Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Poetry Book Winners will be announced at midnight!

I thought it would be fun to post the draw winners at midnight! The draw was made at exactly noon today!

There are two winners!

Thank you everybody!

Happy New Year!!!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Revolutions!(and final chance to win the draw)

I've decided(resolutely) that this year I'm going to do so many great changes in 2010that it's too BIG for a simple resolution. No, not me, I'm having a New Year's REVOLUTION!

That's right! I'm going to start by tearing down all the barriers to my dreams. Anyone who is negative and points out the reasons why I can't do something will be ignored. Any walls that I come upon will be knocked down, climbed over or dug under but they won't stop me!

It's time to grow, it's time to make my dreams come true. So many did in 2009 culminating with the publication of my book.

The year that has passed was a good one, full of change, full of adventure. Going into it on January 1, 2009 there was no sign of the wonder to come. Television news reporting, publishing a book, a new part time job, all wonderful things that blessed my life. Even more importantly, my family is healthy and happy and together. We are strong and we are together. There is nothing more precious to me.

I received a call from Hay House Publishing two nights ago that I had won a book! How exciting and surely a sign that this coming year will be as full of surprise and change as the previous was! Those who know me will say "you see everything as a sign" but there is a bit of a story here. Back in the spring I started a new meditation. Because I wanted to publish my book I would visualise books everywhere. I would see a stream of books, shelves of books, books floating towards me. This year I not only published my poetry book, and finished my novel(which is in final draft!) I also won several books(I've lost count but I think 5) through different contests I've entered! I've also been fortunate enough to meet wonderful authors. I could just visualise cash for 2010 but I think I'll work on health and happiness and peace, the true wealth a human needs. The rest follows. Of course I did the work, the dreams don't come true without the effort. But they do come true!

The biggest change has been within myself. There has been a revolution in my heart as I move forward into 2010. An example of this is the nutrition program at my younger daughters' school. It is to be set in place by January 28 and I'm in charge of it! I'm very proud that this is coming to our school but it's going to be a challenge. It feels good to set this in motion though, it'll make things better for the kids and the parents and all it will take is some of my time! I remember a time when I held on to my free time as though it were something to keep close to me, now I see that it is something to share with others, something to give, something more valuable when it's not held selfishly close. That is truly revolutionary!

As you go into the new year make 2010 a revolutionary year for you! Whatever your dreams are don't just resolve to do them, decide to follow them, knock down the barricades that reside mainly in your own fears and march through!

Oh and one more thing. This is the last post before the draw for my poetry book. Everyone who commens will be entered in a draw. Multiple comments mean multiple entries! Two names will be picked! I will make the draw New Year's eve and announce it here on my blog on January 1, 2010! Happy New Year!!!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Used to Be

The Sunday Sonnet.

With summer comes the heat, and memories
that weigh like irons on my soul
your brand embedded in my fantasies
painful pleasures never told

Secret rendezvous in long-grassed meadow
shaded by the dampened leaves
underneath the starry heavens
fairy tales that you believed

Rescued from the wasted loving
common sense the dragon slayed
your love now gone, those moments banished
buried where our love once laid

But the graveyard meadow speaks to me
regretful words of used to be

I am out of practice. First poetry in a long time!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of December! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

For Those Having a Rough Christmas

This holiday isn't as happy for some as others and this song reminds me that this happy Christmas for my family may not be the way others see it this year.

Here is a my favourite Christmas song sung by Robert Downey Jr. dedicated to those having a rough Holiday season this year.



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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Now I relax for exactly 20 minutes. I was up on Elf duty until 3am this morning. Now I have the stockings hung and the little girls are watching the Grinch(Jim Carey version) for the 343890th time. Do you know Whos have twelve toes? True.

I leave in a while to go pick up my daughter Alyssa and her boyfriend who will be staying the night. For Christmas eve dinner I will cook them deep fried codfish caught from the ocean off the shores of my home town. My husband is almost home but will not make it for dinner. He'll be home a little later...just in time to help me tuck two excited little girls into bed.

Once everyone is safe and sound under my roof I will breathe a sigh of relief and likely partake of a little raspberry martini or perhaps some red must be red. We'll listen to the Barra McNeils Christmas Albums full of Celtic rhythms and I'll probably break out the bodhran and smack it around a little. If hubby is home in time we might slip over to the neighbours for a quick visit as it has become our tradition to do that since we moved into our home. We enjoy their company, a retired couple of empty nesters who are full of fun stories. There is something special about spending time with a couple who have raised 5 children and are still able to joke and be friends to each other that gives us something to be optimistic about for our future.

Santa will show up as we sleep of course. And being very mean parents we have an 8am kid may go downstairs or wake us up until 8am. Then we'll all stumble quickly, parents stumbly as we light the tree, hit play on the CD player for the mood music and pour coffee into awaiting cups.

Wrapping paper will cover the floor and happy faces will show us what they got from Santa, their reward for being the best kids ever gifted to a set of parents. We'll tease the older ones as they rip into their presents with as much excitement as the wee ones!

There'll be some grumbling, the oldest is expecting our first grandchild in July and she has a rough time in the mornings. Perhaps the distraction of a pile of loot wrapped under the tree will give her a reprieve from her nausea. Meanwhile, we're gonna be GRANDPARENTS. I love my 4 daughters more than life but I'm really rooting for a little boy to join our family...of course little girls are always more than welcome!

Then later, after breakfast, we'll drive the oldest home and then later my brother and his wonderful girlfriend will come for dinner with our family! We have spent Christmas day together for the past 3 years and it's such a blessing. I spent it with no siblings for a long time and it's nice to have someone from the family I grew up in to share my day with.

I am truly blessed. I leave you with the hope that your day will be as simple and as wonderful as mine. Gifts are fun, family is priceless. If there is one purpose to Christmas is it forces you to really look at what is important, what should be of value as life go by. Christmas, for all its commercial trappings can provide the opportunity for contemplating perspective and purpose. If it lets you stop and consider these things for even a few hours, it's the best gift you can be given. If you don't celebrate Christmas, take the time for that anyway, it's the best gift you can give yourself and truly the reason for the season.

