Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hockey Day in Breezie World and the News.

It all started early when the nephew of a hockey legend pumped my gas this morning. Then I went slowly through the snow to Stratford to work for Rogers. I didn't know much about the story so I met the producer at the studio and she told me it was an event for Hockey Day in Canada at a local high school.

So off we went and how exciting. Being a hockey fan I was delighted to find out we'd be interviewing a few of hockey celebrities including Wendel Clarke and Dennis Maruk. What a thrill. Growing up Wendel Clarke was a popular player for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I remember my cousin Norman was a huge fan of his though being a Bruin's fan myself I never jumped on that bandwagon.

Still it was thrilling surround by these greats. In addition to the interviews I got to tease my husband with the fact that Cassie Campbell, Olympic gold medal women's hockey champion was also among the celebs at the event. The host of Hockey Night in Canada, Ron McLean was also there among several others.

So it was a thrilling day for me. Having already met Darryl Sittler, I just have Bobby Orr and I'll be a complete and happy hockey fan.

That's it for the sports, on with the news now.

Things are moving along with my plans for the book release including a delivery of a box of books that I missed today and will miss again tomorrow because I have to be out of town. There is a delivery charge so I'm leaving them a cheque hoping it'll do and they will leave the books outside. Meanwhile a television interview is in the works(this time I'm on the other side of the mike) and ads will hit the paper the two Wednesdays before the event. Let's hope some people show up!

I signed up for a creative writing course online and it's going well, in fact my mentor called my latest lesson a "work of art." Best of all I think it's going to be my third novel. Historical romance, fictional with a basis in history. It should be's fun to think about. The class is helping and I'm using the exercises to work on my current novel.

And that book, which seems to have the new working title of "Rare Moon" currently instead of Indigo, is going well. I think the new title works but we shall see. It may change again. It is a little close to the Stephenie Meyers work "New Moon."

The last bit of news is that the nutritional program I set up for the school seems to be off to a fantastic start. Tomorrow is day three and it's going great! I even had a parent thank me today for starting it up. I'm off to Ikea to buy dishes for the program to cut down on the use of disposables and meeting with a friend down there for lunch! So another great day tomorrow ending with beer with friends at the local pub.

So maybe next time I'll post something less of a me post..but sometimes when you are bursting with excitement you have to let some of it out!

Thanks for listening friends!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun with Sparkles

Ah, gotta love the vampire purists. Apparently there is a vampire canon and a part of that is adamant that vampires don't sparkle. Me, being an admirer of blasphemers against any dogma, I certainly think vampires are as likely to sparkle as they are to sleep in coffins. See the thing is "real vampires don't sparkle" but my issue is, there is no such thing as a real vampire, so who cares if they sparkle, twinkle or glow in the dark.

It's really difficult to take the dogma of a mythical creature seriously. It is considered only appropriate to change the written doctrine with a truly good reason and apparently writing a series of books that makes you a successful writer and earns you tons of money isn't a good enough one.

Now I've got my own troubles with the entire Twilight thing but I appreciate it for exactly what it is, pure entertainment aimed at teens and tweens, that's all, that's it, there isn't anymore. And teens like sparkles. I'm personally not opposed to sparkles and I've been known to sparkle a little myself at times. You can buy it in jars even.

And in light of that I wrote my own little tribute to the sparklers amongst us and it goes something like this.

"Crystal pathways trailed along his face in the bright sunshine and disappeared into the shadows of his collared shirt. Multifaceted cells of an unknown origin reflected a million little shafts of light into my eyes, their dancing prisms blinding me, their brilliance overwhelming my senses as I fell towards him, against my will, drawn inexplicably to his unearthly beauty. Immortality was mine and I waited, without fear, for his cold marbled lips to press against my trembling human throat".

Yes that was mine, not Stephenie Meyer's little sparkly vampire tribute. I hope you like it.

I'm enjoying my writing class. It's helping me tremendously and it's a lot of fun. I'm not sure they're going to like my unorthodox approach to writing but I am open to learning more of the craft certainly even if my story-telling philosophy is different. It's a free for all in the world of the imagination and I certainly won't allow my creativity to be stifled by the already existing imaginary creations.

