Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Power of You; Breeze on the Radio!

The next adventure is almost here and a new one for me is radio! I am honoured to be a guest on Blog Talk Radio's The Power of You with the fantastic host Kimberly Banks!

I have never been on the radio so this is a new experience for me. Not once, no even to call in and say the magic phrase or the top 4 countdown to be entered in a draw for a trlp. I think I may have requested a song once, but I'm not sure.

Kimberly Banks, the host of The Power of You Radio show is a world-renowned artist, writer, storyteller, author and motivational speaker. She is also a teacher and in 1999 she founded PLP Media Group, which later gave birth to Heartistic Motivation with Kimberly Banks™ Her recent release of Let Go of Your But!, and Ascensions; Whispers of my Soul: Vol. 1, give readers a glimpse of her contemporary style of wisdom, guidance and intuition.

Kimberly, a native of Los Angeles, California feels it is her mission to empower women to pursue their dreams and goals in order to manifest the truth that resides at the core of their being. Through her company she offers a variety of services all designed to help women discover and embrace the role they play in the divine order of life.

As I read through her bio on her website she describes her radio show as " a platform to partner with other holistic practitioners, leaders, motivational speakers and entrepreneurs who can provide inspiration and key information that will be useful in encouraging women around the world to pursue the life to which they aspire."

I look forward to talking with Kimberly on Monday as we share many of the same ideals although our dreams go in different directions. I hope you join us at 6pm EST to listen to our conversation.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh What a Night! Michael Jackson on the Danforth!

Lorette, Ralph, Carolyn and Tara

Some days, heck some weeks are just big! Last night I attend the book launch for Goodbye Billie Jean; The Meaning of Michael Jackson! I drove 2hrs to attend in Toronto, just on Danforth at Coxwell at a lovely place. I enter the bar and immediately meet Lorette Luzajic for the first time. She had warned me she would be dressed somewhat unusually but somehow her big afro wig suited her. It feels like we're old friends we've talked so much online! Also in the crowd were two other contributors, Ralph Martin and Tara Stevens! What lovely people and how inspiring to be surrounded by other writers! I hope I get to work with them on another project some day!

Lorette was a little surprised when the local paper SNAP Danforth showed up but their photographer was gracious and took pictures all over the place.

The most exciting part for Lorette(and all of us) was that the event was being filmed by a crew for a documentary on Michael Jackson fans. Michael Pihach from Ryerson University's broadcast studies school was there with his crew and interviewed the entire night and filmed the event. I did an interview about what Michael Jackson meant to me and hopefully a little of it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor! He's promised me a dvd when it's finished :)

Lorette also took up a free-will offering for Team Michael for Unicef which raised a nice tidy sum to donate to the efforts that foundation is undertaking in Haiti. Michael would have been happy!

And another shout out to my local, the Tavistock Gazette for the article today. My kids were in the photo and think it's wonderful!

I scored a copy of Lorette's book for my brother and had my copy and his signed by the other contributors and signed quite a few myself. Then I watched the Olympic hockey game(Go Canada)and chatted to Lorette's sister.

I think I must write more poetry...

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Anchors Away..this book has been launched!

What a day! Everything was wonderful. My friend Kris LaCourse introduced me to a full house and my reading only put my youngest daughter, Martina to sleep. I read various poems for about 30 minutes plus an excerpt from my soon to be novel. Kris also video taped the reading so hopefully in time I'll have that to share with you as well.

We had refreshments at the hall including the delicious cake above but I ate very little, I was simply too excited! We had family and friends but also some people from around town including Bill from the Tavistock Gazette, our local paper. He called today for an interview so I assume there'll be a story in Wednesday's paper.

Then after we came back to my place where I spent a few hours with my favourite people, my family and friends including some who travelled a few hours to support me and my work.

So a few pictures above but more to come as my family and friends get around to uploading theirs to facebook and I steal them.

Oh..and I sold out of books! More are being shipped this week, meanwhile It's still available at Amazon!


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Thursday, February 18, 2010


There are weepers that cry
and weepers that wail
yet do nothing but wipe away tears
There are screamers who yell
and screamers who care
and bravely stand up to their fears

There are lovers that love
and lovers that lust
and hearts that break clear in half
There are swimmers that swim
and sunners that sun
and never jump off of their raft

There are givers who take
and givers who give
anonymous hearts made of gold
There are buyers who buy
and buyers that sell
and those who watch business unfold

There are soldiers that fight
who are brave in the night
while others watch home flags unfurl
There are dreamers who dream
and doers who do
but the dreamers that do change the world

There's a spark in each human
a bright precious light
that burns in the way that it should
There are means to an end
that are well justified
as long as the source of it's good.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet and Simple

I'm rewriting some chapters and for some reason this line, the opening line to chapter nineteen is like a little treasure, a little gem. I read it last night and it stopped me and made me take notice. It's simple, it says nothing really yet it made me smile. Somehow it made me happy, a perfect little piece of prose, nothing fancy, nothing profound, just simple and sweet and familiar.