From my home to yours, I wish you a fantastic holiday, however you celebrate. May joy and peace and love permeate your heart and the hearts of those around you. May you have the blessings of the season through the entire new year. And may your heart be open to sharing those blessings with others.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday Roast Book Winner!

In celebration of being roasted by Eddie over at Clouds and Silvery Linings I hosted a prize giveaway, a copy of my poetry book Wind Rhymes, for anyone who commented on the roast post or my post of the same day.

Through a very scientific method(writing down all the names and then having my 4 year old draw one from a bucket in the dark) We have chosen the winner.

Congratulations to Janine at Sniffles and Smiles, the winner of the poetry book! Please forward me your mailing address so that I can send you your copy!

Thank you to all those who commented and read the Sunday roast. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eddie and meeting a whole new batch of wonderful bloggers!

Happy Holidays to one and all!

And to my regular readers..the draw for the book for you will be held on January 1, 2010! Thought it would be a great way to celebrate the new comment on any post of mine and be entered!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wish List

It's a busy time of year and I've been too caught up in the season to think about blogging much...well truthfully I've been thinking about blogging I just haven't been able to think of anything to blog about or to find the time to sit and actually do it.

My email just tossed me the Daily Show's top ten shows of 2009 and Colbert also sent me a reminder of theirs. So I though perhaps I should do my own top ten list.

First I considered doing my top ten posts but then I thought that was a little bit self-important so instead I've decided to post my top ten list of wishes for 2010 for you and yours.

So here it is..what I wish for you for this Holiday Season(whatever you celebrate) and for your life.

1. I wish you health. Without health of body it is increasingly difficult to focus on the rest of life. There are those who chose to find peace and joy in spite of health challenges but I hope everyone finds the ease in having a healthy physical body in 2010.

2. I wish you joy.
I hope that you spend a great deal of your time in laughter over the moments of your life, both the big ones and the little ones.

3. I wish you passion. I hope that you find a way to do the things you love most of all. That you find out the thing that makes you thrill from the inside out, the thing you would do for free.

4. I wish you surrounded by unconditional love. I want you to feel the joy of knowing that you are loved for the divine and perfect being you are. You are a divine spirit worthy of such infinite love.

5. I wish you understanding. I hope that the light of understanding shines on you this entire year so that you may give and receive it freely and completely.

6. I wish you acceptance. I hope that in this world you experience the freedom to be exactly who you are without the judgment of others for your unique qualities on this earth.

7. I wish you the opportunity to serve others. I sincerely hope that you find ways to give or yourself to others in ways that reward your heart in a manner you deserve.

8. I wish you abundance.
I want for you to tap into the flow of everything that is available and have it flow uninhibited to your life as you are entitled.

9. I wish you patience. Infinite patience brings immediate results. The peace of knowing that in this moment all is perfect and that it shall be so in the next is a gift I wish for you.

10. I wish you peace. The peace of living without fear, the peace of living without want and the peace of having a mind unencumbered by erroneous fear and filled only with love and acceptance.

With all my heart, with all of my soul I wish these things for you and for all of your loved ones. I wish it for all mankind and I wish it forever.

From my home to yours, have a very special holiday season!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Much Does it Pay?

I recently took a part-time job. And since that time several people have asked "How much does it pay?"

I've recently published a book. Recently people have started asking me "How much money will you get for that?"

Some time ago I starting doing news reporting for a local Cable television program. Same question was asked.

Now perhaps times have changed or perhaps I grew up in a culture where people didn't ask each other such questions, it was considered rude, but every single time someone has asked me I've been tempted to answer "None of your business." Mostly I've given them a look that says "I can't believe you just asked me that" and walked away.

I took the part-time job because I no longer want a full-time career in least not in the business I used to be in. I also took a part time job because it came up and appealed to me and because the hours were flexible in that I didn't have to pay a sitter, I can work while my kids are at school and it's in retail, something I've never worked at. I like people, especially those with babies. It pays enough.

I did the television thing because I'm a news junkie, I love it and the idea appealed to me. I like talking to people, particularly those who are out there making the world go round, the news makers. I've interviewed an MP, an MPP, The director of the local autism society, gotten people to sing the twelve days of Christmas on the street and learned how to operate a television camera to some degree. I've learned something about the magic of television, particularly how quickly my hair went from blonde to brunette in back to back stories!

I do the writing because it's in my soul and it has to come out. It's what I have to do with my life. I would do it for free..and mostly I do for now.

Does money come into the equation? Of course and yes, I'm earning some. I am earning exactly what I should be and need to be earning at this point in time. Would I like more? Sure, I don't know many people in my circle of friends who wouldn't and many of them have way more than I do.

If we were starving, if we were even close to the edge of poverty then it would be a bigger issue. My children are little and my husband and I have decided this is enough for now. More work would take away from their quality of life and my ability to parent them well on my own.

What is it with the preoccupation with money? Who asks another person how much they earn? Is that really done? Have you ever asked a person how much they earn? Who do you think has the right to ask that question? I'm baffled by the whole thing.

For me there is a far more important currency. The currency that matters to me is "meaning." I read a quote the other day. It is an ancient saying. There are two hungers, the little hunger and the Great hunger. The little hunger is the hunger of the belly. The Great hunger is the hunger for meaning.

I will always earn enough money to feed the little hunger in both myself and my family. Of this I have no doubt. It has always happened that way in the past and will continue to do so in the future. What must happen from now on is a feeding of the hunger I have for meaning. I've ignored the hunger for too long now.

I find meaning in the volunteer work I do at the school, setting up the Nutritional Program that will start at the end of January. I find it in meeting and talking to people who set policy, who change people's lives through their work. I find it in my writing and I find it playing with babies at the little store I work at. I also find it in the faces of my children who will always remain my priority.

So the answer to those who ask how much does it pay?

It is priceless.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

If you like walking with one good heel. So I spent Saturday shopping. I'm not a fan of shopping. I'm not a good consumer at all but I had a few Christmas dollars to spend and I'm running out of time. So I take my 3 girls off to Kitchener, the BIG city about half an hour east of here.

I have a dear friend who works at a place where they make saddles for horses. One of my winter boots were torn at the seam so I dropped it off at her place. I was wearing my other boots, fashion boots, little short ones with a heel. I had finished(thankfully) and as I got in the car somehow hooked my heel into the floor of the car and broke it completely off!