From what I can see it's not those who follow the same old patterns that have success in this business, it's those who write a great story that is different from what's out there.

It's the same with real life. The road not taken has less traffic, you are more likely to stand out and be seen. Those who break free from the constraints imposed on them by the ideals of others often are the most successful at what they do and frequently the only one doing it.

So I say down with the dogma and free the artist to write, paint, play, draw, sculpt whatever their imagination and inspiration tells them to create.

Free the Sparkly vampires!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Art of Extreme Self-Care

I recently won a book in a contest at the Heal Your Life website
and a few days ago it came in the mail. It's called The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson and finally yesterday I decided to sit back and read it.

The book is Cheryl's personal journey in learning how to take care of herself. It is also a month long calendar of things the reader can do to make changes in her life that lead to extreme self-care.

She delves deeply into several instances where she lets herself go in order to take care of others, something that is her default due to her upbringing. This book is obviously geared toward women and rings true on so many levels.

Women are expected to be the nourishers, the organisers, the cleaners, the centre of the universe for those who surround them, their children, spouses, extended family, co-workers, volunteer organisations. It's a role that we often fall too far into. We then end up resentful and end up doing the old "woe is me" and "nobody cares" option all too often.

One thing she does say that helped her was learning to ask for help. She is married to a wonderful man who wanted to help her but because she didn't ask, didn't know what to do. He spent a lot of his time in a haze of confusion because he didn't help, was the target of anger and had no idea why.

I know in my own life, I used to feel resentful even if I had to leave a list for my husband of things to do because I think "he should just know this stuff. I know this , why doesn't he?"

Then I realized, he's away a lot, he has his own idea of what's important and he wasn't raised to be the nourisher, organiser, cleaner, centre of the universe. Those expectations simply aren't there for him. He has others and he fulfills them quite well. Plus he's a super-good guy and wants to make life easier for me and he's quite willing to complete the list. If I leave a list on the honey-do board it invariably gets done. I would resent doing the things on the list in addition to all of the other things I do so I no longer resent making the list. Now if your husband refuses to follow the list or help out, that's a whole other problem and I'm sorry.

If you do not have a spouse then look around you for other support people. Perhaps your parents, a cousin, best friend could run an errand, take over a volunteer spot or drive the teens to the mall. Perhaps you have to disappoint all of those people and simply say no.

Cheryl called her list "Things I need you to do so that I feel supported". And this is the truth of it all. We need support, emotionally, physically, mentally in order to avoid burning out in our lives. I see people shut down on a regular basis, wind up on medication and medical leave simply because their plate was too full.

Learn to say no. Learn to say it graciously and honestly. A honest no is better than a resentful yes. "I'm sorry I can't help you with that, I've made the decision to cut back on a few things for my own well-being." is a simple sentence that can help you do so. Learn to accept that you can, that it is allowed, that no is a valid option.

Perhaps it will give someone else the opportunity to learn how to do something, perhaps you will give them the gift of self-reliance. It's not selfish to disappoint people at times for your own benefit. It is essential.

I have learned in my own life to also say yes to things that bring me joy. I made a huge effort in the last year to put aside time for my things, my writing, to say no to a few people and turn down a few things that sucked into my time but didn't fulfill me. It has made all the difference. When I look back on it now, no one really suffered for it either. It was well worth it.

I have worked really hard to only take on the things that I can do without becoming stressed and overwhelmed. To the outside world it probably looks like selfishness and laziness. To my inner world it feels like Peace!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Interview with Lorette Luzajic

Breeze Tell me a little bit about your background, your work in general.

Lorette I’m a writer and artist living in Toronto. In visual work, I use mixed media collage to capture snippets of curious ideas or images and recontextualize them. In my writing, I also like to draw on a variety of subjects and ideas. I write about everything, from books to art to food. My favourite thing to write about is interesting people- I really love writing about people more than anything. I love meeting people, I love reading about people. I’m addicted to celebrity culture, but also to characters in mythology, the lives of artists, poets, the lives of everyday people. So I started a collection of essays called Fascinating People: gossip for smart people ( I wanted to write about my experiences of various unusual people from whatever walk of life. To explore the accomplishments but also the scandals and setbacks that pepper every life. I thought this approach would let readers discover people about who they might never have read a whole biography, and maybe go on to explore their work or use their inspiration.

