Friday, June 1, 2018

Flash Fiction Fun

Flash Fiction: Short and sweet. Very difficult. Trying to create a story arc in 250 words. My friend and I, April Lindfors are doing a challenge. We give each other an image and we each have to write a 250 word Flash about it. Here is my first in the challenge.  I call it Forgiveness

My first trek through the forest to the land of Intar was the saddest day of my days.  It did not occur to me that I would repeat the necessary journey just several years later.

Would I find you? Would they let you go? Would you come if they did?

Now, as then, it seemed to take a hundred years to walk an hour. My feet hesitated at every step, they knew direction, they did not trust my motive. I’d promised to never go back, yet, here I was.

I stopped just once, to drink strong tea from the lanbor plant. It fortified me.  I longed to see you, to whisper love to you, touch your face.

I had reconciled to your eternal absence. I’d learned to live with the hole in my soul, such that it was a familiar and beloved crevasse. So, I dreaded seeing you, as much as I desired it.

 As before, in the clearing, the Jannings met me. They swooped in, tugged my hair, lifted my gown, reached for the gold in my palm, then led me forward.

I knew you by your light. You knew me not. At first. Then I said, you are the only way.

I trembled. Expecting rejection. You recognized my voice. 

I am already there, you said. Because you are mine.

A singular clang rang out. The gap in my soul closed.

The Jannings decided. They perched on your shoulder as you led me back home.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Planting Seeds; A Marketing Workshop for Authors

Hey everybody!

Life gets away from you I tell ya! Made a commitment to post weekly on this blog months ago. It's obvious that I have commitment issues. I could go into a multitude of details about what I've been up to but the short of it (because you don't want the long of it) is that I'm writing up a storm and throwing my entire focus into my writing and the literary world.  I've step by step transitioned out of nearly all major time-consuming non-writing related obligations and have moved into literary pursuits with in a huge way. Literary Events NL has become Literary Events NL Inc., incorporating as a not for profit a short while ago, and we're moving well in our planning of the fall tour starting in September. In addition to that, I've taken on a board role with the Writers Alliance of NL, which so far is proving to be very interesting. In fact, I'll be facilitating a workshop, online, (which means anybody anywhere in the world can take it) in June. I'm really looking forward to it. We've a few people signed up and excited to learn more about marketing their work, and I'm excited to do more marketing of my own. I've got several exciting projects that I'm moving forward with in a big way very soon...stay tuned! If you're an author, interested in marketing, check out our workshop. I'd love to have you there!  Here is a link for more information on signing up! Planting Seeds; Marketing for Authors

See you soon!


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Skepticism; The Most Desirable Trait on the Internet!

Today's Lesson on credibility on the internet. Be skeptical. The photo attached is a post by a writer. It has the raised the ire of a lot of NLers, particularly but not only, NL writers. It was, in fact, posted by a NL author. It's also, a complete misrepresentation of the facts. How do I know? I researched. The reason I researched? I found it too unbelievable to be true.

 The very first line is the biggest flaw. The writer of this loses credibility the moment he typed, "The Federal Government has decided," because that implies this is something new. and underhanded just decided by the government. This is not something the "Federal government has decided, " at all but rather a methodology for conducting a survey that was employed a LONG time ago that was informed by suggestions by writers. How do I know? Well because the very letter that he used to "prove" his point has the author of the letter(Chair of the Writers Union of Canada, Marjorie Doyle) stating that she became aware of this a number of years ago.

I also read the website of the PLU who he claims is discriminating against NL writers and guess what, only 7 English speaking and 7 French-speaking library systems were ever included in this survey in a given year. This is not so much discrimination, it is methodology. 

Now, you know, it may well be time to revisit this and it might be time to have a discussion on how this standard was decided upon but it is disingenuous to state this as a "NL vs Canada" issue and a "discrimination" issue, when it is not and in fact, many other small library systems are left out of the sampling. Without knowing exactly why this is done this way I'm not willing to accept that it should continue and that it isn't unfair to NL writers, however, I'm not going to be angry about a matter until I have the facts, and when I do have them, I'm certainly going to aim my anger, if it comes, squarely at the right people. 