Now I have other boots. They kinda look like this.

What's wrong with those you ask? They are warm and perfect for this cold Canadian winter I keep complaining about. They will keep the wind out and my toes perfectly warm while I wrestle with the snow blower and the shovel.

Yes they are quite sufficient. Unless you are interviewing the Member of Parliament! Yes, on Monday I get to interview the MP for this riding for our New Year's eve news special and the only boots I have are those GARGANTUAN boots!

Now with the magic of television I'm sure the Camera operator can make sure my boots don't appear but somehow it kind of seems a little off to wear boots like this to meet the Member of Parliament.

Can you picture it. There I am in this nice outfit, dressy pants, pretty cami with a jacket, nice dressy scarf, hair and make-up to perfection for television ...and then these massive, perfect for giving the hubby a swift-kick-in-the-butt boots. It's not going to work is it?

Oh and did I mention that it's an indoor interview? Yep..I could wear shoes except, getting into the office will require going through the parking lot and well, I need boots for that because this is Canada, this is winter, and there will be snow or ice. Either I'll fill up my pumps with the white stuff and lose a few toes to frostbite or slip on a patch of black ice and go arse over teakettle, pumps asunder! Either way the impression on the MP would not be the one I was going for.

So that was my dilemma and then I remembered! Walmart is open 24 hours. It's 30minutes away but my older daughter and her friend are here to babysit, it's a beautiful evening and I need boots! So I bought a nice pair, almost like the ones being repaired, they are actually warm though dressy and will look fine under my dressy pants. They are kind of like these.

So bring on the Member of Parliament! Heck bring on the Prime Minister, wait, no never mind, not fond of him. So forget that, though these nice new Walmart boots might be perfect for kicking some Tory butt!

This kind of thing seems to happen just a little too often. I swear the universe gets bored and says "What if we..." and then sends these little comedy of errors our way just for laughs. But thanks to the greed of Wally World, I've got boots and I don't have to risk my life tomorrow in miserable weather to do so!

I am out a few bucks but now at least I have back up boots! I wonder, can I use them as a tax write-off? There must be a "impress the MP with nice boots exemption!"

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've been Roasted!

This morning the smoke alarm went off three times. We were completely confused as to what was happening until I signed on to blogger and remembered that Eddie Bluelights over at Clouds and Silvery Linings had the spit turning with me, a veggie no less, roasting over the fire. Powerful Eddie, to set off alarms across the Atlantic!

I rushed over to Eddie's blog to read what he has put together, because you see Eddie takes editing privileges and although he's a lovely man, he can't be trusted with the handle of the spit. I think he left my butt over the fire a little too long!

Being roasted was an interesting process.

First of all he needed a picture. I sent this picture to him from that time I visited Rob Pattinson on the set of Twilight. Tiger Woods was busy that day(something about an emergency room and a golf club in his escalade) so I hopped over for a rendezvous with my favourite vampire and the paperazzi captured a great picture of us. I immediately sent that one off to Eddie because it really captured my good side.

The first set of questions were easy to answer. Just straightforward interview type questions. Not too roasty.

Then things got hot! Eddie decided he wanted to make the roast a little more fiery! And I was to be the first victim, erm, I mean candidate. I agreed immediately because I was distracted at the time, drunkenly removing all the text(sext?) msgs and voicemails Tiger had ever sent me.(another lost weekend sigh)

So I got to answer Eddie's fun questions at the end. I did so to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoyed them.

Then Eddie said I could ask him a question and so I asked him the first question I ever asked Rob Pattinson or Tiger or any of my other conquests(excluding Matt Damon because my friend at Transcript of a Significant Life is very stingy and won't share him at all..grrrr). Boxers, Briefs or Commando? Eddie answered. Or did he? Mmmm..with that non-answer Eddie I think you could run for politics!

Hop on over to Eddie's blog to read the entire roast. Let's hope the smoke alarm stops going off as the windows open at Eddie's Blog!

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A-Muse-in Me; Photographer April Lindfors

When I started to assemble the poetry for my book Wind Rhymes; Poetry from the Breeze, April from A-Muse-in-Me, who also happens to be a long time internet buddy starting when we were both in a due date club expecting our now 4 year old babies, offered me some black and white photos.

Now you must understand that I have no photography skills. I like digital, take a hundred photos, get one good one! So the offer was immediately accepted.

Then she started to send me some of the pictures she thought might suit my needs and I was floored. I was not expecting such high quality art! They were exquisite and they were perfectly suited. As artists we lean in the same direction though our mediums are different. Her nature photography complimented my poetry perfect.

There was a hitch though. I needed a cover photo in colour. So April set out to take one. When she sent me the photography I was in awe. It was so perfect. The book title "Wind Rhymes" and the photo, an autumn leaf drifing on an errant breeze was so perfect it took my breath away. I immediately made arrangements to change the colour of the book from its original green to the colour of the leaf in the photo. The resulting photo is inspired
So a little about April. Well first of all she is also a poet. She writes on her blog A-Muse-in-Me. She should put together her own book of poetry, her work is certainly worthy but where she truly excels is in her music. Much of her poetry makes its way into song. If you scoot over to my sidebar you will see a little sample of her work. Her beautiful voice marries with her poetry beautifully and she is currently embarking on her singing career, a career that holds much promise and success. I'm anxiously awaiting her first CD.

Being incredibly multi-talented, April has several homes on the web to display her work.

My favourite place is her Etsy Store where you can purchase archive quality copies of her photos including the ones in my book. These pictures are perfect for framing and available in time for Christmas.

Her music is showcased at this blog

Her photography space can be found by going HERE.
but the hub of her work remains A-Muse-in-Me

Please check out these links and support April and her work in any way you can.

On a personal note, thank you April. Without you this book would not be the same, your beautiful photos made it a work of art and your support and advice throughout the process made it that much easier and fun for me!

Congratulations on a job well done!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Blues; Not this year!

My daughter, Sophia Chaffey enjoying the snow!

