Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Setting the Scene

Avon River, Stratford, Ontario

A lot of writing a novel has to do with setting a scene so that you bring your reader into the place where your characters are so that it feels real. I love doing that, it's my favourite part. You get to tap into the sounds, the sights, the impressions of the place where the event is happening. I love to use all of the senses to create beautiful pictures with language. And I go one step further, I try to invoke the spiritual aspect of the scene as well in some of my settings so that there is a deeper feel to the scene. The last Tuesday excerpt is my attempt at that.

When I started writing I decided that I wanted to tell a story, about some characters that I had imagined, a love story, but also a life story, and I wanted it to be beautiful. I wanted it to feel like poetry with hidden themes and colours and mystery. It's coming out that way and I'm becoming very excited about how it looks.

It won't appeal to everyone, it's very earthy and romantic in a lot of ways, and many people prefer dark and dismal. There are, dark and dismal moments, but it's not the overshadowing impression. I think a good book evokes emotion. There are few books that have ever made me laugh out loud, but one did. Angela's Ashes by the late Frank McCourt. It's dark, dismal and sad in it's themes but hilarious. I think it's the contrast between the depths of despair and the typically Irish way of taking the darkest themes and laughing at them as a way of coping. Newfoundlander's do this quite well too.

I'm trying to evoke a different set of emotions and it's the set of emotions I try to bring to myself, my family, my home, my life. The sense of love and peace that allows for the greatest human growth and development. I set the scene by starting the day off with enjoyment and pleasure, welcoming the kids to the new day with hope and promise and love and setting the stage for a great day! I end the day on the same note, with love and cuddles and expressions of joy and thankfulness that we have warm beds to lay in, plenty of food, and live in a peaceful country. I think it shows in the happy optimism the kids show. They're generally happy. The best emotion!

I think you can set the tenor of your life with your attitude just as you can set the scene in a novel.

I'm close to 60,000 words now, should reach that milestone today! I know I've let the blog slip, so I hope you forgive me for that. I will continue to post little excerpts so that you have an idea of what is to come. Meanwhile thank you for following along and commenting. This is a long process but I am completely engaged in it and enjoying it fully. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Anyone who comments on any blog post of mine from now until the date my poetry book Wind Rhymes is released will be entered into a draw to win a copy when it's released! Become a follower if you aren't already will also qualify you! Good luck! Oh and no limit, every comment will be a chance to win!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday Teaser...Excerpt from the book!

"St. John’s is the oldest city in North America. The ghosts of the merchants and fisherman who bartered over the price of the catch, mingle in the fog with the voices of the orphans who had once resided underneath the grimy and dismal boards of the first wharves built along the ancient shore of the harbour.
Wharfangers they had been called. Misery in small packages, these forgotten waifs survived by working for food, selling their souls and their bodies for their survival. Chris thought of them as they walked along the harbour front. Times had changed but this city held the past in its fist in a grip so tight that even now she imagined she heard the long extinct wharf urchins laugh with child-like glee from the warmth of their historic graves and the drunken ghosts that bought them, singing endless happy sea shanties in dark alleys and corrugated row houses

Not so much a teaser but still, interesting. Trying to double check the spelling of wharfangers/'s "J" sound in the middle, not hard "G"

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Excerpt from the book!

“I wish we could just stay in love forever, I wish it wouldn’t change” she whispered to the wind.

The wind whispered back its honest words. It is not the love that changes. It is the life that moves and flows and separates. It is the human animal that places conditions on love and it is those conditions that alter the emotions gifted to them by the Gods. Love doesn’t change, the spirit always loves, always knows who it loves. Life is the great interferer.

The words of the wind made her shiver.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

On Writing

And now I go to bed. And I write as I fall asleep. No pen, just the people, the real ones, made from my imagination, living in the recesses of my mind, living, breathing, eating, forming opinions, and then we drift off. And like me they dream. So I write.