Read, research and always be skeptical. And no, the Federal government has not decided to discriminate against NL writers because there are too many of us. It sounds silly because it is silly, and a complete fabrication. Now I have no affiliation or particular fondness for the PLU and I have absolutely no issue with the union but I have huge problems with fact distortion and fabrication. Enjoy your day and keep it honest people and always, always be skeptical. Cheers.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Huge Announcement! Charley through Canada on Tour!

Remember that time I had the idea to write a book celebrating Canada's 150'th Birthday? Well so far the book has done quite well and now, to make things perfect, I am going to spend this summer sharing my work across the province, west to east in the Amazing Canada 150 Literary Tour NL. The tour is a collaboration between Literary Events NL (An amazing organization you'll hear more about in the future) and the amazing Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries.

It was grade seven, and I lugged a huge book home.  I had pretty much devoured every other book in our small public library on Change Islands and, well I'd heard of this guy Shakespeare and so, I was going to give it a go. At the beginning, I struggled with this great tome. What the hell was this guy trying to say? But I learned to read the footnotes and made my way through it. Who knows how many times I had to renew it so that I could finish but I did it. And what joy it brought me.  Only at the public library could a young girl with a voracious appetite for the written word find a treasure such as The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. That was also the year I read Gone with the Wind. I think I read it ten times if I read it once.

So now, as an adult, as a writer and novelist myself, I am thrilled to be able to work with the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries, to share my books at their venues surrounded by the pages that consoled me on lonely nights and entertained me on boring days.  And I get to so with other authors who probably had similar experiences and fond memories of days with musty books and a million stories. 

I even won a contest for a poem I wrote about the library and won a set of Schaeffer Pens, my first reward for written work. I guess that was the day I turned professional!  The pay has not improved much, let me assure you!

So back to the Library I go, but now to read out loud, to share the space with others who bend the pen and create tales of escape and romance, of hardship and triumph.  And to show appreciation for a place that helped form me and gave me all I ever needed as a girl. A good book.

See you at the Library!   

Tour Dates for the LENL-NLPL Canada 150 Litarary Tour NL

Stephenville            July 10th, 2017                5-7:45pm
Corner Brook          July 19th, 2017                5-7:45pm
Deer Lake               July 20th, 2017                2-4:00pm
Lewisporte              July 26, 2017                  5-7:45pm
Grand Falls             July 27th, 2017                5-7:45pm
Fogo                        August 1, 2017                5-7:45pm
Gander                    August 9, 2017                5-7:45pm
Clarenville              August 10, 2017              5-7:45pm
St John’s                 August 16, 2017              12:30pm to 7:45

Oh  yeah, the book is number one on Amazon Canada on this list!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A HUGE Update! And FREE stuff!

Now Available on Amazon

"Just literally finished the book I laughed so hard! I got misty eyed and I was inspired! Truly a great book. Got a trip from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland planned that starts in seven days!!! I might read it again while we travel 🇨🇦 I hope I find as much insight about myself as you did on the road. Well I'm off to download "The Secrets of a Rare Moon Tickle" !

~Trish Prosser-Loehr

It's out! It's live on Amazon and I'm working on getting it into stores over the next month! Now that I've released it I'm wondering, what took me so long? 

And you're probably wondering also!  I have been writing in that time but much of it was non-fiction, freelance, newspaper stuff. 

I've been working on other projects that have kept my fiction writing to a minimum. But for the last while, I've been going strong. In fact, I have three more books drafted and likely will draft at least two more before the next book is released, in the fall of 2017. 

But for now, let's talk about my new release, Charley through Canada, available for purchase on AMAZON!  

First off, it's selling and has hit a few Bestseller lists in its categories! Yay! Canadians love reading about Canada so writing a book that celebrates Canada's 150th birthday seems to be something people are on board with. 

The next step is to find more Amazon reviewers. Stuff like what Trish Prosser-Loehr wrote at the top.  Reviews are so important to an author that I'm willing to give books away to get them.  So if you want to read the book for free, I can forward a Kindle review copy to you free of charge.  Seriously, you can get the book for free if you want to spend a few moments when it's done on several lines and click a star-rating on Amazon. You just need to have an Amazon account on which you've spent at least $50. That's it. 

Email me at to make arrangements for your review copy or leave a comment on this post. 

I feel like the home shopping network! Don't go yet! There is more!

I have another freebie!  In March the ebook version of The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle was released, by Pronoun, a company owned by MacMillan Publishing. I've arranged to make that book free for people as well. Just click HERE and you can claim a free ebook version of my first novel.  And of course, if you're inclined to review it, that would be amazing! 

