is a problem) but no problems for my daughter, they are purchasing it as a fun thing!  It's not a medical test in this event.

Seeing a baby before it's born is remarkable.  I hope he looks like me! Ha!

Have a brilliantly joyful day!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

POEM! I am the Muse

Photo Credit: April Lindfors

I am the Muse

I am absent when she is striving
yet  I ever arrive for her highest purpose
for she is one who invites my guidance
that same who stirred my lustrous surface.

I am her fancy, her phantom companion
though others still seek my introspection
We both in the course of sacred quests
changed my sojourn to assume completion

I am the black where she's deficient
I pull her from her lachrymose
amusing her with  scribbler's magic
I am her ruminating ghost

I am the lover's kiss of dreams
I'm coincidence and motive's friend
I am her muse, her magic courtier
Divining the start, the median, the end

Sunday, April 18, 2010



Pain filled crevices between the cells
in all the spaces vacated by you
weaving through, a web of agony
stinging like fireants on my soul

In seconds went from all to naught
freed from joy with cruelest gestures
anger and sadness befriend me now
as my absessed spirit swells and festers

Curled in  agony's fetal hug
consoled by life's grief-chilled fingers
hatred sits with unforgiveness
in a room where guilt still lingers

I beg you answer one last plea
why did you go and die on me?

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Too Close to Home

The repatriation ceremony of Private Tyler W. Todd has been in the news lately.  He is the 142nd Canadian soldier to die in the Afghanistan effort.  I watch sadly as one by one they bring these young men home to Canada,  pictures of the solemn ceremonies resonating with me every time.  I find myself remembering when the first one was killed and thinking how unfamiliar it was to me, a Canadian, to be hearing such news.  Now, sadly, it seems almost commonplace.
But it's difficult to become desensitized when you can walk through your back yard and across the street and take a photo such as this.  Private Todd was from a small town about 20 minutes from here and had direct connections to this town.  He grew up on a dairy farm.  I imagine a young boy, in the peaceful town of  Bright, about as far from war as you can get and think of that same boy killed by a roadside bomb just a few short years later and it's surreal.  I look at the farms around here, bustling now with the work that spring brings and imagine his family weeping and mourning just 20 minutes away. 

What happened when they brought this young man back to his family is that they brought the honest horror of war to our quiet peaceful corner of the world.  And we needed the reminder, though I would have preferred we didn't have to sacrifice a neighbour to realise our unparalleled good fortune of living in this country and that we need to do more to remind ourselves of that.

Lest We Forget

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Check this out! (and thank you Lia!)

Lia over at Blissfully Beguiling wrote a wonderful birthday post to me!  I'm so honoured.  Take a visit over and say hi!

Thank you so much Lia!  It made my day!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's My Birthday! Let the Festivities Begin!

Why do people worry about birthdays and aging?  This moment is a great one.  I'm alive, I've got a new story idea and two Stephen King books waiting to be read.  I've got healthy children, a happy relationship, the inlaws, whom I love, coming to visit tomorrow, it's raining and it's Thursday.  This is a great age to be.  It was a great age to be when I was twenty and eighty six will be pretty fine too! And seriously, look how hot I am in this picture with Robert Pattinson?

It's all about attitude.  I used to just have attitude, now I have a good attitude, because you are happy if you are and that's all there is to it.  So I'm 44, big friggin' whoop.  Life is exactly what you make of it.  I make pictures of me and the Twilight babes and post them on my blog.  I imagine story lines and plots and get to write them down.  I text sexy messages to my husband and he refuses to send me pictures of himself naked(spoilsport).  Whatever I'm doing I enjoy.  Might as well if I have to do it anyway.

I will never worry about my age, it's a number and so irrelevant, particularly since it's out of my control.

Then there is the whole idea of celebrating your birthday.  Most people would feel pretty crappy if they had my day.  I worked all morning, I have to clean the house now and for the rest of the day, because my inlaws get here tomorrow, though I would prefer to be writing.  I feel a little under the weather and I'm sleep deprived.  My husband is away and I will have to cook supper myself.  There are no presents and there is no cake.

So I have to clean the bathroom on my birthday.  Oh woe is me.  There are people in refugee camps peeing in a ditch.  I have three bathrooms in this house.  I shall happily don my tiara and get to it.  Hard to feel sorry for myself under these rather privileged circumstances.