And I also dream. Ideas float like feathers, tickling and teasing and tempting and upon awakening I write the poetry that is the gift of the night. The poetry that was written by the whispers of the ages that spoke and said "Tell them this". I must obey. So I write.

Walking brings silence and the treasures of nature and I write again. This time the people of the mind walk in the rain and slip in the mud and the sky shares the pictures of the world they live in. The tell me to describe it, to give them their home. So I write.

The keyboard becomes my friend as all of the writing I've already done in my imagination slips like magic to the screen. The imaginary friends that are born of nowhere are now here and they tell me what to say. They speak their minds, and I am as surprised by the words they speak because though I created them, I still have to get to know them. So I write.

And sometimes, I lose one. Sometimes they disappoint me with their behaviour, acting in manners that make me wonder what they are thinking. They are immature and their motivation is irrational but what do you expect? They are only imaginary humans after all! Occasionally one is wise. Wiser than me and I wish I was her. But she's an original and simply shares her thoughts with me. So I write.

Then the end is near and their story is told and it is time to let them go. And their sadness is my sadness and mine is theirs. For they are mine, born of me and part of me. They are the people of my heart, conceived by me, given to me. So I write.

So I say good bye and let them all go, weeping.

New friends stop by though, to check up on me in the moments before I sleep. Just people. Real ones from my mind, introducing themselves, whispering let's get to know one another and I agree, lets. They tell me their stories and I listen as the silence whispers and the ideas tremble with anticipation. I have no choice. Their stories must be told. So I write.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Teetering, tottering, tumbling in space
with uneven velocity, backward and forth
refusing to quit, putting on a brave face
setting your charts and marking your course

Languish in despair or dabble in joy
choices appear like rainbows on clouds
outrun the demons or halt life and play
live in the caves or love in the crowds

Pushing the river or floating along
look at the moon or worship the sun
halos that blind in the poet's sad song
whisper the truths that set your pace for the run

Pretend to be you and you will never appear
blinded by the corona when the eclipse is there.

Eclipse, languish, velocity

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Teaser...Excerpt from the book!

" As they casually picked up their drinks with their hands, her right, his left, he saw them. His eyes narrowed. The twin purple-blue roses, bright and vivid on her paler skin, his deep and dark though more faded than hers, were disconnected now, but, if the couple held hands, they would join at the stem perfectly. The roses were not only identical, they were made for each other. He suddenly understood everything. He said nothing."

I like teasers that, well, tease.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Day at the Spa, Nope, Just a Day!

I haven't written a word for three days..and I'm dying here! I so miss it! I"m exhausted today, woke at 3am and gave up and got up at 4:30am and it's now 9:20 and I'm watching the season premiere of House and blogging during commercials.

Today's news...I received my prize from one of the contests I won, a book called the "Core Balance Diet". I read it. I had to laugh. She had written at typical day. 7am get up, shower, do something inspiring for your life, walk for 15 minutes, eat breakfast before work, then drive to work, then lunch, happy thoughts, home from work, walk for 15 minutes, eat dinner, do something for your spirit, read, journal, write etc. and then bed.

And I thought "wait, what about children?" "What about life?" "When do I do the dishes, dress the kids for bed, help with homework, brush the dog, feed the cat, sleep with the husband, watch House, watch the Young and the Restless. Coronation Street, come on!

The book had great ideas. For those who live in a spa. Maybe even for those who have a regular 9-5 job. But for those who work the night shift, or double shifts, two or three part-time jobs. What about those who have 3 children, a cat, a dog, a travelling husband and a house to maintain...not so much!

I get what she was saying. And I'm not one for making excuses for not doing stuff(heck I do everything I dream of pretty much) but sometimes there are "reasons" not "excuses" and I think she missed an important ingredient. For anything to work it must take into account life. Yeah, we often need to slow down, relax, do less, smell the roses etc. but sometimes survival is hard and the best you can do is try to find peace in the life you have.