I have alway, in my adult life anyways, truly abhorred winter. It's a messy business, all that snow and fuss, unable to drive where you want to go, snow, no sunshine, snow, dressing kids in clothes that takes hours to put on, snow, warming the car, scraping the car, shovelling the step, snow blowing the driveway with a cursed snow blower that never works properly. I love Canada but hate its winters. I often wonder if the one divine mistake was having me born on a little Island on Canada's east coast instead of say, Maui? Perhaps the "W" was smudged or something and they read east instead of west.

I've decided though, that this year I won't let winter get to me. First of all I've found an advantage. When it's winter I'm going to write more because frankly, there isn't all that much else to do. In my romantic mind I cross country ski, or snowmobile and get out there and enjoy it all. In my practical mind, the one that really doesn't like frozen rosy cheeks, who gets hives(literally) from the cold and who never seems to have the right snow gear, it's really not going to happen.

So I've decided I'm not going to fight winter. If the snow blower doesn't work we won't leave the house. If the roads are slippery I'll miss whatever I have planned and do something else. I will not hate winter this year because I won't fight it.

I sat down and decided to write the advantages of winter, the positive points so that I had a reference point, something to look at when the shortened days get to me a little.

1. Christmas. I like Christmas, particularly the visiting friends, cooking dinner, children playing, carollers and Santa Clause parades. Unfortunately it comes early in winter so it won't get me through for too long.

2. The kids love it. They really do. They love to play in the snow and make snowmen and I love their ruddy red cheeks when they come in from outside.

3. It's down time. I can write more, I don't plan things, it's week after week of boredom that now I will fill up with words.

4. I can take that online editing class I've been wanting to take. It starts in January.

5. With the Internet winter isn't as isolating as it used to be.

So there are 5 positive things about winter. Today we had our first storm, my feet got wet because it was a slush storm, the car was frozen over, the kids had to be driven on icy roads to school and I made it back in one piece and I only cursed twice. I only yelled "I hate winter" three times and I only nearly fell down once. I also must apologise to mother earth for those "Bring on global warming comments" as they were completely out of line.

See it's already better than last year!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

In this Community of Plenty

I live in a nice community in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. I heard today that the poorest of our poor are still in the top ten percent in the world for privilege. I thought, how lucky we are, how fortunate to live here, in this land of plenty.

Then I went to the school council meeting. I volunteered at the last meeting to see if we could find enough volunteers to implement a nutritional snack program. It would be entirely funded by a special program of the county, be universal for all children regardless of need and would provide a snack daily from each of the three main food groups, vegetable or fruit, protein, and Carbohydrate. They all have to be fresh and have strict nutritional guidelines. After a month of promotion, a story in the local community newspaper(Thank you Tavistock Gazette!) this community stepped up! We have the volunteers and the go ahead to start the program in January.

Then I came home and mentioned to my daughter about this program. I had gotten an idea of the need of some of the children and was curious as to if there was any child in her class without food. She proceeded to tell me that there is a child who comes to school every day with little or no food. In an abstract way I knew this happens but to know, concretely, in this wonderful town of plenty, that this child and likely her siblings are hungry breaks my heart. I worked hard to hold back the tears until my children were asleep. My daughter also said "If they didn't have the no sharing of food policy I would give her some of my lunch." How difficult for other children to watch and to have a rule that prevents them from sharing. I understand the dangers of food allergies but this is hunger. I'm brainstorming ways to help this child that doesn't interfere with her dignity, or her privacy. Sometimes the rules that protect us are frustrating in how they also limit us.

Now that I do know, what do I do? First I emailed some people, then I came on here to blog. Now I wait for some answers. This nutritional program doesn't start until January. That's a long time and this is urgent.

The fact is though, that in this community of plenty this should not ever happen. In this community that jumped in to help with the nutritional program, this will no longer happen. We are going to fix this and see that it doesn't happen again. In this community of plenty, children shouldn't ever go hungry.

But unfortunately they still do. I heard Justin Trudeau speak once for two hours and I remember one sentence stood out to me, though his entire message was inspiring.

He said "Life isn't fair" then he paused for a moment and said "but it ought to be."

In this community of plenty "It really ought to be."

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Indigo; An excerpt!

With all of the excitement of the poetry book I almost forgot about the novel! I am currently working on Chapter 20 of the third draft.

Here is a little sample from that chapter set at the Royal York in Toronto in 1989. I hope you like it.

"He leaned back against her legs where she sat, wrapped warmly in the deluxe white robe the hotel had provided and laughed along with her, the yellow haze of peace falling like a flowing wave of warm caramel from his brow downward. He handed her the joint and she finished it tossing the tiny remains in the lead crystal ashtray.
She stroked his long jet black hair gently and relaxed into the twin feeling. Their connection grew in the silence as the sweet mellow sounds of Jackson Browne filled the room. They both became lost in the smooth voice of poetry married to music that filled the luxury suite. They stayed that way for a long while until life and the city and the waning buzz drifted them gently back down. Then later they slept in the large king-sized bed, curled together like happy contented children. Neither of them ever slept as well as they did together."

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looky looky, it's my Booky!!!

To Get Your Copy of Wind Rhymes contact me at The book is $16 Canadian and $18 to ship to the US. I accept paypal or a personal cheque. I appreciate your support.

It will be available on Amazon in the near future!

Guess What! I have copies, two of them, of my book! Wow! What an incredible feeling to hold something in your hand that you created. Something even a year ago seemed like a dream. I cannot even explain how thrilling it is. Clouds have been under my feet all day and the sun has been sitting on my shoulder!

What a great day it's been and the book is not the only reason! First I recieve my complimentary copies of the book and then tonight went to see my favourite band, Blue Rodeo.

These guys have been playing the theme songs of my life for as long as I remember. At every intersection in my life there has been a Blue Rodeo song, a reflection of how I feel, telling me I'm ok, that someone else has felt that way as well. They've entertained me, consoled me and thrilled me.

Tonight, at this intersection, the day I hold my first published book in my hands, they didn't just provide me with a song on the radio but they were right there, rocking my soul and stroking my heart, in person! I laughed, danced and wept at the joy and the beauty of it all. It was perfect.

I will soon have the copies for the draw as well! Keep commenting, Every comment is an entry!