I also write about food and nutrition and some mythology at I write a column called The Real Dish at I have three books: The Astronaut’s Wife: Poems of Eros and Thanatos; Weird Monologues for a Rainy Life (irreverent ramblings from the end of the world); and Dendrite Pandemonium: hits, misses, and random b-sides. They’re all available through my site,, or at Amazon.

Breeze What inspired you to decide to do the Michael Jackson Anthology?

Lorette Honestly, it was a ridiculous idea, born of abject grief. I was so devastated. He was my lifelong love, a very tragic figure. In the days following his death, like so many other fans around the world, I wanted to make an offering, a gift fit for the king. That’s really how it was. I was fascinated by the various ways this icon was seen, the many meanings we had constructed for him. I decided that somehow I could put together the most interesting collection of ideas. A book that would be the most interesting book on the market about MJ, and the most beautiful. It was a bit grandiose, I admit. I’ve never made an anthology. I had no major publisher. I had no money. I have a few loyal readers, but most people have never heard of me.

But by the time I came to my senses, I was already too deep in. As they say, the only way out is through. So I kept going.

Breeze What did Michael Jackson mean to you personally? Tell me about the moment you learned that he had died? Where were you? How did that affect you?

Lorette He meant everything. From childhood, he connects me to my oldest friend, Japey, who understood his genius from age ten. Japey was also quite eccentric, quite musical. They had similar soft voices, both misunderstood, both very theatrical. Japey loved animals. he had a pet snake and a cockatiel. He used to dance and show me just how brilliant Jackson’s rhythms were. More than any impersonator or celebrity, I could say something in him reminded us of MJ. We were lifelong friends until Japey died of cancer a few years back. So MJ always makes me feel Japey’s presence. The book is dedicated to him.

Removed from that, I am fascinated by eccentrics and MJ was just about the most unusual person who ever lived. Yet he was very down to earth somehow at the same time. I think that was seen around the world in his This Is It film. I always felt the Jackson spectacle showed both the best and the worst of mass culture. It brought out giant surges of love, adoration, swooning, creativity, inspiration- showing the power of art, the power of love. But it also brought out the gladiatorial in all of us. We used to have mob scenes, we had public hangings, public burnings. As a giant crowd, we relived this disgusting impulse in humanity, this horrible part of our past.

Where was I? Like many, I heard about it online. An email from a peer. I just sat there staring. I didn’t want to react like a baby, but I did. I was frozen. I cried for hours. I went out and bought a bottle of wine, and just sat there, listening to the music, reading as the story unfolded.

Breeze Tell me about the Anthology; What is in there?

Lorette There are 51 writers, one for each of Michael’s years. I’m always a sucker for little symbolisms. The pieces are truly random, with ideas that conflict, ideas that converge. We’ve got poems and memoirs and analyses of every sort. It was hard for me because I really wanted things that reflected my own feelings. But that wouldn’t really show the range of meaning this figure has in our culture. To get a feeling for the range of ideas- there’s a piece about archetypal imagery in MJ’s body of work by Lauren Reichelt, who works with PTSD victims; there’s Jess Nevins comparing Jackson’s life to gothic literature; there’s Georgianne Nienaber, a journalist who writes about war and life in Congo/East Africa, questioning why we make a big deal about one man when thousands are dying every day, anonymously. That’s just an appetizer.

Breeze The contributors to the Anthology have such wide and varied and incredibly impressive backgrounds. How did you manage to attract talent of such caliber? How did you approach them?

Lorette I sent out submission calls on my blogs, and to all my contacts, asking them to post the call wherever they could. I put the call on Facebook. I spent months reading the submissions and everything else I could about Michael Jackson. At first it was cathartic- I wanted to be with him as I grieved. But then it got to be a bit much. My saturation point had been reached. But I kept on. I read books, magazines, archives, online. I asked interesting people to consider submitting. I had the audacity to approach professionals out of the blue, introduce myself, tell them I really had no specific plan and didn’t know what I was doing, but I was doing it with love, and would they consider letting me use an interesting work I’d seen? Trust me, not everyone said yes. Not everyone was friendly. Not everyone replied. And I totally accept that. But I think what has come together comes close to reaching my goal- the most interesting book about Jackson; and the most beautiful.