So back to my real life. Received the book and a bag from Mothering where I'm a moderator.

I also had another poem accepted to an anthology. That was a nice validation!

Oh, and I had a request to list my other blog on a big Therapy list with a lot of traffic. I'll post the details once I have things set up. So exciting news.

And best of all I got to spend the morning alone with my hubby after kids were off to school. I love that man. He loves me. That's my day at the spa!

Tomorrow looms large and bright. It will be a good one. They generally are if you think they are!

Tomorrow I will work on my novel and have a nice little excerpt to post. Meanwhile, enjoy your very real life.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dragon Boat Festival Update!

The photo finish...we are lane 3...see how close those dragon heads are!

Perfect days are such a blessing. Saturday was perfect. Early morning rise, alone, children all with their older sister, and as much as I love being their mom, a morning to just get myself ready is a treasure. Do you know it only takes me 30 minutes to shower and get ready for the day? Not the two hours I previously thought. I'm low maintenence! Who knew?

I arrived at the race site early, it was cold. There was a gentle mist hovering over the lake that created a fairly land image that I couldn't resist. I stopped and photographed the wonder that nature had created. The swans and ducks swam about quietly and birds chirped in the distance. It was hard to believe that it was a city about to come alive with noise and bustle and competition.

I was the first to arrive from our team. Others started showing up immediately after. We were nearly frozen. It was the first time I'd noticed that it was warmer on the boat then on the land.

We paddled like demons in our first race but the water was hard. We placed in D division. Unconcerned about our very slow time, we went back and hung out with the team. I love spelling mistakes sometimes. The "cinnimon" buns at the breakfast tent were delicious and fresh baked. The coffee when it eventually arrived was delicious and worth the wait. The team spirit and comarderie was priceless.

I connected with the camera man for the television news shoot and he was having trouble locating equipment so we decided to shoot most of our interviews after the second race. I interviewed eight people including a very excited little girl and our team coach who was very confused when he saw me with the mike. During the interview it came out that we had won the second race.

Interviews completed I raced to the beer tent and grabbed a cold beer. The weather had warmed up considerably the beer was perfectly cold. A text message from my husband was on my phone "where are you?" and my reply "beer tent" was met with "shoulda guessed" Hey, I'd just gotten there!

So my hubby and 4 girls all got to watch the last race which was crazy. Photo finish. We were in third but the times of the first teams were 2:34:67, 2:34:75 and 2:34:84, so close!

So no medals, no trophies but sometimes the hardware is secondary. I met fantastic people, I made good and most likely life-long friends, I got into terrific shape, I competed in a sport I hadn't ever considered in the past and I had a hell of a lot of fun!

There is no failure in the doing. There are only results. I couldn't have asked for better results.

Pics to follow!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

An Update!

I am the proud owner of two signed copies of Steven Heighton's work. If you read my previous post you may disregard the first part. I made it to the reading, had a short but sweet chat with this brilliant author, bought a novel and a poetry book and had a fantastic time!

I didn't get to meet the gentleman who hosted the event, the poet in residence, however that will happen I am sure!

Thank You to my friend Tonya who offered to take my little girl to playgroup while I attended the reading! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! Tim Hortons(double double?) for you soon!

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Turn it Around, Lemons from Lemonade, Look on the Bright Side, Silver Lining..blah blah blah!

Disappointment. Lots of it today. Received a message yesterday from the Poet in Residence at the Stratford Public Library thanking me for the work I was doing for writers in the community and inviting me to a book reading at the library with Steven Leighton today at 2pm. This is very exciting! And I can't go. The little one is home today and I would not have time to be back to pick up the big one. Such is the way of life and I'm sure it will happen again and I'm sure I will have another opportunity to meet the gentleman. Steven Heighton is doing the reading however and that is probably not likely to happen again. So much for hobnobbing with the greats and hoping a little dusting of their brilliance falls on me. Another day.