Thank you every one of you for your support! My appreciation is immeasurable but there is one thing I want every one of you to do for me. See this as proof that dreams can come true if you dream them and then take the steps to make them happen!

CLICK HERE to hear Blue Rodeo sing my favourite song!

Business: How to get a book!

If anyone is interested in ordering copies the copies are $15.00 incl. shipping in Canada and $18.00 including shipping to the US. I'll have to research shipping charges to calculate for other countries. Right now they can only be ordered through me by sending me paypal to Send me an email at the same email with your mailing address so I know where to send your copy.

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Advice vs Intuition. What do you think?

I've actually become quite good at deciding whether to take advice or just go on my own way. I've become bolder and more confident as I've grown older, I've given up caring what people think of what I do and just do it for the pleasure of doing it.

This is particularly true of the novel I'm writing. I've been studying writing, doing some online workshops to hone my craft.

I'm finding that my book often breaks the rules of writing. I'm a little overboard with the descriptive narrative, my dialogue doesn't ring true, it's a little "out there" in the airy fairy world etc.

And I listen and take notes and then keep on doing what I'm doing, only changing things if they match what I'm going for. When I decided to write "this" novel it was with the intention that it be light and poetic. I wanted the language to be beautiful and creative because it's my first book and the book that I get to practice this in. I wanted the feel of the world around the characters to reflect the times in their lives that they were in at the moment. I wanted it to be romantic, not in the happy ever after, but in the life is romantic and sweet and difficult and beautiful way.

But my biggest hitch is the dialogue. I write from my own experience. My characters are from my home province and we have a distinct dialect and our own special meanings to words. I don't write in the vernacular but I hear the dialogue with the lilt of the Newfoundland language and try to "describe it" in there somehow.

I recently had a critique of a scene that said "No one would say this." The dialogue itself was one word. Here it is.

"She carefully settled into the crook of his arm but her caution was wasted. He stirred and became aware. He pulled her closer whispering one word as he held her in his strong, now familiar, arms.

“Wicked.” the heart-stopping grin touched his lips briefly just before he kissed her. She smiled at him and agreed with her eyes and then drifted again into a light sleep at the dawn of the new day. The sun lifted itself over the earth to shine hot rays on the couple through the dirty window with its cracked pane held together with a wide strip of greying masking tape. But even in these dingy and dirty surroundings, there was great beauty in the new love that was dawning, as hot and as powerful as the sunrise."

Now I can find a lot to criticise about this piece. It's a little wordy, there are some things that will likely change. However..I'm from Newfoundland as are my main characters and if something is exceedingly good it's "Wicked."

But this guy doesn't seem to believe that, thinks I'm hanging on to this one word out of some attachment to the scene or being a difficult writer. I'm not..we say "wicked" we really do. It doesn't mean evil, it means "excellent."

So what's a writer to do? Do I pull it because this "expert" says so? He thinks that other, non-Newfoundlanders won't get it. Well, perhaps. But I've read Dickens and Austen and Shakespeare and they weren't Canadian but I got it. I'm giving my readers the benefit of the doubt. I've explained their heritage, they know these characters aren't from Ontario or California or England.

I know what I know to be true.

There is also one other aspect to this. My novel is fiction but there are scenes in it that are absolutely true. As a writer we pull bits and pieces of our own experiences and add them to the work. This scene is a memory. This scene is true.

So I'm leaving it for now. I may pull it later for another reason, if a valid one presents itself but not for this reason. Expert be damned!(and I know you're a subscriber so yeah, I'm talking to you!xx)

Holding on to what you believe to be the truth and following through on your convictions is difficult at times. I think you have to be truly confident in yourself and your intentions. But there needs to be a balance. I don't want to be stubborn and unable to learn what is being taught but I want to be able to hold on to my own confidence and trust my own ability to make my work what I want it to be.

This is not just a writing thing, this is a life thing. In any endeavor, finding the balance between trusting your instincts and trusting others is a challenge. Both are important for learning and growth but I think intuition has a place at the head of the line.

So what do you think? Do I leave it in? Do I listen to the workshop guy and pull it for that reason? You tell me?

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Excerpt from INDIGO

"She’d introduced herself as Chris but Joe preferred her full name, Christianna. It was a somewhat unusual name, simultaneously spiritual and earthy. He liked the way it sounded in his mind. It flowed through his consciousness as if it were a thought that belonged there, that was supposed to have been spoken by him at some point in his life, meant to flow through his lips and hang in the air a moment, sweet, uncommon, special.

“We have to go Christianna” he said, her name on his lips as sweet as it had sounded in his mind. Recoiling at his use of her full name, she hesitated for a moment, then felt unexpected pleasure. For the first time, her name sounded beautiful to her."

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Saddest News

Can there be anything sadder than the loss of a child? My heart goes out to a local couple, two people I have never met, who lost a child overnight. We are not supposed to outlive our children and it is a cruelty to great to imagine. Hold your sweet ones near and be grateful. I am today.

Unnatural grief, the cruel betrayal
the saddest trick of nature
the loss of the one who was gifted to them
to dance in their lives forever

What tears they'll cry, what darkness they'll feel
as the day breaks with the blackest of truths
the innocent gone, now a black gaping hole
no condolences or poetry sooths

Stolen between noon and forever
in the earliest days of the dance
hello and goodbye in minutes and years
barely given a chance

Sweetest of flowers dance in the mist
where the sweetest of blossoms now bloom
You now are a darling, sweet child of the heavens
taken from here far too soon.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Excerpt from INDIGO~A Cottage Darling!

"She was off plucking a dead flower from a planter and it gave Chris a moment to hesitate and then she offered words that rung fake in her ears.
“Time will make it easier I guess” her mind still on the revelation of the moment before. Oh God, what if this was her fault.
Guilt laid a familiar net over her head, trapping her in its mesh, tangling her with the idea that she had caused this, that she had been the reason he was sad. The reason he had died. She was caught in the idea, the thoughts repeating themselves, dragging her under, drowning her with the possibility that because she had let him go he had gone for good."