That's all for now! More to come more frequently now as I pick up the pace on this author gig again.  Cheers and have a fantastic day!


Thank you for all your support!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The First Draft-How to do it in 16 days!

This is about that time I drafted a book in 16 days.  Does that sound crazy? It wasn't, it was actually easy. And to add to that, I finished the draft of a book I started Mid December before I started this one, and I took 2 weeks off for Christmas.

And neither are absolutely horrible drafts.

The book I just finished was a project I'm publishing myself simply because I want to get it out there, it's a fun book, a story to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada and there isn't enough time to shop it out to publishers.  I'll do that with the next one.

Meanwhile, I know you writer types. You want to know one thing. How did I do it?

1. I set a goal of 1000 words per day, 5 days per week, 7000 per week.  The fact is the first 1000 words are the hardest. I started every day at 9 am knowing I had a block of three hours to complete 1000 words. That had to be done, and it was every day. Some days I struggled to get that many but I always did it but most days I did far more, usually between 3000 and 5000. I was slowed down only by the odd google to research something.

2. I did it nearly all in dialogue which is my weakness.  Now I get to improve my description in rewrites which is far easier for me. And of course, when I started reading I had some fairly good description in there anyway.

3. This is something that may have given me an edge.  I'm a really fast typist, 80 words a minute back when I was tested last. I didn't even learn to type until I was 25 but since that time, I've typed a helluva lot. And now, my typing is super fast.

4. I never gave up, even in the moments where I thought, this is awful, this is boring, this isn't going anywhere because I had only an idea. I didn't have a fully developed story.

5. I trusted the process.  Nearly two-thirds of the way into the story I had no clue where it was headed. I just kept going. Then, during a conversation with a friend about something totally unrelated it hit me. So I started writing out that idea and it all came together from that point. I did have to go back and insert some references to the thing that came to me, but that is how it goes. Still finished the draft.

6. I set the goal at 50,000 words as the finish, the book will be around 60,000 but that's fine. Getting to 50,000 meant novel-length and accomplishment. Realizing there were six more chapters required after I reached 50,000 was fine. If I could write thirty-six chapters, I could write six more right?

7. I just did it. I set a time to start, a time to finish and just do it.

8. I'm in rewrites, end of this week it should go to readers, then a week later off to editors. The minute this goes to editors, I'm starting another book.  Don't ever start writing. It must become the thing you do, no matter what. Great swathes of time without writing aren't what writers have. I hated even taking the weekends off but I am finding it does help with burnout.

9. There are no secrets. You want to write books, write them.

Many of you are thinking, yeah, but is it good? It can't be that good. Well, it's actually quite good, not Pulitzer prize good, but a really good, fun, quick-to-read book. And that was the goal so I've achieved it.

Write. Sit down, make the goals and write.  Excuses don't write books.  The photo above is just an inspiration, the cover is being designed by a very talented graphic artist and will be available for reveal soon.

Have a fantastic day everybody


Monday, January 9, 2017

Romance, Love & witing like a Fiend

That clipart above? That's the kind of muse I have lately.  My deadline for finishing the draft of the romance novel I'm working on is January this coming Friday, But me, in an epic marathon writing spree finished that sucker on Friday. I wrote over 15000 words, well beyond my goal.  I have set the manuscript aside and I'm now working on another book, a character-driven story that I'll have published before the summer. The goal is to finish the draft. I'm into Chapter four with 3500 words written this morning before noon.

Discipline is the key. At the moment I am now enjoying the time to work and so, work I am. At 9am I sit down every morning and write at least until noon with a goal of 1000 words.  If I do that I am satisfied that I have accomplished enough. There is some research happening simultaneously, locations to be researched and so forth but when there is just the dialogue I can zoom along at great speed.

I saw a tweet from a writer who said he was disappointed he had only reached 1000 words today when his goal was 3500.  That's backwards to me. Set 1000 as the goal, it's easy and achievable and delight in reaching it. When you're having a wonderful day, and hit 3500, which I most often do, you feel amazing. Trick your brain. Go ahead. It works.

Have a happy day!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Book Reviews; Then She Danced and Skinny Me!

And with a flip, the wall calendar is now glaring 2017 at me over my shoulder. I should really do something new, make some resolutions, restart life and so on. But I am just carrying on writing when I can and doing catch up on other things when I can't.