Breeze The cover art is breathtaking. Tell me about the artist and how he became part of the project.

Lorette The cover art was a commission from pop artist Iaian Greenson. We’ve worked together frequently, showing art together at exhibits in the past. I did a lengthy profile about him a few years ago. He approached me and asked if I needed something for the cover. An earlier model of the work fell flat for me, and I panicked because nothing this artist has ever made falls flat. So I knew that the muse wasn’t there, that he had lacked inspiration. I told him just to feel it, to let his imagination go wild. When I saw this, I cried. It captures everything- Michael’s repugnant beauty, the tragic artifice of his face shining from within with art and love, the despair and tragedy that made that massacre happen.

When I saw the piece, the colour stood out so beautifully on its black background that I decided to have the whole cover black to really let the image show. I was fortunate enough to have graphic designer Gonzalo de Cardenas execute my vision for the cover. He has a real flare for simplicity in lines, and he tempers my nature, which is to clutter everything up. On the back, he repeated the front cover, but this time with the names of the writers in alphabetical order. I’m just blown away by everyone’s work in this anthology, visual and written.

Breeze The Anthology is called Goodbye Billie Jean, The Meaning of Michael Jackson, How did you come up with the name?

Lorette “The Meaning of Michael Jackson” part was there from the get-go. That’s what I was looking for, knowing there is no one answer, of course. But obviously fate, mass culture, history have converged for some reasons to make this particular man the biggest celebrity of all time. Not something he asked for, but when it was handed to him, he worked and worked to be that entertainer. The Goodbye, Billie Jean was me trying to be clever. It came from Goodbye, Norma Jean, Elton’s beautiful song that was later recycled because for some reason, England’s Rose didn’t merit her own song. Yet both Marilyn and Diana were in many ways like Michael, misunderstood, tragic, famous. They all embodied figures who could provoke so much love, mass hysteria, really. They live forever. Their gifts were extraordinary. But the price was so high. Jackson had started writing about that price before Billie Jean, but that song is now one of the most famous works about that aspect of fame- people you don’t even know thinking they do know you, thinking they are carrying you inside of them. And we are, in a way, but as we have seen with these three figures, it can get a bit nutty. You have to be so strong to hold together when you are this kind of star.

Breeze Will you be forwarding a copy of this to Michael Jackson's family?

Lorette I’d love to. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with his sisters, brothers, mom, etc, please let me know. If the Jacksons are reading this, please contact me for your copy!

Breeze Where can we buy this amazing book?

Lorette You can visit for more information and to order. You can find it at Amazon
Breeze What do you think is the meaning of Michael Jackson?

Lorette It all comes down to this, for me: Michael Jackson is pure emotion. He is every emotion at its most intense. He became those in front of our eyes- our own most beautiful and most horrible emotions. That’s why he touches so many so deeply, and why he causes revulsion at the same time. Emotions like love, rejection, insecurity, confidence, anger, anticipation, fear, disgust, joy, sadness, surprise, acceptance, frustration, aversion, worry, vulnerability, courage, dejection, desire, despair, hope, wonder, terror, anxiety, pain, distress, pleasure, elation, pride, jealousy, panic, shame, curiousity, bewilderment, sorrow, astonishment. I could go on.

Breeze Any new projects in the works?

Lorette Very soon you will see my collection of short fiction, Funny Stories About Depression. I’m working on some projects about death, and I’m writing more about fascinating writers as well.

Thank you Lorette! Now my own personal comments on this book. I received my copy early December and was absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the writing, the size of the book and the beauty of the artwork on the cover. So much so that I will be doing a review of it here on my blog on February 10th as a part of Lorette's virtual book tour. I hope you will join me here for that and as well please promote this fantastic book with a tweet, facebook or old fashioned word of mouth. And please purchase a copy! You will not be disappointed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Upcoming Virtual Book Tour for Good bye Billie Jean; The Meaning of Michael Jackson

I am very proud to be a part of a wonderful project curated by the talented author Lorette C. Luzajic entitled goodbye Billie Jean, the meaning of Michael Jackson.