And my darling husband, who was supposed to be home tonight, will not make it home and likely will not make it home for tomorrow to watch my final Dragon Boat race. Super disappointing for me, and for him, but he's away and there's no way back. My kids will all be gone tonight and I will be home. Alone.

The lemonade. Well, lots of time for writing. Lots of time to sleep for my early rise tomorrow.

But disappointment rules today. Particularly with the latter.

I'm buying wine. Dark and red. I'm going to sit all alone and drink it. In front of this little blue screen and write angry scenes with disappointed and screaming lovers...angst rules the pages today!

There, the solution! flavoured-lemonade-flavoured wine!

And I won't be completely alone...Jackson Browne will be with me of course!


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jackson Browne for You.

Just a little Jackson Browne...because something this beautiful is meant to be shared. Someone said "A voice so smooth you could pour it on your pancakes"...

Click here for Something Fine

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The Hatchling

Scratching at the shell
that defines life
hard, standard, normal
but that chick grew
and stretched
feathers wet with the life's mess
the children she'd born
in the house she cleaned
all defining and shaping
and contributing to
the eliptical hardness
of the shell.
But one day a crack developed
and the light seeped in
by accident or design
the brain that held her spirit
and the heart that demanded "beat"
scratched and dented
and sometimes banged
until eventually,
there emerged
newborn, fragile,
young and old all
without a Ph.d to brag of
or hold her back
with all the wisdom of the ages
and the innocence of the child
bewildered and
to learn
how to be
Ready finally
shell discarded
for others to walk carefully upon
ready to jump
and fly!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday Teaser...Excerpt from the book!

A little more this time. I've fretted too long over this one and this is it. Finished. I've seen this building. This is what it looks like. Chapter to start dreaming of chapter three. Not as teasing as the last time I'll find you a teaser.

"The apartment building was dark brown and disappointed. Cloaked in fog it reminded Chris of a grand duchess who has fallen in the world. The former grandeur of the once magnificent home was still visible in its ornate cornices. But its ghosts were unmotivated to haunt and the tenants were equally unmotivated to care for it. The development company that had converted this beautiful old home into haphazard units, forced by statute to install a herring-bone pattern of fire escapes from each apartment to the ground, destroyed any hope for the return of the duchess to her past glory. But, ever a lady, she welcomed them warmly".

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The Book has a Title!

The book now has a title. It is called "Indigo". The reason for the name becomes obvious early on in the story but you will all have to wait. And I'm fickle so it is subject to change.

I've been living with it for a while and it still suits though so here it is. I've also made a space at the sidebar for links to excerpts. Tomorrow will be number two!

I'm really enjoying the process of putting this story on paper and the evolution of the characters to real people is amazing. I'm head over heels in love with my main male character which is important because my girl loves him and she needs to have reasons to do so.

Well those are enough clues. Stay tuned. The writing tumbles forward, the writer follows along...there isn't any choice!

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Haunted by your familiar voice
at night it seems to seek
to relive the secrets of the past
of the love we couldn't speak

Haunted by the gentle ghost
that loved the girl that was
your secret love, your secret life
she loved you just because

Haunted by the bitter knowledge
that on this earth we only had a past
but that in the life that's yet to come
we get to be at last.

Haunted by the ghost that whispers
I couldn't wait 'til then
and I visit you and haunt your dreams
until we meet again.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whispers From an Old Friend

You live in the dreams of my heart
you walk on the floors of my mind
Whispering always we are the same
we're the ones we were each meant to find

The earth bears the steps of our fathers
worn smooth with the pace gone before
I walk that old path for the others
and they'll tread that same path once more

We are the same you advise me
with the voice you send on the breeze
Whispering "I left you there to make room for
the dream that we made in the trees"

Underneath my feet are the ashes
of one who whispers my name
remember my darling forever
we'll always be one and the same.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Really Real...I'm on Television!

Going out and interviewing people and doing bits and pieces, learning what questions to ask, getting the story and putting it together is one thing, sitting down and watching a well-produced news show that you are a part of, seeing yourself in the very real role of a news reporter is another.