In writing a "darling" is a piece of prose that is extra, erroneous, something you particularly love that you have written but that doesn't work for some reason or another. I pulled this "darling" reluctantly from the book yesterday though I can't say for sure it's staying away. Sometimes as writers we become so attached to our "darlings" that we get bogged down, refusing to murder them. Instead of completely murdering mine I exile them to a file called "The Cottage" and this was one that was sent yesterday. I had gone into a descripton of the charater's guilt feelings earlier on and I felt it was simply erroneous to the chapter. It may return though, if I can make it work. If not in this book then my next book, where ever someone is wracked with guilt, because I think it's a bit good. So here is my first "Cottage Darling" excerpt from Indigo!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

You Crossed My Mind Again Today

You crossed my mind again today
unbidden flash of memory
imprinting on my mourning soul
your brilliant abundant energy

You crossed my mind again today
lost love two decades old
gone forever, stolen away
by the thief that robs so bold

You crossed my mind again today
your arm around my shoulder
dancing on my living grave
and making my heart flutter

You crossed my mind again today
a ghostly reminiscence
reminding me you've really gone
though I can feel your essence

You crossed my mind again today
and kissed my fractured heart
that broke in half so long ago
when we were forced apart

You crossed my mind again today
bringing me release
I said aloud your ghostly name
my darling rest in peace

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-order your copy of my poetry book!

Photo Credit: April Lindfors

My poetry book has been scheduled for publication on December 15, 2009! If you would like to preorder a copy please let me know. The cost is $12.00 per copy plus shipping. The only way to pay is by Paypal at my or by mailing a cheque to me. Email me for the address. Shipping charges will be applied at the time of the order. You can contact me and I will let you know before you pay what the exact amount is.

Just put "pre-order Wind Rhymes" in the signanture portion of your email.

Also, join my BreezeDaze Fan Page on Face Book!

Thank you to everybody for your support. Pre-ordered copies will be signed by me.

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Updates, News and Murdering the Darlings!

It's been 4 weeks of Drama at the Breezie house. Littlest girl, aka Rose Petal, had H1N1, an ear infection, pneumonia and this past weekend, while I attended the opening of New Moon she injured the muscles in her neck which resulted in another trip to the emergency room for xrays and two days of me carrying her around until the tissues healed. I joined a gym, I'm not strong enough for all of this!

So it's been revisions on the novel and finally word on the poetry book. It's ready to go, final proofing is done, the cover is done, the pictures are in there, bios are ready and the ISBN has been assigned and registered with the National Library of Canada. My publishing company is ENNA Imprints!

I was also chosen as a favourite writer over at Poetry Dances! for the November to January period!

I am loving the editing process so far. I've pulled great chunks out of the novel and replaced them with better chunks. Everybody moans and groans at this part but I think watching the book evolve into a better book, reading your obvious mistakes, choosing the substandard parts and popping out all the extra words is a great lesson in self discipline.

I've been "murdering my darlings" which is an expression that writers use to describe removing a piece of their writing that they love but just doesn't work. I've also been practicing a lot of "show, don't tell" and plan to do a blog post on some work I've been doing on that.

I started a workshop online a few months ago and it's been a great learning experience. I am learning so much and I think doing it now in the middle of editing was of great benefit. When I have a section I'm stuck on I ask my teacher to workshop it with me and he is happy to do so. Then I pop it back on the page.

So that's my little update. I'm trying to post something every few days but for a while it'll likely be simple excerpts. As the busy Christmas season comes upon is I'm working on maintaining peace and joy in my life. After the drama of sick children could anything be more desirable?

And remember...keep commenting! You are all being entered daily in the draw for the poetry book! I'm writing your names down and multiple entries will be available!

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Teaser~Excerpt from Indigo

"The wind howled and fought with the rain for dominance over the night and neither won the battle. The sunrise that early Sunday morning revealed that the lovers had not slept and they watched it creep up into the sky through the rain-washed windows.
In the scarlet light of the sun’s rays, through some magical trick of the atmosphere, the ocean appeared to be a brilliant indigo rug, spread out over a brand new earth, reborn, ready to be walked on by new beginnings, ready to support life, ready to bear the preordained promise of never-ending love. And she imagined they walked on it, defying science and nature, hovering above the gentle waves, buoyed by the love of the ages."

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Excerpt from INDIGO

"Clothes were strewn in surprised piles. The counter held dirty dishes, there was stale water in the sink, the traces of soap bubbles disappearing as the water cooled to a tepid, grey pond. The greasy algae stuck to the sides of the stainless steel sink in a slubby white ring. The beds were unmade and boxes were scattered all over the apartment, as though they had been distributed randomly by some selective tornado. Christianna revelled in the mess. Her nose wrinkled at the smell, tempting her to clean it up, put it back the way it was but she resisted the urge, smiling to herself. She would clean it up in her own good time. It was her secret revenge for the days of living in what she called sanitary confinement."

Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Short Story; The Tick of the Engine

She heard the tick of the engine fading in the distance and a shiver went down her spine. Someone walking over my grave she thought as she walked the well-worn path back to the house in the semi-light early morning hours. The cold mist lay over the land, a shroud of stillness that would burn away with the heat of the sun. It was not foggy, not clear and too early to say what the day would be like. As with most Newfoundlanders she thought of the weather often and wondering what the day would be "like" meant fair or foul, rather than whether it was a successful day. A successful day meant a good catch of fish and that was up to providence.

She always walked Tom to the wharf and saw him off; she always woke when he woke and made sure his lunch was in the shabby blue grub box that had been his father's and his father's fathers in times past and it was she who carried it for him to the stage head each morning.

She also always cooked him a hot breakfast and made him strong tea as was her duty and Tom was a rare man, he saw it as a favour, not a requirement and the duty was easier for his goodness. She loved her Tom in the deep quiet way of the times and brushed away acknowledgment, the admission of this weakness of her heart with a brusqueness that belied the depth of her feelings.

She was bone-tired, a weariness she knew was a sign of the blessing to come and she sighed. The babies were coming regularly as was to be expected but they drained the energy from her body more each time. Only her fierce determination to continue as though nothing was amiss as though she were as hardy as Tom thought got her through. She refused to disappoint him with a sign of weakness, something that was not to be borne, and she carried on with determination and grit. He'd married a strong, hardy girl and she'd never allow weakness or frailty to show though sometimes she slipped off to their bedroom to nap while he was gone on the water.