In support of this project I will be posting an interview with Lorette on January 20th and then on February 10th I will be posting a review of the book. This book is available on Amazon and at Lorette's blog

This is a beautiful book and if you are a Michael Jackson fan or a fan of this author this would be a wonderful addition to your library. If you know a Michael Jackson fan this is an ideal gift.

51 Contributors including the Luzajic make this a fascinating read!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Tammy Help Haiti


Once again the world has been saddened by disaster. The earthquake that has devastated Haiti has been the focus of the news yesterday and today and captured the empathy of the world. The emotional pleas of people searching for missing loved-ones from this country, the news that a Kitchener, Ontario woman was a victim of the tragedy, brings it to light that this is not only a Haitian tragedy but a world tragedy. Over 0ne hundred thousand people lost is too much to imagine, certainly my mind can't comprehend this. The ones left behind to mourn, an even greater number, can one even begin to imagine their pain?

I posted on Face Book "What can I do for Haiti?" and almost simultaneously, and not in response to me, a friend posted a link to a website that had that purpose in mind.

Tammy has been helping Haiti for a while but now she's is increasing her efforts. Tammy Babcock, Founder is a 32 year old humanitarian who had decided to make the world a better place for the less fortunate.

Tammy first visited Haiti in 2009 and was appalled at their living conditions. She now returns every 2 months to help the people. She provides hands-on care, walking through the streets, offering help where it is needed.

Her goal, according to her website is simple. Clean water, infrastructure building, sustainable living conditions for the people.

Now with the current disaster Tammy has an even bigger job ahead of her. In a few weeks she will return to Haiti with a whole new set of challenges set against the backdrop of this tragedy.

If you would like to help Tammy help Haiti donate whatever makes sense to you. If you are unable to donate, twitter or face book the link and ask others to do the same. This will help the people on the ground. Scroll through her website to see where the money ALL goes to Haiti.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Six Word Motto

A While ago on an online forum I am a member of someone, posted a question, "What is your six word motto?"

The idea was to come up with six words that described your philosophy, ideals, meaning of life, as you believed it to be.

It was a wonderful question and the answers were as varied as the people on the board.

I was thinking about it today and thought I'd ask here, what is your six word motto?

And to be fair I guess I should post mine. It was the answer I gave and it was also my signature on the board for a long while after that. It still applies, I have nothing new to add to it. It was:

Easy come, easy go, walk on.

The last post was about my dad but I'm realising that this motto was likely his motto as well. He just didn't sweat the little things and to be perfectly honest, he didn't sweat the big things all that much either. He was about as calm as a human being can be. Not perfect, yet perfect in many ways.

The practice of walking on...inspite of what comes and goes, has served me well. I learned to walk on when I lost my father and I've walked well because of the lessons he taught with the way he lived.

I think I'll hang on to this motto for a while longer. Attaching to things that are variable and ever-changing is a pointless endeavor. Yep, gotta walk on.

So, everybody, What is your six word motto?

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harold J. Parsons

My brother, Derek with my dad a long time ago.


I take every step, mindful of your presence, full of your essence and conscious of your acceptance.

You inspired my heart, moulded my soul and left me strong enough to carry on without you.

I will miss you always and be grateful you were my dad. I am who I am because of it.

I am mostly sad for those who didn't know you. I was one of the lucky ones.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Help Bloggie World Family~Entertainment Ideas Wanted!

Photo Credit April Lindfors; From the book Wind Rhymes, Poetry from the Breeze!

Isn't that photograph fantastic? It has nothing to do with this post but it has a celebratory feel to it so I thought, why not!

Now to the topic at hand! I love parties! I'm an extrovert and a natural celebrant! But I'm not usually the planner of a more formal event type party! Yet that's what I now find myself doing. I'm booking a room at a local church and on February 20th I will be hosting a book launch party to celebrate the release of my first book.

Now I am way outside of my comfort zone. So help me friends remembering that I am working within a budget. So far I've got a room and know that I will put an ad in the paper.

It will take place at 1pm until 3pm but I have the room for the entire day. is where you come in.