Tonight we had a lovely launch party at the producer's home with all our families, the reporters, camera people, and got to view the very first show of Stratford, Ontario's newest news magazine, First Local!

It has opening music, it has valid and important local news, and it has me! Ok..that last one's a bit egotistical but I must confess to feeling a certain superficial thrill seeing myself on the show. So I'm going to go back to being my own modest self tomorrow and enjoy a tasty spoonful of ego tonight!

Of course I'm just kidding, it's only television and everybody worked hard and did a fantastic job. When I joined the team 5 or 6 weeks ago and the producer said that we'd be doing stories the last week of August we were all shaking our head. But we are. It's real and the first show is finished and will air on Monday.

And I forgot one thing. I've always read the credits at the end of a show. It's a habit but I forgot that this time, I was going to be listed there. That was very exciting! I think that was the most thrilling part!

Stratford First Local airs Monday at 5pm on Rogers Television, Stratford, Ontario and surrounding area.

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Novel Writing Update.

I just finished the end of my book. It's beautiful. It made me cry. The story isn't even close to finished but I know the story and the ending came to me so I needed to write it down. The poem from the last post is inspired by the story I'm writing and reflective of the love I'm writing about there.

It's a love story of course. I could write no other kind. But it's more than that, it's about two characters who grow and learn through love and life and loss. There are a lot of chapters to write, a lot of layers to add, and it'll be another year before it is ready for others to read. But it's coming along again and if I can get the story on paper I am confident, with time, it will get done.

And it has a name. I think. I have trouble staying in love with the names I choose for books. It's like trying to choose a tattoo. I've always wanted one but I'm not particularly impulsive and it's a pretty permanent thing. So I get a cool idea but I let it simmer and in several months, sure enough, it's lame and stupid and my life has changed sufficiently that it no longer suits. So no tattoos on me.

But this book will be named, though the name will remain a secret until I'm sure it's the right one. The story is unfolding a little differently than I originally planned and my characters are taking me on an interesting journey with them.

Thanks from coming along for the ride.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky

Love greets the morn with a heart beat
her heart greets the dawn with a sigh
while dreams fill the mind of his yearning
with wishes that wish they could fly

Distance. The world separates them
whispering this time is not yours
separated by life and by land
and the ocean that washes its shores

She leans on a tree with her body
he stares at the clouds that race by
they both feel the love of the ages
as they stare at the indigo sky.

Eternity is a promise it whispers
we'll meet and be one by and by
and the promises made are not broken
when made under the indigo sky

The wind will dance with the leaves
When we meet again by and by
I’ll come to you when I can
And we’ll love in the indigo sky.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bubble Gum; A lame Analogy but Who Cares!

It burst upon me like a pink splatter of bubble gum upon a child's cheeks!


I had been stuck. The novel had come to a halt. I could see my characters, feel them talking, sense their motivation and their faults and failings and strengths but I couldn't make a story out of it. I imagined them in all sorts of scenarios, they go to the bank, they drive, they drink beer etc.(non-writers will think I'm crazy but other fiction writers will understand this I think..they'll still think I'm crazy but they'll understand)

The original story was stale and dull. It had a beginning and and ending(I thought) but the middle was a whole lot of fluff.

Then it came. And my fingers have itched for a week to get started. Finally. I've written a synopsis of it and I like it. Now I have to write the rest of the chapters, rewrite a few that were done to make them fit the new story and then fill them out with the notes and descriptions and little juicy bits I've been storing in my notebooks for weeks. I am currently at close to 20,000 words. I think it'll hit around 80,000 once it's fleshed out.

Feeling stuck? Do some other stuff, clean a closet, ride a bike, swing on a swing. Put it away,literally and/or figuratively. Do something different and just let it go and let it come. It will if you leave yourself open to it. I had decided to let it just go and I was willing to never write the story if it had to be so difficult and lame.