She licked her lips as the wind picked up and the sudden taste of salt on them told her what the direction of the wind was. The tick of the engine faded completely and the pit of her stomach ached for a brief moment as it always did when that comforting sound was suddenly gone. She picked up her pace as the chill broke through her coat and made her shiver again.

It wasn't so cold though that she didn't stop and walk around the bridge that spanned the back of the house to look out over the water for signs of what the day would bring. It was still a bit dark and the shadows of the cliffs and rocks were ghostly in the distance. The water roared like an angry animal, disgruntled at being slowed by the cliffs it bashed against. She suddenly became aware of a storm in the air and a dull ache in her left hip confirmed it for her.

Tom counted on her for weather, she had an uncanny way of knowing when a severe storm brewed, but she'd not had any signs before he left and hadn't known to warn him. The fatigue from the pregnancy had made her head fuzzy and her senses dull. She quickly shook her head, nipping the sense of foreboding that suddenly came upon her, in the bud. She turned quickly to go around the house to the front door before she could give it further license

She entered the house to silence. This early in the morning there was not yet another up, the baby slept with her sisters now, where she slept the longest and the warmest between them. Annie was six and Mary was four. The baby, Rachel was almost two and the younger girls were her constant caretakers. Her mother was too busy with the work of the days to care for babies beyond nursing them while they still needed her milk. But Rachel was now weaned and Annie and Mary loved and doted on their little sister. Bigger sisters, each in her turn became caretaker of the new babies, adopting them as her own. It was the way it was in big families. Boys were different of course, boys learned outdoor work, not baby care, but there were no boys yet to share Tom's load. Maybe this time she hoped.

The older girls, Bessie and Margaret were able to work around the house now at ten and twelve. And at twelve, the eldest Margaret was proving to be quite the hard worker, a pride to her mother as much as a role model for her younger sister Bessie who struggled to keep up but was sickly and weaker and needed a bit more time and frequent rests though she tried hard to learn the skills to keep a good house. Her mother was harsh sometimes with no patience for sickness and weakness and her older sister often did more work to compensate for her closest sister. If the work was done, mostly mother was satisfied though everyone knew Margaret carried the load.

She rarely let her mind slip to the lost ones, the two babies that had come between Annie and Bessie, their only boy, too small to live who hadn't breathed at all and his sister who had lived for a day but also passed too soon to really have made any mark on the world. James and Patience, the boy not named after his father, they'd save that name for a living boy, and Patience, a name too frivolous to have ever been bestowed upon a living daughter, was given to the little girl who would be the only one in the family given a "pretty" name over a practical, serviceable one.

They were each quietly and solemnly baptized in her bedroom and were buried next to each other in the church cemetery, unmarked until one of their parents passed and a marker would be shared with them. She wept for each, the day of their deaths and then that was it. Tom looked at her with confusion each time a child was lost, his blue eyes holding a sad searching, as though he didn't know quite what to do about her or them and she'd stiffened her spine each time and bore up stoically for his benefit. She must be hardy for Tom, like the pitcher plants on the marsh that survived anything the cold north Atlantic winters tossed at them. It was what he liked best about her.

The work of the morning was a blessing for it kept her mind and her eyes off the blackening skies in the distance that coloured the cold waters of the ocean in the dark hue of mourning. She knew Tom would be late; his was always the last boat in. He fished alone, having no brother; he'd always done so though she knew he'd meet this man or that on the grounds where he'd go. It had been clear enough to make out the marks this morning or he wouldn't have gone but now the sky was threatening and dangerous.

She went quickly to bring in the small line of clothes she'd strung up in defiance earlier in the day. Her ears prickled at the sound of the tick of an engine only to be disappointed yet again. Not Tom, the silence between the ticks longer that of Tom's engine and it was that silence between the ticks of the motor that she knew so well. A little miss, a hesitation that distinguished it from Micky Hammond's boat or the Murphy boys' skiff. She watched the sky with quiet anxiety, knowing, were there were fish to be had Tom wouldn't leave that ground for home. She felt proud and frustrated all at once.

The wind picked up and she felt the first pecks of the rain as she dragged the last sheet off the line with a yank and pulled herself towards the house ignoring the increasing twinge of pain in her hip. She might have wrenched it somewhere and she couldn't remember. It meant nothing she thought as she denied every clue that a bad storm was brewing. Her heart refused to believe what her eyes told her because her ability to get through each moment demanded it.

The girls were about their work, bread laid out on the counter rising, potatoes and cabbage for dinner in the bowl waiting, salt beef, turnip, carrots boiling in the pot, the clock ticking off the minutes under Margaret's watchful eye, waiting for the exact moment when potatoes and cabbage would join them. Her stomach rolled at the smell of the aroma of Tom's favourite meal. She went to the pantry and pulled out the boiled raisin cake she'd made the day before. It was to be for Sunday but she thought Tom might want it today. She put the butter out too. He liked butter on his cake.

The table was set and minutes slipped away, one into another until the dinner was cooked. The wickedness of the wind could no longer be ignored and Bessie commented on it, wondering out loud if her father was safe to be out there. Her mother harshly snapped at her to get her lazy body to work, in a sharp tone, and to stop being so foolish over a bit of wind and rain as she rubbed a hand over the ever increasing pain in her hip. It was a bad one. The sea would swell and the wind would dance a deadly two-step. It would come seemingly out of nowhere in the harsh north Atlantic as these storms did, harbingers of death and destruction and more than one vulnerable little skiff had fallen to their sudden swift and malicious fury. While the ocean offered up a valuable gift sometimes it demanded a bounty and that bounty was a price too high to pay.

Yet again she shook it off and her ears strained to hear over the increasing volume of the wind outside. She felt a dread in the pit of her stomach, a deep and desperate dread, despair so sudden, so unexpected it almost took the breath from her bosom. She caught her breath loudly and walked swiftly to the door grabbing her coat as she went. She held it tight about her, the wind pulling and whipping her hair around her face. The ocean, angry and desperate, seemed to be trying its best to knock the granite off the rock-faces. She looked out at the angry water, her wrinkled brow, her sharp gray eyes searching for any sign that he was on his way in. Her anger matched the winds. Her worry was as deep as the ocean. Her desperation knew no analogy.