Today's catch up included writing two reviews for some books I've read recently. I'm trying to do that more because reviews are very important to authors.

To read the reviews or to purchase the books click on the links below. The second one is free right now on Amazon so get in there and grab it!  Might be a good one to read if you've got that "get fit in 2017 new years resolution" thing going on!

Then She Danced by Janis Godin

Skinny Me by Charlene Carr

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Process of Changing the Process.

When I wrote my first book it was a roller coaster ride.  I was so productive but nothing other than writing was ever accomplished.  For some time now I've been scared to death to get into that again, letting my life fall by the wayside as I write. For some reason I thought that was the process,  the only process that would work for me. So, I need a period of six months to do nothing but write. Now that I think about it that's crazy. I have children, a husband, other commitments.  Lately, however, I've been trying something completely different and it's working.

 I set a goal. 1000 words per day every day of the week, weekends if I can but without pressure.  Nothing comes before that and if I have to do a morning appointment, I'll do it and write later.  But I'm booking things around my "job" now after all, that's what people employed by others have to do. This is my work, I have to treat it as such.  I have allowed myself to not write on holidays and weekends because they're so challenging but I am trying to do it if I get up before the girls. Now a second thing has happened. I write, no matter if I'm stuck or not. In fact I've got four projects on the go, that are in different phases so that I have something to write. One is well underway and looks to be the first in line for completion, The other two are also romances that I work on as well

The fourth is a completely different sort of project, a short story collection needs research so I'll do the research at times when writing isn't so easy, it is just reading and taking notes after all, and promotion occurs in between times. So when I'm truly not able to do either. And it's working. I cannot remember when I've been more productive. Last week I wrote at least 20,000 words, on two of my projects, moving one into the midpoint that I always find so daunting, when things change and move forward, the part that causes me to lose focus because it requires some inspiration and focus.

The best part is that I'm living life. The house is semi-clean, I eat fairly regularly and things are not crazy and hectic from day and night marathon writing session.   After Christmas I plan to work full time but cutting myself some slack I've made the remainder of this year about working part-time, and 1000 words per day which morphs into thousands more once I get into the rhythm, is a good goal.

Today I broke the 5000 word mark and it's not even noon.  I've learned that I can do it if I choose.  And that four works in progress is fine.  Plus I still have the entire afternoon and evening to get some Christmas stuff done. No excerpts from either book yet but the photo above will give you an indication of the heat level of my latest project. It's going to singe your eyebrows and leave you wanting more...more of my romance stories or more of something else...wait and see... Romantically yours... C

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Hearts; A Christmas Romance Anthology!

Very Proud of this Project!

It is almost Christmas!  And this year we have a bit of snow here on our beautiful shores.  Our family is in a new home that is undergoing renovations, I am  just back from a long vacation-over three weeks away in Ontario and then Florida-and now I'm pumped up on Vitamin D and ready for the winter!  And I'm re-committing to my writing with a series of short stories to kick things off mid-winter!  But first, an anthology!

I want to let you all know about the above book, an anthology of Christmas Romance that I'm certain you will enjoy a great deal! Grab your beverage of choice, bundle under some blankets, turn on the tree lights, fire up the e-reader and enjoy some incredible escapism from some very fine authors.

Romance is a new genre for me but it is so fun! My story is called Seasons of Love and is an easy and quick escape into the lives of two people caught up in feelings that are not appropriate but oh so very real and strong.  Buy it on Amazon iTunes Books or Kobo for only $2.99 and please leave a review after you've panted through it! 

A bit about my story in the anthology.


Isolated on her little point of land in a tiny town, Donna is delighted when the house next door is sold. But when the very married William Gage arrives alone sparks fly as they figure out the boundaries of their properties and their friendship. Will she give in to temptation and sample some pre-Christmas treats before his wife arrives?

Also here is a  video excerpt from the story 

Win! Win! Win!

Also, subscribe to my email list by sending an email to carolynrparsons using the email address you want to use with the subject line "Subscribe to Carolyn R Parsons Books" and you will be entered to win a signed copy of The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle, my first novel. The draw will be held January 1, 2017 and the winner will be announced here!

Ps. You won't receive a deluge of emails from me. Just updates from time to time and notifications of new published material!

Happy Holidays everyone;