Food ideas: Simple finger food. Tea and Coffee...more?

Entertainment: I would love to have the photographer sing but she's in another country so I'm going to play her music.

Door prizes: Copies of my book with a candle, hot chocolate pkg in a mug wrapped prettily.

Decor: No clue

It's a small room with direct access to the kitchen through a window type serving place

I will have help.

So this is the help me flesh it out! There must be some super duper entertainers out there.

I'm on a shoestring so always keep that in mind!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Good Company

Today I received a message from someone who had purchased my poetry book, Wind Rhymes. She informed me that my book was number 77 on the Amazon Canadian Poetry List. I found this oddly exciting and then was immediately saddened when my friend who checked the link said it wasn't there.

So I investigated and saw that I'd sold a few more copies bumping my book up to number ten so there is my little book sitting on the Amazon list surrounded by Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood and Anne Carson. What a dinner party!

Being silly and giddy and excited I quickly took a screenshot so that I could share it. I may never be in such good company again!

What a fun journey this is!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bits and Bites; Updates

Greetings! Well 2010 is underway! We have had a busy weekend and I apologise for my lack of presence here! Today the kids went back to school and I had a voice over and a shoot and then the two stand-ups to do. It was freezing but I'm getting better at the stand ups..only took two takes for the last one! See the picture above? It has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted a little slice of summer. It's so Canadian cold brrr. Love my country, hate its winters.

I did a fantastic story today on a local organisation who has residences and services for the intellectually challenged in our community and my producer and I attended their music program! It was so much fun and I do enjoy the opportunity to attend this sort of event and meet the people. Everybody is so excited to see themselves on television on Friday, way more excited than I am at this point! They had just received a grant for some furniture for the day program facilities and it was a great celebration!

Did I mention that I recently won a book from Hay House? I will read and review it for you when it arrives. I cannot wait to read this book, it looks really good but that's all I'll say about that for now!

I also have a couple of exciting things happening this month. I've been asked to participate in a virtual book tour for the Michael Jackson Anthology Goodbye Billie Jean, the meaning of Michael Jackson and will be doing the opening and closing posts on that tour! I'm thrilled because I love this project and I love this author's work!

Right now I'm looking for a venue for my book launch party! I think I'm going to ask my neighbour(a minister) if I can rent a room in his church. It's right on my street! Any entertainment gurus out there, I welcome suggestions!

This is the first post since New Years Day and I am remembering how good it felt to start the day off having given something away. So today, I made a "resolution" of sorts and that is to start every day by giving something away, not necessarily material things but sometimes! Perhaps a small donation to a cause with my credit card online, perhaps a quote on a blog to cheer someone up! I just think it's a perfect way to start the day!

And in light of this resolution, I thought I would pass this along to all of you!

Today I received an email from Hayhouse Publishing that I thought I would pass on to everyone here. I will be "attending" this special "I Can Do it" Online program! For those who are unfamiliar with Hay House, the I Can Do It conferences travel all over North America and the authors from Hayhouse speak. It is a weekend of inspiration and joy and people leave reborn. I was fortunate to attend the last Toronto conference with a friend to see Dr. Wayne Dyer speak and the chance to hear the other authors is something I cannot resist, particularly for the low cost of $20! So if you need some positivity and inspiration spend Wednesday and Thursdays soaking up the wisdom of this collection of brilliant writers and speakers!

Have a fantastic Day!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

And the WINNERS are:

The two winners of a signed copy of my book Wind Rhymes; Poetry from the Breeze was just pulled out of a bag. The first name was drawn by my six year old Sophia and it was Shadow! The second name, pulled out by my very eager four year old Martina is RNSANE! This scientific method was audited by me and found to be completely objective and fair!

Congratulations to Shadow at 1 Door Away from Heaven and RNSANE at rnsane.blogspot! Please pop by their blogs to say congratulations and to read their wonderful posts!

Please forward me your addresses so I can get a copy of your prize in the mail as soon as the post office reopens on Monday!

Thank you to all for your support! The book is now available online at Amazon and signed copies are always available through me. Just send me an email! The cost is $15 including shipping to Canadian Addresses and $18 including shipping to US addresses!

Happy New year!!!