"The white Crown Victoria with its little taxicab hat pulled up to the tidy red bungalow."

Can someone tell me why I love it so?

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Friday, February 12, 2010

TOP SECRET! And Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh it's been busy! I feel like there are a million poems all cinched down inside, bubbling up, ready to cover the pages of a book, but they must stay unwritten for now because other things are taking priority!

Tonight the interview aired about my book and I think it went very well! I hope to get a copy of it at some point to share with everybody.

And I'm in the middle of plans for a new, top secret project and yes I am being deliberately teasing and illusive because there will be a big announcement eventually but for right now we're hyping it all up a little!

Valentine's Day uh? Well lately, in my creative writing class in a chat we talked about the story of St. Valentine being jailed for marrying couples who were forbidden to do so by Claudius who felt married men weren't good soldiers. While in jail he fell in love with the Jailer's daughter who was blind. The legends says that before he was executed he restored his lover's sight and left her a note signed "from your Valentine," ,he converted the entire family to Christianity and they were all killed by the king. Hence the romantic and tragic beginning of Valentine's day. I've been using the characters of Val and Aster, telling of their love.

Here is a sample of one exercise. They are the same scene told from two different points of view.

The Story of Val and Aster
First Person

The scurrying rats chewing at my skin in the depths of this dark-night hole do not terrorize me as much as this. The shock of it still lingers though I’ve known it for days now. I knew of and believed in love between and man and a woman so much so I risked my life for its sanctity, so I knew of its possibility. Her footsteps now approaching fill me up with the cursed longing, the clinking key plays the music of anticipation. I smell her skin, clean and fresh, my haven, my light, my hope, brighter even than that which God provides.

When I die they’ll bury me in dirt the colour of her silken hair. It makes it bearable knowing this. This God I’m supposed to love and love alone, second place now, banished for a girl. Me, a priest, in my arrogance, thought I was above it all. There, her face, though it’s dull here, damp and stale, brightens this evil cavern. Her eyes, empty of the knowledge that eyes often have, are full of a different knowledge, that of an enlightened soul. Her smile now, it forms for me and I cannot help but return it. I pray for her sight to return so she can see me, a ruined priest, a damned man. Perhaps her strength then, at that sight, would save us.

“Here is your tray Val.” Aster’s soft melodic voice awakens my soul and my body stirs in spite of my nightly flagellation with cruel and predictably traitorous physical desire.

“Thank you.” I whisper gently, unable to burden her with my pain. I reach my hand out to take my food, touching hers briefly, purposefully, the temptation beyond my control. My God has no heat like her soft sweet flesh though Satan promises I’ll feel a stronger burn at life’s end. Her eyes clear suddenly, her mouth forms a bow of shock at my touch and I am drawn to place my lips on hers. She is here now, I love her, and I am damned.

Val and Aster
Third Person

The rats scurry through the bars as Aster carries the tray through the dark hallways toward the small prison cell where Val awaits. Her step is careful and sure in the cavernous maze leading to his damp, solitary cave. Val waits for her there, his dark hair a matted mess, his body bleeding from the nightly torture he has inflicted upon himself since the knowledge chewed its way into his brain so that it now matched his traitorous heart. He loves her. He loves her body, her flesh, he desires her in all the ways a priest is forbidden to love and the flagellation of the darkest nights have not dimmed the desire that torments his body and soul.

Aster turns the key, the soft clinking sound exciting her, his closeness now within her grasp. She holds the tray steady and firm, her confident steps defying her affliction. She sees everything though she sees nothing and in this doomed man she can see only purity of spirit and she loves him for it. She has stopped praying for her sight lately, no longer needing it in the ambient glow of her newfound happiness.

“Here is your tray Val.” She holds it out for him, knowing he hungers, as much for her as for the small rations she brings him daily. She holds it in front of her, shuffling closer, waiting.

“Thank you.” He takes the tray, his hand touching hers, lingering against its soft flesh, stroking it first then stopping, both of them shocked at the heat of the touch.