So I'm optimistic again. I've got a second chapter completed, except for final editing and 15 or so more underway. It still might be lame in the end but like bubble gum on a child's cheeks..I'll simply pull it off and start chewing again!

Oh..and I won another prize. Another book. Immediately after I was doing a visualisation exercise I invented a while back. Since this exercise has come to me I have been winning contests left, right, and centre and a bunch of good things have come my way! It's like magic! I'll have to write about it but it's a bit "out there" and "new age" but it's really working for me.

I'm excited! Watch for the next little excerpt already scheduled to post next Tuesday.

And my new motto is, instead of "try, try again" will be "quit, for a while until it's ready for you".

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Excerpts from the Novel

I thought that as I shift focus to my novel and have less time to blog, each week I would post an exerpt from the chapters as they are written. I'm focusing on a chapter a week until it's complete now that I have my firm story idea down. The title of the book remains a secret. Which is why I chose the following as the first tidbit.

Here is the first tiny exerpt from chapter one.

"There are two kinds of secrets. The first kind plagues on its keeper, like so many unrepentant termites biting and chewing at the base of an ancient oak until, under the furious storm of time, the mighty tree is felled by the weakness eaten into its roots".

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Monday, September 7, 2009

We Haven't Completely Lived Until We Die

Perhaps a seemingly morbid topic, out of place, in a space that is supposed to be an oasis from the tragic and sadness of the world. But the fact is that there is no escape from the tragedy of life. There are places to find solace and peace and places where darkness isn't the theme of the day. But don't be afraid to read this post. It's not a post of sadness and despair but a look at death in its most positive form. Is that possible? I believe so.

When I was seeing a midwife for my third daughter's birth I remember talking to her about her vocation and how rewarding it must be to help people into the world, to go home after a birth, knowing she had witnessed life. She confided in me that if she weren't doing this she would like to be at the opposite end of the spectrum, helping those readying themselves for the journey out of this life. I was somewhat surprised by this admission but on further thought, it made perfect sense.

Death has become a fearful topic. Even those with strong religious and spiritual beliefs often are gripped by the fear of that journey away from the known to the unknown. Our own mortality is often something we refuse to face, to believe will actually come, although we all know it will. I've had moments where I just don't believe it.

Why would someone choose to put themselves in a position to witness death on a regular basis. On talking to people, and having sat with my father as he passed on, I think I understand the motivation. The people who help guide the last passage of a person from this to their next adventure, often see death as a positive thing and a rite of passage rather than something to be feared.

It is often us, in our grief and sadness, that wish to hold on to our loved ones. In my own particular case, when the time came for my father to pass on, I had accepted that it would happen and I was ready to help him through those last moments. I remember the quiet of the room after the last breath was taken, the sense of peace and I remember thinking of the lines "and there she beheld the great seal" and knowing for the first time, what they meant. That seal of a new beginning, the seal of understanding that their is there as much awe and amazement in death as there is in birth, that, intermingled with our own grief, is the knowledge that it is as much of a privilege to pass from this life as it is to enter it.

In our own selfish grief and sadness, because we miss the physical presence of our loved ones we often forget this. We look at death in our society as something negative because of our grief feelings associated with the loss. And that is perfectly fine. I am still grieving for the loss of my father and miss his warm smile, his gentle voice, his great sense of humour, his patience and his wisdom. That will never change. But I no longer feel angry and cheated and I'm no longer afraid of the cancer that stole him. Because within myself I came to the profound understanding that he was claiming his birthright, that we are all born to live a full and complete life, and then die. Whether our time is long or short, whether we are taken by accident or design, to die is what we were born to do, after we live.

Death is a part of our existence as a human animal. To accept that it is a natural and accepted thing is to remove the fear from it and to put it into perspective so that our entire lives are not haunted by the spectre of that scary dark place. To know that the scary dark place doesn't exist but that the energy that is our true essence simply moves on, is to leave the fear behind and acknowledge that while we are here we are to live, until we die.