She looked along the horizon, scanning north to south, an endless, infinite stretch of black water, white only where it hammered against the distant islands and rocks. She fell to her knees in the sheltered corner of the house and prayed to her God in desperation that he bring Tom home safe and sound. She knew, though she wouldn't consciously admit it, that she'd be angered beyond sanity at God if Tom didn't come home today. She hoped he wouldn't hold it against her, for she'd be even angrier at herself.

The wind gusted and whirled, its strength bringing the tears to her eyes that wouldn't come to her in her fear. She wiped them away and stood up. She thought, maybe, the storm was calming and anyway, dinner was done. She walked back into the house, drunkenly in the path of the wind, and quickly she set the girls to getting some food for themselves. She wouldn't show them her weakness, her worry. Tom wouldn't like that.

She ate with them. She filled herself on the boiled dinner and chewed absently on the tasty salt beef that normally she ate with gusto. Her brain cursed her for letting her heart get to her. Weak, she berated herself. She was weak for worrying. She knew for sure the wind was dropping now and she had already heard the tick of Micky Hammond's motor, so different from Tom's that she hadn't even had that momentary quickening of her pulse that it might be him.

She rocked the baby to sleep after dinner, a rare treat for little Rachel who looked up at her mother with large gray eyes that matched her own and a soft smile at this unexpected attention. She loved her sisters but sometimes she wanted her mother, who rarely had the time to stop for her. She fell asleep quickly in the quiet solace of her mother's arms and her mother rocked her far longer than was needed until with a sigh she carried her to the bed, she'd dawdled long enough.

With a glance at the uneaten leftover food on the stove warmer, she went outside with the basket of still-damp sheets she'd pulled in quickly earlier on. She started to hang them back on the line with a defeated air when she heard it in the distance, so quietly; she barely dared hope she'd heard correctly, silently censoring herself for being so faint-hearted. But it grew louder until there was no denying it. That space, that miss, that little hesitation between the ticks as distinct as a fingerprint is on a man.

Each motor of each boat has its own tick and she knew his as well as any Newfoundland wife knew their own. That space, that miss, that little hesitation that identified her Tom's boat from Micky Hammond's or the Murphys' boat. Her heart beat gentler in her breast and the baby in her belly moved with a soft roll inside her as if to adjust itself to the new rhythm it now slept next to. It was then that she remembered to breathe again.

She slowly hung the rest of the sheets on the line and then stopped by and called to Margaret to make a place for her father at the table while she went to meet him at the wharf as she always did. She adjusted her face into its normal serious expression, tamping down the grin of happiness that lurked below the surface.

He brought the boat in closer and she saw as they approached each other, him on the water still, her on the land, that there was a hefty haul of fish in the boat and while she wasn't sunk to the gunwales she was well down in the water. A good days pay. She grabbed the rope he tossed her and tied the little skiff on with the painter as deftly as any man.

"Anyt'ing on da go missus?" Tom asked her with a grin. That bugger, he'd had fun out there!

"Not much" she said brusquely, irritated "dinner's on" and she stepped back as he climbed on to the wharf and took off his soaked rubber clothes and hung them on a nail on the side of the stage.

Then they walked up to the house in companionable silence, her heart beating again in the rhythm it was meant to, with a space, a miss, a little hesitation, a rhythm made by God to match the tick of the engine.

I wrote this a while ago and it is dedicated to my grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and all the women who waited for their men to come home from the sea. It was inspired by a memory of my father who told me about the tick of the engine.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Excuses Begone!

Dr. Wayne Dyer's newest book, Excuses Begone has not made its way to my library but I did recieve a free download of an excerpt and the 18 excuses he addresses in the book plus the affirmations he gives to counter balance the excuses that we make to ourselves for not doing that which will bring us joy and fulfillment!

Over the next little while I'm going to work on writing about each excuse and then the affirmation that follows it.

The first excuse is: IT WILL BE DIFFICULT

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you writing a book? Changing careers? Quitting smoking? Trying to lose weight?

Who says it will be difficult? Other people who have done it? Other people aren't you? What if it's actually easy? What if this time, because you believe it will be easy, it actually is?

I have two examples from my own experience that disprove the idea that changes have to be difficult.

For years I drank diet coke. I loved it. I consumed large quantities of it every day. I enjoyed the taste and the buzz from the caffeine. But in the last few years I started to see that it really had no redeeming qualities and there were some terrible chemicicals in it that were a little scary when I actually considered them. In the search for a healthier body I knew it had to go. Then one day after Christmas when I tossed out the last of the empty cans into the recycling bin and looked at the overflowing bin I decided right then that I'd had enough. It wasn't a new year's resolution, it wasn't a Christmas miracle. It was me, deciding in that moment that I wouldn't drink it again.

So I stopped.

Was it hard? Nope, there were moments that I thought were hard, but overall, it was relatively easy, once I decided. I didn't even tell anyone. It just became a part of my consciousness that I don't drink diet cola anymore. Once the decision was made there was only the occasional temptation at a restaurant or a grocery story check out and then I would choose water instead.

I have had approximately six carbonated drinks, none of them diet, over the past year. I just stopped. I'm very careful to drink it in moderation and when there is a choice I choose something else.

I've also quit smoking. Was that difficult? I thought it was at the time but looking back on it now, it was about three weeks of difficulty(all of which wasn't actually all that difficult, just some tempting moments) and I never looked back.

Three weeks is a short period of time to be uncomfortable and irritable in the grand scheme of a lifetime. So no, quitting smoking wasn't difficult. Deciding to quit was but only because I didn't want to make the decision! I was attached to the cigarettes and the excuse that it was going to be difficult allowed me to carry on smoking even though I didn't want to. Once I let the excuse go, the quitting was easier!

There is an affirmation that follows the excuse, read it over and decide for yourself if it's actually going to be hard because, it really may not be, once you decide!

Affirmation: I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.

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Between now and my publication date anyone who comments on a post is automatically entered into a draw to win a copy of my poetry book, Wind Rhymes!. The book should be released somewhere around the end of October! No limit, every comment is an entry!