The light blinds her and her mouth forms a bow of shock at the sudden brightness that sears the sockets of her eyes though the room is dull and dusky. The first sight her blighted eyes beholds in all of her adult years is his face, dirty, tortured and drawn and above all, full of all consuming and self-sacrificing love.

I thought I'd share it here what with the day of celebrating love coming soon.

Oh and one more thing to share, my oldest daughter and her boyfriend got engaged yesterday! Very exciting for our family! I finally figured out how to get a son, the girls just have to marry them!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brief Update, An Apology and a Giveaway!

Yawn! So I have once again been absent far too long. My littlest girl picked up a stomach bug. She`s fine now but it`s been a bit hectic.

I`ve also been making great headway in the book. Little girl gets clingy if I leave the room so I`ve been chained to the basement which is where I write..the book is a couple of chapters from completion!

I do have some dialogue to perk up but that`s just minor stuff..I have until April 8 to punch it up a bit.

So enough about me. I`ve been thinking about you! Way back in January I said I would start giving stuff away daily and it`s your turn!

I recently won the book The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson and I`ve decided to pass it on to one of you! I`m once again hosting a giveaway and all you have to do is comment on a post of mine from now until February 28 and at that time I`ll draw a name. I think anyone would be lucky to have a copy of this book and even the men out there, a great gift for your wives, sister, mother, any woman you know who is a little burnt out. Perhaps it might even be something you could read to gain insight into how we women think and why we burnout.

What are your secrets for self care...I find that if I write I am satisfied. I find peace in being creative and my creative outlet is my writing. I`m not opposed to a walk in nature or a massage either.

Do you have special routines and things you do for yourself or others around you who you feel might need some care..share your ideas in your comments!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart break for Haiti

Some of you may remember my post for Haiti a few weeks back immediately after the earthquake. I introduced you then to Tammy Babcock who is now on the ground there.

I just received another update from Tammy and my heart breaks all over again. It just never seems like enough. I donate money, Give whatever is required that I have and it feels like it's simply not enough. The need is so great.

Here is a part of her report. (She arrived in Haiti on January 28th and has been giving sporadic reports as communications are still hit and miss).

Downtown Port Au Prince is worse than my words can describe. The devastation is endless and the stench is something no one can withstand for too long. There are construction crews everywhere and people digging through the rubble to find anything worth salvaging. We took one of our young security staff from Cite Soleil with us that day and for the first in his life he had the opportunity to see the palace… I’m not sure how strongly it affected him, but I can’t imagine seeing the power building of my country destroyed, and how discouraging and empty that would make me feel. When I turned to see his expression, his face was covered in a mask and his beautiful brown eyes just peered into mine. I put my hand on his knee and said to him “Kenken, we can only get better and become stronger from this experience” knowing myself that it couldn’t get any worse. Jai made a good point when she stated.. the only thing worse would be if someone was actually responsible for it.. meaning an attack and not a natural disaster."

The loss for the people devastating, the bravery of those who are down there helping is not to be underestimated. The city is in ruins and grief and shock are still the overwhelming emotions of those who have survived. Imagine if every single individual in your region lost one or more loved-ones in a disaster. It's the grief-stricken consoling the grief-stricken.

So what can we do? I post this here again, a reminder that help is still required. Perhaps someone will donate, perhaps someone will tweet this post and it will move along and the financial aid will at least multiply.

Meanwhile...if nothing else..peace, love and prayers can be sent to all in any moment in time. My continued support for Tammy and her work continues and hope that she and her crew remain safe as the carry on with their remarkable mission.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fan Mail? For Me?

Lovely and thoughtful Janine has a copy of and has read my poetry book and was kind enough to send me beautiful card. I was having a wacky, the full moon is waning and making me crazy kind of day and then I went to the mailbox.

She said, among other things "You have such an extraordinary command of language and paint such beautiful and vivid imagery. It is truly a pleasure and pure delight to read and witness the dance of your words upon the page." Isn't that beautiful?

What a treasure this is! I will keep it forever as a reminder of you and your thoughtfulness. It is also a great reminder that a little random act of kindness really does cheer a person up! I so appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule and making such a wonderful gesture! It has been a long time since I've received a handwritten note from anyone so it's wonderful for that reason as well.

I hope I never lose the sense of wonder and excitement this journey is bringing me. Every new adventure, every kindness, all of the wonderful people alone the path make up for every stumbling block, every doubt, every struggle. Life is good when you are truly living your purpose. Thanks for the reminder Janine.

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