I am a human, I still grieve for the losses I've had, I grieve deeply for the mother who loses a child or the child who loses a parent for any loss of a loved one in our life is devastating. But to move on with peace in our lives we have to have acceptance and peace surrounding our own lives and our own ultimate deaths. And once we understand and accept we can grieve with peace and learn the lessons we've been taught from the experience. For we haven't completely lived, until we've died, have we?

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Three Word Wednesday

Puppet Master

Hovering as a prop o'er a theatre stage
Romeo's pondering, what light is there?
hanging heavy in the heavens
invisible threads hold the sphere

moving oceans with its strength
moving hearts to stand and stare
its luster steals the hidden light
of the sun's secret glare

The threat of moonlit madness lies
beneath the surface of the soul
lulled to lust and love and dance
excited by the lunar pull

Lovers hide in secret corners
mothers birth in hidden beds
witches dance to seek her favour
following the path the moon beam leads

Passions flare and senses heighten
when her greatness hovers near
children laugh and cry with fervor
there's nothing in the moon to fear

Hovering like a theatre prop
inconstant moon it envies nothing
master of the dancing puppets
as her solar lady sits in waiting

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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Gift

Just when you need it most
and you think
it's gone! Grief overwhelms
your heart breaks because you know
this is it, and you weep in silence
for what could have been.
And as you sit there
you open your weeping eyes to see
a little silver string of light
and it lowers as if by
a celestial crane
a sparkly wrapped box gently
that hovers
before your eyes and you wonder
where has it come from?
what's inside?
you grab it desperately
and hold it in your hand
you feel it's crinkly wrap.
The satin ribbons holding it
feel like warm sunshine
and it helps to still
your trembling fingers.
And you pull the strings,
curiosity high
and open it to find
a gift you weren't expecting
filling you completely head to toe,
heart and soul
a gift that can only be given
and can only be received
by a heart that is open
and ready and prepared to receive it
it lifts from it's wrapping
floating before your eyes, unwavering
you can't catch it, but still
you hold it
it's the gift of a promise,
of ultimate faith
of love and peace.
That gift so precious
and suddenly not as rare as you had first believed
is now yours
eyes wide open
heart ready
you allow
to receive
the gift of

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Adventures and Important Stuff.

I'm very happy to announce my latest venture as the director of the newly formed Stratford Poetry Society. I was asked to do this after I was complaining about how isolating it is writing alone, no one to discuss poetry with etc. whine whine complain complain, and to shut me up I'm guessing, the idea was put forward that I set up this association of local poets. It's been successful in other places and I think that our area is rich with talent, hidden in some instances, so with a leap of faith I accepted the challenge and this is the result. With guidance and support from the source that recommended me this is what we came up with. It's a simple blog, easy to maintain and for myself a great way to meet other poets and writers who lurk out there in the community that I wouldn't meet otherwise. Over time we'll be offering classes, publishing and selling poetry anthologies and working with local poets to get their work in print. It's very exciting.

I also, since starting this post, won a contest. I am a member of and I won their monthly contest! It is this one!

But enough about me. I feel lately, because so many things have been coming my way, that my blog as turned into a brag-fest and that is so not what I intended when starting Breezedaze. So I'm going to try to focus for a while on other things, for other people and I thought I would start by introducing my favourite blogs to my readership.

I'm going to start with Cam Her blog is always full of life and enthusiasm and happiness. She's had some hard knocks in her life but seems to have figured out how to turn it around, is excited about the new home that she recently purchased and her positivity and optimism are inspiring. So pop over to visit Cam when you get a moment. I don't usually post awards but I'd give her one if I had one to give!

Actually, I think I'll pop back to the contest above. I joined the Heal Your Life website because of the simple reason that I've admired Louise Hay for years. Louise, was in her sixties when she formed her publishing company, HayHouse as a vehicle to self publish her book. She was terribly abused as a child and pulled herself out of a terrible life and made a great success of herself purely through her service to others. She was one of the first people to work with AIDS patients back when it was such a taboo disease, and she provided counselling and compassion when they were treated as lepers by most people.