So Happy Birthday to me!  Let the festivities begin.  Now where did I put that toilet brush.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Dream Story and Updates :)

Last night I watched Sherlock Holmes starring one of my favourite actors, Robert Downey Jr. I went to sleep hoping for some RDJ action but instead I had a dream about Stephen King. Yes, the Stephen King.  It wasn't creepy at all, surprisingly, instead it was a fantastic idea for a story.  I'm not sure if it will be a short story or a future novel but it's certainly begging to be written so it shall be.  I woke up wondering why SK was the "man" of the story and I've decided that's my cue to do the short story collection I've been thinking of putting together.  One written, one an idea, this dream and one more tale along the lines of a Four Past Midnight collection of King's past(without the dark themes).  Meanwhile, my second novel is now 6000 words deep and has a title.  The characters however, are not quite so lucky, beyond the main characters and the father of the male main character, they are depressingly nameless as is the fictional resettled NL community in which they live.

Tomorrow, is the beginning of the WVU creative writing class I'm taking again.  I did it before, completed it and found the assignments incredibly useful for working out some character details for the last novel.  I'm going to use it for this purpose again and who knows, perhaps a short story for the collection will come out of it all.

In television, I'm still reporting, did two back to back, 1:1 live to tape interviews.  It was challenging, but fun.  I get no questions before hand so I listen, write notes, and make stuff up as I go along.  I'm getting better at it.  It's still fun and that's the most important thing.  They were both interviews about digital media but two entirely different applications. The first was about medical imaging and the second about video games.

Radio work is the big news.  I'm collaborating with April Lindfors on a brand new radio program coming in mid-July.  We will be co-hosts and it will focus on live interviews with up and coming artists as well as some established names!   More information to come as we get things together!

And from my first ever foray into radio on Power of You radio show (there is a player in the sidebar to listen to me blather on), comes the opportunity for me to be face book administrator for Kimberly Banks and her newest endeavor, a large online community for women that focuses on empowerment!  I'm very excited to be a part of this and will certainly update you as this comes to fruition!

On a personal note, my kids are over the chicken pox, my inlaws will be here this weekend for a visit, I'm painting my house inside and my obligations for the Nutritional Program I coordinate at the school have been met(up to the end of March).  I also finally made contact with my high school English teacher, and will happily send her a copy of my poetry book.  I scored front row tickets for Kiss Me Kate and second row for Peter Pan at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival at a steal on April Fools Day!  I will likely have to pay full price to see Christopher Plummer in The Tempest later in the season but that will be worth it!

Oh yes, and my birthday is on Thursday!  I will be 44 years old and it's the best time of my life!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Heroes Walk Among Us!

We all have our heroes. There are many celebrities who qualify as such. Often we think of soldiers as heroes or perhaps a sports star. I personally am a fan of either of these but particularly anyone who uses their celebrity for philanthropic purposes. I think of Michael Jackson who donated more to charity than any other celebrity and then also gave 20% of his estate to the causes he believed in. Then there is Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman-all of the superheroes of the comic book variety.

But amongst us, everyday are the regular people, doing heroic things. Those who walk a daily walk with strength and optimism and hope. None are more admirable than parents of special needs children. When Christian Le Blanc posted a note on his facebook looking for donations for his nephew, Ethan's Autism Walk for Hope I was happy to send a little something to help out. I have my regular charities but I always try to keep my eye open for a little extra way to help and Ethan's smiling face caught my attention immediately.

They called the effort Ethan's Big Hug but I think the big hug here should be for his parents, Howard and Anne Dupuis. On a daily basis they live with the challenges that having a child with autism brings to a family. They are involved in the fundraising efforts that will not only help their family but other families facing similar challenges.  They are also involved with all that autism is, the difficult moments but also the joy of the moments when the challenges are met.

If you look at the face above, smiling with joy, his sister Madison beside him, you will see that these heroes are doing great work. They are walking to raise money and awareness and enjoying every moment of it. There are no pictures of the parents. But I can see the lightbeams of love and joy from these children and know that their parents are indeed, not just heroes but superheroes.

I recieved this note of thanks in my email box last night and it certainly made my day.

Thank you for supporting Ethan’s team in the Autism Walk for Hope. We were blown away with the outpouring of support and generosity from our extended family and friends. Ethan’s Big Hug brought in over $3,200 and all teams combined raised over $30,000. That’s a lot of money for our small community and will be put to good use!

Attached is a picture of Ethan and his little sister Madison. They choose to make it the “Ride” for Hope. Thanks again for your help.

The may have made it a "ride" but we know the parents walked and are walking daily on this journey.  I can tell by the beautiful faces in the photos that the kids are in good hands, but it's also important that the heroes of this story, the parents who are pulling that wagon, know that they have people walking  beside them. 

So no capes or tights are evident but a plethora of super powers that include strength, grace, patience, understanding, compassion and hope are obvious and equally as important and in my view, better than leaping tall buildings any day!

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