If you want to watch an inspiring movie get You Can Heal Your Life. It's amazing and very inspiring and very important to anyone on a journey to self-reliance and peaceful existence.

And also, thank you to all of you who still continue to read and snoop. Things have been slow here with the summer months yet my traffic continues to grow. Your visits and comments are all appreciated.

Or visit Hay House Radio for inspirational programming that promotes peace and positivity in the world.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where is that summer?

Where is that summer of love and of laughter?
salt water tears and happy ever after
It's drifted away on a tide and a prayer
sailing slowly away on whispy warm air

Free from the chains of the cold of the winters
Deep humid nights breathe of hot love and whispers
warm day slips gently into the dusk
waving its hand with a gesture of trust

The new day dawns bright a cooler-aired morn
and a crispness that belies it's need to be born
slipping languidly into the colours of fall
scarlet canopies foreshadow slumber to them all

The lustre of haze that fizzles and drifts
dances with the sun on the edge of the cliff
it teeters and totters and falls with a crash
into the ocean with a soundless splash

This summer is gone with a silent sigh
leaving confusion and the question of why
and nature blows breezes from out of the north
and encourages rest to the masses henceforth

The walkers tread heavily on crisp-crunched dirt
mulching the food that nourishes the earth
and they bundle up warmer and briskly walk by
as the earth whispers rest is the reason why.

And the summer slips sweetly into repose
on hammocks of cobwebs and snowflakey snows
but the promise of sunshine glosses it's lips
and holds summers unlimited in its fingertips

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Moments; Big Memories

Do you ever sit back and simply marvel at the miracle of it all. Does it ever just suddenly hit you how incredibly amazing life is? I've been walking along and suddenly the clouds, the blue sky, the wind rustling through the trees remind me that this is HUGE, this life thing. It's amazing that we are here. That it is an incredible gift to have a life and to get to live it.

I see many people see life as a chore, as something to get through, they seem bogged down in worry and problems and strife and they have an inability to enjoy the gift they've been given. I've also seen people who, no matter what their lot in life, have an amazing way of living to the fullest, every moment they are gifted.

I've seen people who have life going pretty good who get mired in the possibility of losing it all and not even enjoying their good fortune. Either they're afraid they won't get more or that they'll lose what they have.

The ability to make big memories out of little moments is often the difference between joy and worry, between strife and peace.

Yesterday my littlest girl, Martie, was playing with the phone, talking to Olivia, her imaginary friend. I listened to her conversation which was "That is hysterical, you'll have to tell Sophia" and my heart was smiling at the conversation she was having with the friend who exists only in her imagination! She hung up with an excited "see you later" and informed me that Olivia was coming for a sleepover! How fun!

Children have the ability to make every little moment a big memory. I write down little things they say and do all the time, they become fodder for stories, poetry and just memories for me about the incredible part of life called childhood. Children are our best teachers, they live in little moments. They create their own world by simply imagining it's so.

We, as adults, get so hung up on the outside stuff that we forget that we actually live our life internally. Our problems are only our perception of the events that are going on around us. Our anxiety around an issue is often a bigger problem than the anxiety. I remember writing exams and watching people study and stress and study some more, even to the point of being physically ill, and then writing the exam. I never did that. I always knew enough to pass so I just wrote the thing and moved on. We all passed. The difference between the stressed out students and the non-stressed out students was simply the perception.

So lots of little moments today. Little girls demand it and I love being forced to see the small things. It makes for the very biggest memories! And of course Olivia is here this morning. More conversations to eavesdrop on!

Live every little moment to its fullest and make big memories in them. Stop stressing the little things and even further, stop stressing the big things. There are no big things. There is only life and death and a whole lot of beautiful little moments in between.

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